Monday, August 31, 2015

Thought of de Day

Bersih 4 has finally become a history. Malaysians did it again!
Due to some commitments I did not manage to join the rally although I really wish to. But I think that's ok. Because I think what's going to happen after the rally will determine how far we would go in this struggle. The last 34 hours is just a great effort to ignite the hearts of many Malaysians of their endless potential in pushing the nation to transform and revive. It is a symbol of our spirit; a spirit that fear neither oppressions nor lies, but upholding truth and justice.
Honestly speaking, I thought there will be more crowd turning up than what was already a massive crowd. But again that's fine. Those who have been awaken after this rally shall continue to carry the flame and open the eyes of those who are still blinded by lies. I believe these people will never turn cold until they see their struggle being paid off.
I hope this rally has already given hope to many disappointed Malaysians who wanted change that they are not alone. Although the mountain we are facing is huge, but nothing is impossible. Bersih 4 is impossible let's say 10 years ago. But little by little, Malaysians are pushing forward and today Bersih 4 has become a reality. Therefore, take heart my fellow countrymen, do not fear, do not lose hope. Darkness shall cease as the light shines. We might just be little LEDs, but when we unite in one accord, we shall shine as bright as a spotlight. 
Malaysia's 58th Merdeka is a blessed one as Malaysians had shown that their love for the country is more than their comfort zone and security. They are willing to do much more than that to secure a better future for Malaysia. Malaysians have given hope to Malaysia. So don't give up on her. Never. 
Selamat Hari Merdeka.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Another new year is here. Here I am, writing in 2015. It's about 8 years since I first started blogging. 
All these while I have been using the theme 'The Journey' for this blog, even before I moved my blog to the blogger platform. 
So many had happened for the last 8 years. This simple blog of mine here managed to record some of those moments but not much, especially recent events. I used to believe that with a blog, I can update my friends about my life. But very soon my blog transformed from recording my life's journey to recording my journey of thoughts. It became a place where I sort my mind through writing things down. So I guess my readers would definitely feel that I'm slowly detaching from this blog. But in actual fact, my heart is still close to this blog. 
The interesting thing about this process is that I knew my writings would be read by others, and therefore when I do mind sorting or soul searching using this platform, I am somewhat accountable to everyone, regardless if I know you or not. I believe in being accountable to all as it makes me transparent. Being transparent gives me a power, a power to forge relationship in a deeper level. 
I will continue to pen my thoughts, my feelings down here whenever I could. I wish I could update more often, but a lot of times, I know my time should be spent elsewhere, elsewhere where more impact can be done to myself and others compared to just dropping words here. 

Well, happy new year 2015 to all! Winter is almost over. ;)
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