Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sensor Cleaned!

Finally I got my sensor blower from ebay. It was about 2 years since I realise my sensor is covered with some dust. Visible dust marks even at f1/9. But being a lazy bum I didn't take any action.  And that caused a lot of 'scream' moments when I look at the my pictures. =.=
Here are the results:
Actually this is the initial state. Apology for the watermark mistake.
Suddenly I realise there are unfamiliar marks appeared on the upper part of the picture! And no matter how hard I try to blow it away I can't get it off. Then I took a courageous but silly step. I used a cotton bud to clean the affected area.
Thankfully the marks are gone without leaving any scratches. (Maybe minor scratches that are not visible with naked eyes.=/) I won't take that risk again.
Although this is not perfect, but I didn't wanna go on trying. I called it a day for this. At least it's not as bad as the initial state. Won't give me screaming moments. :)
I guess I'm satisfied with the current state. If not I would need to get extra tools.
And that means extra cash. Woohoo...

Friday, December 23, 2011


It was an impromptu trip to Labuan when the actual plan was to go Brunei. Took a 2-hour boat express before reaching the Pearl of Borneo. Again, like Limbang, it's much bigger than I expected. I'm sorry, I don't mean to undermine these towns. Where do I come from anyway? Sibu! :p
Express ticket. 

Even the signage is labeled with the slogan. @.@
As soon as I reached, I went to the information booth and got hold of a copy of the tourist booklet. The first thing I saw in the Labuan section is the World War II Memorial Park, which is supposed to look something like below.
It's the biggest war memorial in Malaysia, commemorating the fall of the soldiers from Australia, Britain, India, New Zealand and Malaya as they were tortured during the Death March from Ranau to Sandakan.

So that became my goal. After a roti telur and teh tarik, I started my journey on foot. I wanted to do it quick because I only have 3 hours on the island.

Passed through Dataran Labuan, a landmark officiated by the then DS Dr. Mahathir.

Because I don't have a detailed map, I have to rely on direction asking in order to find the place. After getting my direction set, I continued my journey, not knowing how long would it take for me to walk. Unfortunately, after walking for 30 minutes under the hot sun, I gave up, drenched in my own sweat. I headed back to the city and walked around before having lunch and then following the group back to Limbang.
Pasar Tani.
The earliest settlement on the island. 
Grand mosque. Didn't have enough time to get closer. 
Financial district of Labuan. 
The road sign showing the WWII Memorial. I guess it's about 2-3km from this point. Thank goodness I gave up. 
Seaport's view. 
Only after I got back home and googled I realise that I had just traveled about half way there that day! I should have gotten myself a cab instead of trusting my feet while battling with the sun. 
The disappointing part about this brief trip is, it's a brief trip. I should get a chance to stay on the island longer!! But, I managed to buy the only souvenir throughout the whole Limbang trip - a bottle of Scottish whisky. Ooolala. Just right for the coming CNY. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Up North

Finally I got to travel up north Sarawak, but not through all the town. My destination was Limbang.
I traveled with a group of people bearing the same surname as mine. Although we are not directly related, we are still under one macro family.

Besides Limbang I went to Labuan as well, for just about 3-4 hours time. But anyway, I'll share just the pictures I took in Limbang for this entry.
Our bus stopped at the Sungai Tujoh Kastam in Miri before entering Brunei. Brunei crossing is needed as that is the only way to travel to Limbang. Weird enough, but that's how it works.
We were stopped by Polis Diraja Brunei for about 30-40 minutes before we were released as we covered the glass windows with the curtains and I guess they suspected us doing some smuggling.
3 Brunei buses reached the Purnama Hotel in Limbang. By this time, I had traveled about 16 hours since departure from Sibu.

The sunset view along the Limbang River is spectacular accompanied by the view of the wooden houses on top of the river. Breathtaking.
The room I stayed in.
This was the 2nd day when I walked to Taman Tasik Bukit Mas from the hotel I stayed. Passed through the town museum with the town's emblem - the kerbau. In fact, on the bus journey to Limbang, I saw a kerbau in a mud pool along the road we rolled through. So, unofficially I was greeted by a kerbau before entering its town. xD

This is the suspended bridge in Taman Tasik Bukit Mas. It took almost my life to walk up to the peak of the park. I almost gave up the challenge as I knew I don't have much time left before the sun sets. Plus, I had almost drained up all my energy after the walks in Labuan which I will share in the next post. But thankfully, I made it to the top with the help of a few person I met on the way up by asking them the question "Are we there yet?"
 The view from the peak.
On the day before I left, a friend brought me around the town with his vehicle. Among the things I saw, this house stood up. I really wonder whose house is this. Limbang is not deprived of nice houses surprisingly.
 Brunei kastam as we entered Brunei on the way back to Sibu.
 Brunei kastam before entering Miri.
These are the 2 buses that brought us from Miri back to Sibu. To be honest, they are not in very good conditions. What's worse, the road is really bumpy. I banged my head on the glass frame in the bus and it hurts till now.
I would like to sponsor our state ministers for a ride from Kuching to Lawas in these buses one day. I'm sure the roads will be upgraded as soon as their journey ends.
We need better roads!

Well to conclude, Limbang is a nice place with nice people although it's small. Well, it's not THAT small but just that it's quite scattered. I think it's a nice place grow up as a kid there as you would know almost everyone in the town. It's not congested and I presume life is simple there. Let's hope it'll stay simple for many years to come. (I don't mean undeveloped by that.) :p
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