Monday, September 30, 2013

Brief Trip

It was such a brief trip but really nice fellowship time. Sometimes I just wish we can all travel back to time when we were all in Tassie. When we sat around on couches and read His words. And we shared out thoughts and lives. Time was sort of fully in control in our hands and we can choose to spend it the way we want. 

But things are different now. 

We are no longer living in a same small town but scattered here and there. And we have our own commitments in life. We can't spend time with each other as if time is on our side.

Time is irreversible but we can try our best to create moments that we can continue to cherish. Thanks guys for your efforts. Love you all. :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thought of de Day

Road to South Cape. November 2012. Tasmania. 
I was reading on Hebrews 11 last night.

It begins with verse 1-2 which says: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

The chapter goes on to give examples of how God's people in the old testament had obeyed God and yet they did not see what their sacrifices are all about. At the end of the chapter, verse 39-40 says: These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

I believe a lot of times we do not have the answers to things that happened in our lives. We cannot make sense with the things that we see. We think that God did not actually have a plan. He just want us to suffer and still follow Him blindly.

Do we question God and leave God when we do not find our desired answer?

Well, in sufferings I do believe that obedience and faithfulness come first above all. In other words, we have to still believe and trust in Him no matter what. Only in hard times our submission to God's will is tested and will be proven precious.

I reckon Hebrews chapter 12 answers that clearly. More than often we don't get answers to things that happened around us within our lifetime. It is after our lifetime that the future generation reap whatever we sowed. Together we are blessed in His will but just not at the same time. Therefore it is too early for us to judge and say that our sufferings are in vain. We should trust in God that He has a better plan and our faithfulness with bless the future generations.

To those who are suffering and yet do not find an answer, hang on there. Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Failed Outreach

Last Sunday I was driving on a highway in PJ. I was on my way back from church and the dark sky hinted the coming of a storm. As I was getting closer to my house, suddenly my thought went out to those who are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. I know how they feel. It doesn't feel good when you see the rain about to fall and the bus that you have waited for long is still nowhere to be seen. It isn't nice at all.

So as I was reaching, my eyes were sweeping through the pedestrians on the pavement beside the highway. And I saw these 3 people. I scanned through their facial expression, expecting them to somewhat look worried.

And then it was that moment I was surprised. I actually know one of those 3 people!

I had never seen that guy (well, let's call him Alex) since I left my college 4 years ago. It has truly been a while. Alex did come to my mind within these 4 years time. Seeing him reminded me of the days when we were in Taylor's College Christian Fellowship. Yes, it wasn't a university back then. Alex found about our CF and he has then been faithfully attending ever since.
The interesting thing about this person is that he had difficulty in socializing. This ended up him being an outcast. A lot of us didn't know what to do. We didn't know how to show our love. We didn't know how to cope with his 'intrusion' into our lives. The steering committee tried our best to accept him in the most natural setting while trying to make other members comfortable of his presence.

It wasn't easy. Or maybe I wasn't good enough to come out with something.

After a few months, we got this news from Alex. Alex couldn't continue with his studies with Taylor's any longer. He had to go. He left us.

Personally, I felt relieved then. It felt like out of a sudden I don't have to face this situation anymore. It felt as if God heard our wishes and took him away. However I do feel sad for him at the same time.

It saddened me even more when I saw that Alex looked almost the same today as how he was 4 years ago. He doesn't look happy. He doesn't dress neatly. I don't know what he had gone through.

Now, the question is, am I be able to love him more than I used to if we ever meet face to face again?

I used to partially reject him through my actions and words. I didn't love and accept him wholeheartedly. Can I do better now after 4 years time?

Oh God have mercy on me.

Lord I really pray that you will bless Alex and continue to mold him. Send your people to teach and guide him. I failed to leave any impact in his life. I hope someone would do better than me. Lord send that person to Alex's family and change the situation around. In Jesus' name, amen.
Opposite Hang Jebat's grave, Melaka. August 2013.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Surprising Ad

Look. SPR is advertising with Nuffnang! I'm so surprised.

Go and click the ad! Perhaps their statistic would say "it is indeed more appealing to the youth by doing blog advertising."


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thought of de Day

A lot of times I think my life is formed from various limitations. It is because of these limitations that I am who I am today.

If I have been given the liberty to be who I really wanna be since the very beginning, I might have already lost my way. My arrogance, ignorance, insensitivity, lack of love and self centered character would have devoured myself into an ugly person.

Although these limitations does not give me any immediate good feeling, but I believe they are blessings in disguise. They shape me to be who He wants me to be eventually.

True story.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


It has been a while. I realise this space is still very much needed for me to unwind and rearrange my thought.

3.5 months into working life. Life goes on even though I'm no longer a student. My perspective on things are slowly changing and I feel like I'm losing touch of how it feels to be a student. The people I mixed with are all young working adults basically. Hearing stories about their work sometimes does make me feel that I'm lucky to be able to work with my family members. My work time is flexible. I don't have to travel often to work, I work from home so I don't have to travel much while competing with other drivers. I can tell my feelings and struggle to my boss almost directly as they are my family members. How lucky I am.
But at the moment I'm far away from what I wanna achieve in life. This job that I'm doing is temporary anyway so hopefully in due time I will be able to run after my own passion and dream.
I'm missing Tasmania badly too. There are things that would remind me about that heart-shape island. What I miss the most is PMC. I really treasure my time in the church and it has touched and taught me in so many ways. I really wish one day I will go back there to serve my church back there.

Living everyday with God guiding me. It's tough but I will go to where God place me at.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Last Push

The clock shows that it's almost 2am now. I know I need to get to bed so that tomorrow I can sustain through the polling and counting process. However I know I need to put this moment down in words.

Just 3 hours ago, I was in Sibu's PR last ceramah before the big day. This was my second ceramah after attended the one the night before.

Indeed, last night was perhaps one of the most gathered political campaigns ever in the history of this small little town. The atmosphere was up-roaring. Everyone seems to be ready to support and back up the DAP candidates. Nothing, literally nothing can stop the crowd.

Needless to say, I am a supporter of PR, or specifically DAP. However, I disagree with blind support. As I listened through the ceramah, to be honest, there are a few things that I could hardly agree with. But well, since I know what was I there for and why am I supporting them, those weak arguments didn't bother me much. The crowd likes what was said and therefore their vote will go for what I'm supporting as well.

It was not until the climax of the closing ceramah of the Sibu election campaign that I really felt that I should put my whole faith in the PR team. Dr. Hew Kuan Yau or 丘光耀博士 was the last and final speaker. He had traveled the nation over the past 2 years and tonight, it was his 545th speech. And, it was also his last.

I had seen his speeches when he first started to serve in DAP. I know he is entertaining especially that he is famous for his vulgarity. Because of this, I actually stopped listening to him after a while.

Recently, someone shared his video on Facebook. I watched and started to follow a bit of his speeches back. I like his way of delivering the message because it's engaging and it's done in logical order with smooth flow. He is talented.

From his Facebook, I realised that he is actually fasting and praying since the nomination day. He had no solid food for the last 15 days, and until the polling is over tomorrow at 6pm. He did this as an effort to beg for the Lord's mercy to be shown upon this land of Malaysia. He showed the people that he indeed can go so far for the nation and is willing to sacrifice his physical comfort. He also conquered pride and power, when he rejected Lim Kit Siang's offer to be a DAP candidate in this opposition-inclined GE. He preferred to play a bigger row in nation building, that is to be the chairman of MACC and to fight corruption.

From his sharing tonight, he expressed his family's anxiety over his decision in taking up the chief post in corruption fighting. He claimed that this is the post that no one would do, as it is life-risking. He might have to be away from his loved ones in order to keep them safe. When he mentioned that his wife actually cried about it, the crowd laughed. I don't understand what is so funny about that. Is that entertaining? I know Dr. Hew is not joking. Although he might exaggerate a bit, but I believe he is indeed in a situation where no one is able to back him up or save him when he is in trouble. He is literally, Superman.

I was touched.

I know he had gone through a lot although it was not shown through his speeches as most people took his speeches as entertainment. I know he wouldn't mind, because as long as his speeches are appealing to them and the message did get across, he is at peace.

If everyone can look beyond his vulgarity and to see what's in his heart, I believe we will find a heart that is beating for the nation and God. With him, I can put total trust in PR because I know he will definitely be there to ensure that we have a righteous government, or at least striving towards that goal.

So tomorrow, or another 5.5 hours is the moment. The moment Malaysians stood up and step up to fight with votes. A vote can fight, a vote can defend. This GE, as Dr. Hew suggested, is indeed DO or DIE. It literally means that for Dr. Hew. Let's not disappoint a genuine nation Superman and do our part to vote PR to save our nation. Do it for ourselves, for our future generation, for Teoh Beng Hock, for Altantuya, for the Penans, for the Kuantan people's health, for the Banglas and dan lain-lain phantoms, for Mahathir, for Najib, for Taib and the rest of their cronies. Let not Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 go to waste. Let us, with one accord, vote for PR and we will indeed head towards a better tomorrow.

Sibu and Lanang voters, support your candidate! Mr. Oscar Ling and Ms. Alice Lau!

There is indeed no better time than this. Ini Kalilah!!

God bless Malaysia.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

365 Days After Bersih 3.0

It was back in Hobart when a group of Malaysians gathered to show our support of the Bersih 2.0 movement in KL. We knew that GE13 might be around anytime. However, it was never too late to present our demand back to the Malaysian government and SPR that we want a clean and fair election. Malaysians from all over the world showed their support and rallied courageously. We all had written a glorious chapter of the Malaysian's journey to full democracy.

365 days had passed. Well, now we have postal voting. We have the "mysterious" indelible ink that was claimed to dry in 3 seconds but no one had seen it, or perhaps those who voted overseas today did. We have 15 days of election campaign period, 6 days in short of our demand but Ambiga said it's ok. Other than that, I think things hasn't really changed much.

General Election 13 is just 7 days away.

All the efforts, sweat and tears from the last 5 years will have an answer next Sunday, or probably Monday.

Regardless if things will Ubah or not, I think Malaysians had moved on tremendously from where they were 10 years ago to where they are today. The understanding and practice of democracy had indeed increased and I'm proud to say that most Malaysians today are not just fools as the result of the constant brainwashing by the mainstream media and education system. Our greatest educational tool - Facebook had indeed changed the nation.

Of course, deep in my heart I know God is moving in this place too. God heard our prayers in this land who prayed so hard since the last general election. Things will not had come into place without God allowing and without Him doing His work in the hearts of the people through His Spirit. Different churches began to held combine prayer meetings, prayer rallies, conferences, fasting and prayer groups since last GE. Churches had never so desperate to see revival in this land.

As the clock ticks away, let us grab the precious time left to pray, to spread the spirit of Bersih and also to prepare ourselves to cast the most precious vote in the history of our 50-year-old gagasan Malaysia.
This is the famous and handsome guy, holding up the Bersih banner on the 428 Hobart Bersih gathering. xD

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Running Teens

After a long while of not shooting in events or special occasion, last Saturday I volunteered in shooting for a teens event in a church in PJ. The event is called Running Teens. Well the idea is modified from the Running Man show, so to speak.

Here are some to show:

Having been away from church activities with the teenage group for quite some time makes me older perhaps. I felt younger looking at these young people as well as mingling with a handful of them. Young people are always full of energy and creativity. They don't know what is tired or what's giving up. They kept trying as long as they reach their goals and targets.

Oh, I feel so old... Or maybe I should mix with them more. Hmm...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Philip Yancey

He is one of my favourite writers since my friend gave me a book he wrote - The Jesus I Never Knew in 2007. After finishing that book I bought his "What's So Amazing About Grace?". And then I started to read his "Prayer", but had yet to finish as it's rather thick and I just started recently.

It is always time consuming (but mind opening) to read his writings as I often find myself pondering after reading only a few sentences. His writings offer clear motives as he probes into different doubts and unanswerable questions that are common to Christians, or atheists. Using words that are subtle he presents very thought-through answers to questions that often affects our faith.

He is non other than Philip Yancey.

Last week he visited Malaysia for the first time and I had the chance to listen from him live in FGA KL. I was blessed by his sharing, as he carefully described our faith according to the 4 climatic seasons.

Indeed, in all seasons God can make it good when we come to Him. Let His grace flow through us everyday no matter what season of faith we are in.

Philip Yancey speaking to the congregation. FGA KL. April 2013.
May the Lord continue to bless Dr. Yancey and use his gifts to minister His people.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

IQ Puzzle

More than often I realise life is really like a puzzle. An IQ puzzle.
You have a goal, but you have multiple ways to do it, or sometimes, there's just one way.

Things happen for reasons, and we only see partial of it, not knowing the rest of the hidden chapters.
And while guessing the rest of the story, we suffer with heartache, anxiety, insecurity and sadness. We lose hope, and the faith that we always have vanished in thin air. We have nothing to look forward to, except the current struggle that we just can't get out of.

But well, just hang on there and be patient. Keep trying to push yourself on and never give up. With a few trials and errors, I realise we could indeed find our way to see the complete puzzle. And when that happened, we feel relived because we realise that indeed, it is possible to complete the puzzle. And the puzzle exists! We didn't struggle for nothing.

I believe our puzzles are designed by God. He has a beautiful plan for us. Let us keep that in mind, and with faith, hope and love, we shall thrive and endure through the obstacles, and let Him mold and shape us, into the puzzle that He intended us to be, since the beginning of Creation.

Haven't been out taking pictures recently but I did take some with my phone. IQ Puzzle, March 2013.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


More than often I realise we really don't have a choice in life.

Where, when, how and to whom we are born, especially.

We don't have a choice at our starting point. And even after we grow up, there are still things that are beyond our control, such as accidents, sickness, death. Another being's decision and their treatment on us are also beyond our hindsight at times. For example, miscommunication, mistakes, betrayal, robbery.

But at the same time we do in fact have choices. Choices that would decide how we might ended up with after being affected by the unforeseen matters. We can choose to react positively by making constructive plans, or otherwise... or simply being ignorant.

Perhaps you are thinking that I'm trying to make a point here. Well, maybe, or maybe not. It's just a thought. Or maybe I had already made my point.

Fly! Fly! Fly! South Cape Bay, Tasmania. November 2012.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm well aware that I have been disappearing from this little blog for almost 3 months. I realise it is because I didn't have good time and opportunity to blog. So what are my blogging conditions?

1. Most of the time when I blog, I'm alone. The last 3 months I have been spending my time with people, people that I love, knowing that I'll bid farewell to them very soon. Due to this reason I didn't have quiet time to reflect upon things or to simply, put my rants in the form of text because I had a few pairs of good listening ears listening to me broadcasting on live.

2. I didn't have a lot of time in front of my lappie. I was most of the time all over the place and didn't have time to even Facebook 'properly', which means I just scan through my notifications and then I will be away from lappie.

3. I didn't do a lot of photoshoots, especially during my finals period as well as after that. As usual, my posts would normally accompanied by one or two shots I took.

So what have I done during the past 3 months?

Stressed, graduated, got sick, road trips, bid farewell, flew around, snorkeling, conquered a mountain... basically I think my life hasn't been so happening with so many things happening within such a short time frame.

Now that lectures and assignments are behind me, what's in front?

Now that is really putting Faith to test.

Near Mt KK summit. January 2013.

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