Sunday, March 17, 2013

IQ Puzzle

More than often I realise life is really like a puzzle. An IQ puzzle.
You have a goal, but you have multiple ways to do it, or sometimes, there's just one way.

Things happen for reasons, and we only see partial of it, not knowing the rest of the hidden chapters.
And while guessing the rest of the story, we suffer with heartache, anxiety, insecurity and sadness. We lose hope, and the faith that we always have vanished in thin air. We have nothing to look forward to, except the current struggle that we just can't get out of.

But well, just hang on there and be patient. Keep trying to push yourself on and never give up. With a few trials and errors, I realise we could indeed find our way to see the complete puzzle. And when that happened, we feel relived because we realise that indeed, it is possible to complete the puzzle. And the puzzle exists! We didn't struggle for nothing.

I believe our puzzles are designed by God. He has a beautiful plan for us. Let us keep that in mind, and with faith, hope and love, we shall thrive and endure through the obstacles, and let Him mold and shape us, into the puzzle that He intended us to be, since the beginning of Creation.

Haven't been out taking pictures recently but I did take some with my phone. IQ Puzzle, March 2013.
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