Sunday, January 4, 2015


Another new year is here. Here I am, writing in 2015. It's about 8 years since I first started blogging. 
All these while I have been using the theme 'The Journey' for this blog, even before I moved my blog to the blogger platform. 
So many had happened for the last 8 years. This simple blog of mine here managed to record some of those moments but not much, especially recent events. I used to believe that with a blog, I can update my friends about my life. But very soon my blog transformed from recording my life's journey to recording my journey of thoughts. It became a place where I sort my mind through writing things down. So I guess my readers would definitely feel that I'm slowly detaching from this blog. But in actual fact, my heart is still close to this blog. 
The interesting thing about this process is that I knew my writings would be read by others, and therefore when I do mind sorting or soul searching using this platform, I am somewhat accountable to everyone, regardless if I know you or not. I believe in being accountable to all as it makes me transparent. Being transparent gives me a power, a power to forge relationship in a deeper level. 
I will continue to pen my thoughts, my feelings down here whenever I could. I wish I could update more often, but a lot of times, I know my time should be spent elsewhere, elsewhere where more impact can be done to myself and others compared to just dropping words here. 

Well, happy new year 2015 to all! Winter is almost over. ;)
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