Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Last Push

The clock shows that it's almost 2am now. I know I need to get to bed so that tomorrow I can sustain through the polling and counting process. However I know I need to put this moment down in words.

Just 3 hours ago, I was in Sibu's PR last ceramah before the big day. This was my second ceramah after attended the one the night before.

Indeed, last night was perhaps one of the most gathered political campaigns ever in the history of this small little town. The atmosphere was up-roaring. Everyone seems to be ready to support and back up the DAP candidates. Nothing, literally nothing can stop the crowd.

Needless to say, I am a supporter of PR, or specifically DAP. However, I disagree with blind support. As I listened through the ceramah, to be honest, there are a few things that I could hardly agree with. But well, since I know what was I there for and why am I supporting them, those weak arguments didn't bother me much. The crowd likes what was said and therefore their vote will go for what I'm supporting as well.

It was not until the climax of the closing ceramah of the Sibu election campaign that I really felt that I should put my whole faith in the PR team. Dr. Hew Kuan Yau or 丘光耀博士 was the last and final speaker. He had traveled the nation over the past 2 years and tonight, it was his 545th speech. And, it was also his last.

I had seen his speeches when he first started to serve in DAP. I know he is entertaining especially that he is famous for his vulgarity. Because of this, I actually stopped listening to him after a while.

Recently, someone shared his video on Facebook. I watched and started to follow a bit of his speeches back. I like his way of delivering the message because it's engaging and it's done in logical order with smooth flow. He is talented.

From his Facebook, I realised that he is actually fasting and praying since the nomination day. He had no solid food for the last 15 days, and until the polling is over tomorrow at 6pm. He did this as an effort to beg for the Lord's mercy to be shown upon this land of Malaysia. He showed the people that he indeed can go so far for the nation and is willing to sacrifice his physical comfort. He also conquered pride and power, when he rejected Lim Kit Siang's offer to be a DAP candidate in this opposition-inclined GE. He preferred to play a bigger row in nation building, that is to be the chairman of MACC and to fight corruption.

From his sharing tonight, he expressed his family's anxiety over his decision in taking up the chief post in corruption fighting. He claimed that this is the post that no one would do, as it is life-risking. He might have to be away from his loved ones in order to keep them safe. When he mentioned that his wife actually cried about it, the crowd laughed. I don't understand what is so funny about that. Is that entertaining? I know Dr. Hew is not joking. Although he might exaggerate a bit, but I believe he is indeed in a situation where no one is able to back him up or save him when he is in trouble. He is literally, Superman.

I was touched.

I know he had gone through a lot although it was not shown through his speeches as most people took his speeches as entertainment. I know he wouldn't mind, because as long as his speeches are appealing to them and the message did get across, he is at peace.

If everyone can look beyond his vulgarity and to see what's in his heart, I believe we will find a heart that is beating for the nation and God. With him, I can put total trust in PR because I know he will definitely be there to ensure that we have a righteous government, or at least striving towards that goal.

So tomorrow, or another 5.5 hours is the moment. The moment Malaysians stood up and step up to fight with votes. A vote can fight, a vote can defend. This GE, as Dr. Hew suggested, is indeed DO or DIE. It literally means that for Dr. Hew. Let's not disappoint a genuine nation Superman and do our part to vote PR to save our nation. Do it for ourselves, for our future generation, for Teoh Beng Hock, for Altantuya, for the Penans, for the Kuantan people's health, for the Banglas and dan lain-lain phantoms, for Mahathir, for Najib, for Taib and the rest of their cronies. Let not Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 go to waste. Let us, with one accord, vote for PR and we will indeed head towards a better tomorrow.

Sibu and Lanang voters, support your candidate! Mr. Oscar Ling and Ms. Alice Lau!

There is indeed no better time than this. Ini Kalilah!!

God bless Malaysia.
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