Sunday, April 28, 2013

365 Days After Bersih 3.0

It was back in Hobart when a group of Malaysians gathered to show our support of the Bersih 2.0 movement in KL. We knew that GE13 might be around anytime. However, it was never too late to present our demand back to the Malaysian government and SPR that we want a clean and fair election. Malaysians from all over the world showed their support and rallied courageously. We all had written a glorious chapter of the Malaysian's journey to full democracy.

365 days had passed. Well, now we have postal voting. We have the "mysterious" indelible ink that was claimed to dry in 3 seconds but no one had seen it, or perhaps those who voted overseas today did. We have 15 days of election campaign period, 6 days in short of our demand but Ambiga said it's ok. Other than that, I think things hasn't really changed much.

General Election 13 is just 7 days away.

All the efforts, sweat and tears from the last 5 years will have an answer next Sunday, or probably Monday.

Regardless if things will Ubah or not, I think Malaysians had moved on tremendously from where they were 10 years ago to where they are today. The understanding and practice of democracy had indeed increased and I'm proud to say that most Malaysians today are not just fools as the result of the constant brainwashing by the mainstream media and education system. Our greatest educational tool - Facebook had indeed changed the nation.

Of course, deep in my heart I know God is moving in this place too. God heard our prayers in this land who prayed so hard since the last general election. Things will not had come into place without God allowing and without Him doing His work in the hearts of the people through His Spirit. Different churches began to held combine prayer meetings, prayer rallies, conferences, fasting and prayer groups since last GE. Churches had never so desperate to see revival in this land.

As the clock ticks away, let us grab the precious time left to pray, to spread the spirit of Bersih and also to prepare ourselves to cast the most precious vote in the history of our 50-year-old gagasan Malaysia.
This is the famous and handsome guy, holding up the Bersih banner on the 428 Hobart Bersih gathering. xD

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Running Teens

After a long while of not shooting in events or special occasion, last Saturday I volunteered in shooting for a teens event in a church in PJ. The event is called Running Teens. Well the idea is modified from the Running Man show, so to speak.

Here are some to show:

Having been away from church activities with the teenage group for quite some time makes me older perhaps. I felt younger looking at these young people as well as mingling with a handful of them. Young people are always full of energy and creativity. They don't know what is tired or what's giving up. They kept trying as long as they reach their goals and targets.

Oh, I feel so old... Or maybe I should mix with them more. Hmm...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Philip Yancey

He is one of my favourite writers since my friend gave me a book he wrote - The Jesus I Never Knew in 2007. After finishing that book I bought his "What's So Amazing About Grace?". And then I started to read his "Prayer", but had yet to finish as it's rather thick and I just started recently.

It is always time consuming (but mind opening) to read his writings as I often find myself pondering after reading only a few sentences. His writings offer clear motives as he probes into different doubts and unanswerable questions that are common to Christians, or atheists. Using words that are subtle he presents very thought-through answers to questions that often affects our faith.

He is non other than Philip Yancey.

Last week he visited Malaysia for the first time and I had the chance to listen from him live in FGA KL. I was blessed by his sharing, as he carefully described our faith according to the 4 climatic seasons.

Indeed, in all seasons God can make it good when we come to Him. Let His grace flow through us everyday no matter what season of faith we are in.

Philip Yancey speaking to the congregation. FGA KL. April 2013.
May the Lord continue to bless Dr. Yancey and use his gifts to minister His people.
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