Monday, March 26, 2012

Professional Practice 1 - AT1

I'm always reluctant to post up my work here on my blog, partly because I feel like I don't want to embarrass myself.
However this is my final year as an architecture student. After this I have no more opportunity to share my assignment work. Well, why not then?

Alright. From now onwards I'll be posting my progress on my final year project. It'll sort of become my online archive of my FYP. Feel free to comment or critique.

To kick start, let me inform you my FYP's design research question. It's:
“How to preserve the relevance of an old town while creating a new sense of regionalism with youth activity as its catalyst of urban rejuvenation?”

I'm focusing on Sungai Merah which is situated in Sibu, Malaysia. Although I did not grow up specifically on this suburb, I kinda like this little satellite town. Due to the recent shop houses development, it seems that the old town is losing its significance. This is where to whole project is going to stand on. I will be proposing new development adjacent to the old town to "save" it from vanishing.

Here's my submission of Assignment Task 1 last Thursday.

The first panel is about the site context of my proposal. It covers Sungai Merah's brief history, current condition and also the chosen site's problem.
The second panel is about some precedents that I'm looking at, that would help to inform my design outcome in the next stage.

The third panel for Design Studio 9 when different types of geometrical arrangement solutions are sought for people, place and program problems.

Some thoughts after the presentation:
1. I should look into the in between spaces of public spaces.
2. I should understand the history of youth center or community center in order to grasp the important idea of the program.
3. Need to identify what are the program spaces I need.
4. Who is my client?

Moving on...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Endless Problems

Lightning. In front of my house, Sibu, Sarawak. 16 January 2012.
Recently I'm just frustrated to see how the people around me suffer or struggle with the problems they are having.

Computer got fried, accident, illness, theft, death... What else could happen next yeah? 

Now I'm really afraid to answer calls or messages that say "Hey, are you aware of this?" "Hey do you know...?" "Hey Benny, urgent!"


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hillwood, Tasmania. February 2012.
Being an architecture student is really amusing. Because at one point, we can be super confident and motivated to put forth our ideas. While, at another point, we could be questioning ourselves what are we getting ourselves into. And that's with the same assignment.
We create our problems and we pat our back when we solve it. Hahaha. Self entertaining.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sibu Airport Expansion (Feb 2012)

Since I posted a blog entry about Sibu Airport about a year ago, I realise a lot of people had stumbled on my blog as they google for "Sibu Airport Expansion". Well, I guess that's a hint that I need to write an entry about this.

Before I left Sibu, I managed to drop by the airport a couple of times to fetch my brother and friends who had a brief holiday stay. I didn't take any pictures until 7th February 2012, a week before I left Sibu.

So here are some pictures on the (then) latest update on the expansion work.

On the first floor.

I didn't manage to take the pictures of the check in counters. Well, since that part is almost done, I guess you guys can take a look at it when you visit the airport next time.
When I touch down there next time I guess it'll be complete and guess who will be the person who officiate it? Hahaha... If it's the same person who officiated the original airport then it'll be EXTREMELY interesting. :)

This is the waiting hall, taken on 14 February 2012.
 P/s: If you don't know what I'm saying in the last sentence just refer to the link in the entry. 
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