Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heritage for Unity Competition

Joined my first design competition lately. Partnered with another fellow Sarawakian, Ivan Tan.
Although I (sort of) expected slightly more out of it, we managed to pull it through and landed on the 4th place.

Behind this, well, simple piece of design is laughter, fun, stress, sweat, frustration and one sleepless night. That itself is much more valuable than the cash prize.

We could have done so much more if not because of procrastination, alcohol and last minute assignments. But anyway, we had fun and so it's good. No regrets. =)

What to do with the little cash prize we earned? I think I have something in mind already. Hehe...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thought of de Day

North Esk River, Invermay. August 2012.
50 days to submission.
105 more days in Tasmania.
Time. Flies.
Memories. Stored. Treasured.

Have to practise to say bye.  To almost everything I see here.
Only friendships and memories left after that day.

Indeed, friendships and memories are the most precious thing I found here. Without them Tasmania is meaningless.

Thanks to my friends here who love me and teach me so much. Let's cherish the remaining time like never before. With a bit of distraction from work. :p
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