Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Season's Changing

Inveresk Precinct. Launceston, Tasmania. August 2012.
Someone once told me that in every university semester friendship will change accordingly. Throughout my 3 years here in UTAS, indeed, that statement is very true.
Are friendship like seasons which would change when it's time and repeat itself after a cycle?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thought of de Day

Was listening to a good friend's stories of his trips back home in Malaysia years ago through pictures on Facebook. It reminded me of how important pictures are. I then looked through my own pictures on Facebook, and realised yeah, without the pictures a lot of memories vapourised and vanished especially the ones back in my college days.

Well, with only 146 days left on this island, I'll record as much memories as possible. I don't wanna miss a thing, knowing that I won't be back in the near future at least.

As I was taking a nap just now, I found myself in a plane, lifting off from the runway in Launceston Airport. Looking outside the window, I know I won't be back to this place. Mixed feelings arise deep in the heart. I didn't want to imaging any further. I don't want things to be predictable on the Christmas day. All I know is I really need to work hard in making sure there's no regrets left on this island.
Sydney Bird's Eye View. Midair Sydney. June 2012. Captured by Sze.

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