Thursday, February 21, 2013


More than often I realise we really don't have a choice in life.

Where, when, how and to whom we are born, especially.

We don't have a choice at our starting point. And even after we grow up, there are still things that are beyond our control, such as accidents, sickness, death. Another being's decision and their treatment on us are also beyond our hindsight at times. For example, miscommunication, mistakes, betrayal, robbery.

But at the same time we do in fact have choices. Choices that would decide how we might ended up with after being affected by the unforeseen matters. We can choose to react positively by making constructive plans, or otherwise... or simply being ignorant.

Perhaps you are thinking that I'm trying to make a point here. Well, maybe, or maybe not. It's just a thought. Or maybe I had already made my point.

Fly! Fly! Fly! South Cape Bay, Tasmania. November 2012.

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