Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0 Tasmania

It was not a fine day in terms of weather but it didn't stop us from going down to Hobart for this. About 50 Malaysians who care turned up. It was said that only about 10 turned up for Bersih 2.0 last July. Suddenly the figure speaks a lot right.

Nothing too fancy or exciting happened during the gathering in front of the Tasmanian state parliament. We didn't really duduk bantah probably due to the wet grass as drizzling continued during the hour of gathering. However, I saw the spirit in the eyes of most of the participants. The spirit of desperation for change that only Malaysian could understand best.

Comparing to what happened in Malaysia, this was just a tiny little effort that we were offering. But I believe it counts. My hope for a fairer and cleaner election stands still and it'll not be forgotten until the day when the 8 demands are met.

Some question the viability of the rally but I say, it's better than doing nothing. In the midst of hopelessness, we must do anything we can to achieve our dream. It has to start somewhere in some forms. If one continues to be skeptical about such effort, nothing could ever be done. Malaysia would just stay the same, or most probably, worse. What to do after that? Nothing again?

So I say Bersih Malaysia! And again I say BERSIH MALAYSIA!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


When I think about some of the unhappy things in life, sometimes I really hope they are just mere jokes. Someone will eventually tell me hey you know, the bad things are not there after all, it's a joke, happy April fools!

Trying to be ignorant it seems.

It's suffering and difficult to face the problems. But nonetheless to get on with life they have to be faced, and dealt with, once and for all.

It's out of my ability and control. I need God to do unimaginable things in me. That's my prayer for this Easter week.
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