Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday

Whenever I think of you, I am reminded that my days are indeed numbered.
I only have limited time to show who my God is.
That He is a God who is passionate about everyone on this earth.
That He loves every single individual.
That He is willing to go extra mile to keep your heart with Him.
That He is willing to die just to save you from going through what He went through.

You had indeed illustrated and lived out that love, Joash.
You had most certainly done better than me although I think by now I had lived longer on this earth.

You will forever be my best reminder to live my best for God.

You are dearly missed bro. ='(
Till we meet again in heaven for there is no eternal farewell in Christ.
Happy birthday. =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thought of de Day

The word of the season.


It helps to keep things in order as planned.
It helps to make rational moves and decision.
It helps to change habits that will otherwise destroy my future.

Bruny Island, Tasmania. April 2012.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Final Month

And so the last month of uni life arrived.

I'm slacking still. Finding the motivation to finish what I've started.

It has been 6 years. And it all comes to this point, the climax and I felt like I have to show what I had learned all these while.

But as it is always said, it is the process that matters, and not the result. Really?
What if I failed the last bit. Does the process still matters? It is probably a failed process. Lol.

Well, 27 more days and the project is gonna get placed on stage. Floggings or approvals?

I don't care for now. Goodnight. =)
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