Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kedai Runcit 1 Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where funny things happen, like the passing of the Peace Assembly Bill today. Not sure what do you think about it, but I think it's a joke. A sign of desperation by the ruling coalition. The recent statements and accusations made by some politicians are utterly absurd as well. Desperation, again is the word I see. They have no other way to gain support. Pathetic is it? After being in power for more than 54 years and the best foot they can put forward is still the racial card.

Well, another joke which happened some months ago is the one that I wanna share in this entry. I don't mean to undermine their effort but it's like, is this even necessary? Realising it's so near to where I stayed in PJ, I have decided to visit it ever since it's opening. At last, I made it.

It's interesting to note that during my last visit two main things I saw in the city were the 1 Malaysia logo and our YAB Dato. Sri Najib's face. Almost all over the place. It's like as if it's the most popular brand and he's the most valuable celebrity in Malaysia today. Or perhaps that's the truth.

Hopefully things will get less funny / dodgy and true transformation can take place, as soon as possible.


  1. is this Kelana Jaya LRT?
    Ya, sometimes, it's just too obvious... way too obvious. XS


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