Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday

Whenever I think of you, I am reminded that my days are indeed numbered.
I only have limited time to show who my God is.
That He is a God who is passionate about everyone on this earth.
That He loves every single individual.
That He is willing to go extra mile to keep your heart with Him.
That He is willing to die just to save you from going through what He went through.

You had indeed illustrated and lived out that love, Joash.
You had most certainly done better than me although I think by now I had lived longer on this earth.

You will forever be my best reminder to live my best for God.

You are dearly missed bro. ='(
Till we meet again in heaven for there is no eternal farewell in Christ.
Happy birthday. =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thought of de Day

The word of the season.


It helps to keep things in order as planned.
It helps to make rational moves and decision.
It helps to change habits that will otherwise destroy my future.

Bruny Island, Tasmania. April 2012.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Final Month

And so the last month of uni life arrived.

I'm slacking still. Finding the motivation to finish what I've started.

It has been 6 years. And it all comes to this point, the climax and I felt like I have to show what I had learned all these while.

But as it is always said, it is the process that matters, and not the result. Really?
What if I failed the last bit. Does the process still matters? It is probably a failed process. Lol.

Well, 27 more days and the project is gonna get placed on stage. Floggings or approvals?

I don't care for now. Goodnight. =)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heritage for Unity Competition

Joined my first design competition lately. Partnered with another fellow Sarawakian, Ivan Tan.
Although I (sort of) expected slightly more out of it, we managed to pull it through and landed on the 4th place.

Behind this, well, simple piece of design is laughter, fun, stress, sweat, frustration and one sleepless night. That itself is much more valuable than the cash prize.

We could have done so much more if not because of procrastination, alcohol and last minute assignments. But anyway, we had fun and so it's good. No regrets. =)

What to do with the little cash prize we earned? I think I have something in mind already. Hehe...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thought of de Day

North Esk River, Invermay. August 2012.
50 days to submission.
105 more days in Tasmania.
Time. Flies.
Memories. Stored. Treasured.

Have to practise to say bye.  To almost everything I see here.
Only friendships and memories left after that day.

Indeed, friendships and memories are the most precious thing I found here. Without them Tasmania is meaningless.

Thanks to my friends here who love me and teach me so much. Let's cherish the remaining time like never before. With a bit of distraction from work. :p

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Season's Changing

Inveresk Precinct. Launceston, Tasmania. August 2012.
Someone once told me that in every university semester friendship will change accordingly. Throughout my 3 years here in UTAS, indeed, that statement is very true.
Are friendship like seasons which would change when it's time and repeat itself after a cycle?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thought of de Day

Was listening to a good friend's stories of his trips back home in Malaysia years ago through pictures on Facebook. It reminded me of how important pictures are. I then looked through my own pictures on Facebook, and realised yeah, without the pictures a lot of memories vapourised and vanished especially the ones back in my college days.

Well, with only 146 days left on this island, I'll record as much memories as possible. I don't wanna miss a thing, knowing that I won't be back in the near future at least.

As I was taking a nap just now, I found myself in a plane, lifting off from the runway in Launceston Airport. Looking outside the window, I know I won't be back to this place. Mixed feelings arise deep in the heart. I didn't want to imaging any further. I don't want things to be predictable on the Christmas day. All I know is I really need to work hard in making sure there's no regrets left on this island.
Sydney Bird's Eye View. Midair Sydney. June 2012. Captured by Sze.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thought of de Day

When praise and burden go up, joy and peace come down.

God is so eager for us to cast our sins and burden on Him, so He can open up His floodgate and let His blessings pour out all over our lives until it's overflowing.

But it's the lifting part that is often so challenging. Denying ourselves is the barrier. Let's ask God for strength, and LOVE.

Yes, love.
Dusk. Tomahawk. North Tasmania. April 2012.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Carpe Diem

The last winter break had been a good one. Both in terms of activity and relationship. It's really unforgettable. Impactful yet 'educational'.
The reality of life issues and the need of having God's guidance are much more obvious than ever before.
Looking at the next 155 days ahead, I'm gonna spend them wisely with the people that matters the most in my life here. Carpe Diem!

Last Winter in Tasmania. Ben Lomond National Park. Tasmania. 21 July 2012.

Monday, July 9, 2012


The very best thing on this island is this place.
Praise Methodist Church. 100 Invermay Road, Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania. May 2012.

I thank God I'm part of this. Not the building, but the family.
God bless PMC. Let the love flows yo! =)

Saturday, June 30, 2012


It requires a lot of faith to be selfless because being selfless you need to let go.

Letting go of things that is most precious to you.

You don't have the assurance that you will get it back again.

But, you need to have faith, that being selfless is better than selfish.

Greens Beach revisited. North Tasmania. June 2012.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thought of de Day

The Gorge, Launceston. May 2012.
It's a stressful week for every single student in this place.
It's cold as well. It's 1am now and 0.8°C out there. I had never utilised my heater so much these 2.5 years until this week. 
With prayers and laughters we shall all conquer the paper works and move on with our lives! All the best to all! 

Monday, May 28, 2012


Back in 2008...

...history repeats itself yet again. Someone must rise up to pose a challenge!!!  2014 must be a year of change!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

TL3 Try'A Trade 2012

So I volunteered to cover an event for the first time. This is an event where students from the northern Tasmanian region were invited to literally Try'A Trade, and perhaps, would help them in discovering the true passion or talents in them.

It was a great experience, to learn how to take shots at the right timing with the right composition. Although I don't think I did a good job, it's nonetheless a priceless exposure. The first step out.

 So this is not just try a trade for the students, it's for me as well.

Try to take. More. =)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Take Initiatives

King's Park. Launceston, Tasmania. April 2012.
Taking a step forward doesn't guarantee improvement. But it leads to the next step forward, shortening the distance from where one is to where one wants to be.

Take initiatives. Leave results to God. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thought of the Day: Keep Learning!

Bruny Island. Looking south. Bruny Island, Tasmania. April 2012.

Sometimes I wonder why am I so lacking in a lot of things in life.
I guess this is probably one of the best ways God is using me to humble myself.
And it's never too late to learn.

The spirit of learning is far greater than the ability of knowing. Because when you learn, you know. When you know, you might have already stopped learning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bistro, Launceston, Tasmania. 07 May 2012.


Monday, May 7, 2012


In front of my house. Invermay, Tasmania. April 2012.
It's the end of a unique chapter of my life.
Thank God for the wonderful things that happened and helped me to grow much out of it.
Moving on to the next chapter.
Life's exciting with God. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0 Tasmania

It was not a fine day in terms of weather but it didn't stop us from going down to Hobart for this. About 50 Malaysians who care turned up. It was said that only about 10 turned up for Bersih 2.0 last July. Suddenly the figure speaks a lot right.

Nothing too fancy or exciting happened during the gathering in front of the Tasmanian state parliament. We didn't really duduk bantah probably due to the wet grass as drizzling continued during the hour of gathering. However, I saw the spirit in the eyes of most of the participants. The spirit of desperation for change that only Malaysian could understand best.

Comparing to what happened in Malaysia, this was just a tiny little effort that we were offering. But I believe it counts. My hope for a fairer and cleaner election stands still and it'll not be forgotten until the day when the 8 demands are met.

Some question the viability of the rally but I say, it's better than doing nothing. In the midst of hopelessness, we must do anything we can to achieve our dream. It has to start somewhere in some forms. If one continues to be skeptical about such effort, nothing could ever be done. Malaysia would just stay the same, or most probably, worse. What to do after that? Nothing again?

So I say Bersih Malaysia! And again I say BERSIH MALAYSIA!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


When I think about some of the unhappy things in life, sometimes I really hope they are just mere jokes. Someone will eventually tell me hey you know, the bad things are not there after all, it's a joke, happy April fools!

Trying to be ignorant it seems.

It's suffering and difficult to face the problems. But nonetheless to get on with life they have to be faced, and dealt with, once and for all.

It's out of my ability and control. I need God to do unimaginable things in me. That's my prayer for this Easter week.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Professional Practice 1 - AT1

I'm always reluctant to post up my work here on my blog, partly because I feel like I don't want to embarrass myself.
However this is my final year as an architecture student. After this I have no more opportunity to share my assignment work. Well, why not then?

Alright. From now onwards I'll be posting my progress on my final year project. It'll sort of become my online archive of my FYP. Feel free to comment or critique.

To kick start, let me inform you my FYP's design research question. It's:
“How to preserve the relevance of an old town while creating a new sense of regionalism with youth activity as its catalyst of urban rejuvenation?”

I'm focusing on Sungai Merah which is situated in Sibu, Malaysia. Although I did not grow up specifically on this suburb, I kinda like this little satellite town. Due to the recent shop houses development, it seems that the old town is losing its significance. This is where to whole project is going to stand on. I will be proposing new development adjacent to the old town to "save" it from vanishing.

Here's my submission of Assignment Task 1 last Thursday.

The first panel is about the site context of my proposal. It covers Sungai Merah's brief history, current condition and also the chosen site's problem.
The second panel is about some precedents that I'm looking at, that would help to inform my design outcome in the next stage.

The third panel for Design Studio 9 when different types of geometrical arrangement solutions are sought for people, place and program problems.

Some thoughts after the presentation:
1. I should look into the in between spaces of public spaces.
2. I should understand the history of youth center or community center in order to grasp the important idea of the program.
3. Need to identify what are the program spaces I need.
4. Who is my client?

Moving on...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Endless Problems

Lightning. In front of my house, Sibu, Sarawak. 16 January 2012.
Recently I'm just frustrated to see how the people around me suffer or struggle with the problems they are having.

Computer got fried, accident, illness, theft, death... What else could happen next yeah? 

Now I'm really afraid to answer calls or messages that say "Hey, are you aware of this?" "Hey do you know...?" "Hey Benny, urgent!"


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hillwood, Tasmania. February 2012.
Being an architecture student is really amusing. Because at one point, we can be super confident and motivated to put forth our ideas. While, at another point, we could be questioning ourselves what are we getting ourselves into. And that's with the same assignment.
We create our problems and we pat our back when we solve it. Hahaha. Self entertaining.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sibu Airport Expansion (Feb 2012)

Since I posted a blog entry about Sibu Airport about a year ago, I realise a lot of people had stumbled on my blog as they google for "Sibu Airport Expansion". Well, I guess that's a hint that I need to write an entry about this.

Before I left Sibu, I managed to drop by the airport a couple of times to fetch my brother and friends who had a brief holiday stay. I didn't take any pictures until 7th February 2012, a week before I left Sibu.

So here are some pictures on the (then) latest update on the expansion work.

On the first floor.

I didn't manage to take the pictures of the check in counters. Well, since that part is almost done, I guess you guys can take a look at it when you visit the airport next time.
When I touch down there next time I guess it'll be complete and guess who will be the person who officiate it? Hahaha... If it's the same person who officiated the original airport then it'll be EXTREMELY interesting. :)

This is the waiting hall, taken on 14 February 2012.
 P/s: If you don't know what I'm saying in the last sentence just refer to the link in the entry. 
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