Saturday, June 15, 2013


It has been a while. I realise this space is still very much needed for me to unwind and rearrange my thought.

3.5 months into working life. Life goes on even though I'm no longer a student. My perspective on things are slowly changing and I feel like I'm losing touch of how it feels to be a student. The people I mixed with are all young working adults basically. Hearing stories about their work sometimes does make me feel that I'm lucky to be able to work with my family members. My work time is flexible. I don't have to travel often to work, I work from home so I don't have to travel much while competing with other drivers. I can tell my feelings and struggle to my boss almost directly as they are my family members. How lucky I am.
But at the moment I'm far away from what I wanna achieve in life. This job that I'm doing is temporary anyway so hopefully in due time I will be able to run after my own passion and dream.
I'm missing Tasmania badly too. There are things that would remind me about that heart-shape island. What I miss the most is PMC. I really treasure my time in the church and it has touched and taught me in so many ways. I really wish one day I will go back there to serve my church back there.

Living everyday with God guiding me. It's tough but I will go to where God place me at.
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