Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kedai Runcit 1 Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where funny things happen, like the passing of the Peace Assembly Bill today. Not sure what do you think about it, but I think it's a joke. A sign of desperation by the ruling coalition. The recent statements and accusations made by some politicians are utterly absurd as well. Desperation, again is the word I see. They have no other way to gain support. Pathetic is it? After being in power for more than 54 years and the best foot they can put forward is still the racial card.

Well, another joke which happened some months ago is the one that I wanna share in this entry. I don't mean to undermine their effort but it's like, is this even necessary? Realising it's so near to where I stayed in PJ, I have decided to visit it ever since it's opening. At last, I made it.

It's interesting to note that during my last visit two main things I saw in the city were the 1 Malaysia logo and our YAB Dato. Sri Najib's face. Almost all over the place. It's like as if it's the most popular brand and he's the most valuable celebrity in Malaysia today. Or perhaps that's the truth.

Hopefully things will get less funny / dodgy and true transformation can take place, as soon as possible.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Day at Golf Club

Went to Launceston Golf Club about 3 weeks ago. Following a golf enthusiast brother J and I really opened our eyes to the golf world.  All these while I always think golf is a very boring sport. I didn't know that it's actually so challenging and interesting!

The trick is probably to master the different swinging techniques that are used to tackle each challenge specifically. The golf course design and the weather condition are crucial in deciding with strategy as well. It is not a sport where you lock yourself up in a complex whilst preventing the environmental factors from affecting your game. In fact, golf is a game dealing with the environment.

Unfortunately, it's a rich man's sport. Well, relatively rich at least. I doubt if I'll be a golfer one day. Haha. :D

Some pictures to share.

And Rev. Kwang is so cool. Haha. :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thought of de Day: Substance of Life

Well, we all heard this so many times. But let this be another reminder to myself and to you who so happen to read this.

At the end of the day, it's not your wealth, status, ability, physical appearance, fame, glory and experience that matter. It is your character and your desire + willingness to learn to please God that will last through eternity.

Anything out of that is always secondary and temporal. And that's a life changing 'enlightenment' if one really accepts and believes in it.

Pasar Malam. Jalan Pasar, Sibu, Sarawak. Jan 2011. 

Going back in a short while more. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thought of de Day

Tasmazia, Promised Land, Tasmania. September 2011.

Today I praise God for showing His wisdom through the people around me.
I may not have other person's gift, so I have to learn to appreciate that person and acknowledge that gifts are given by God.
Some things just can't be learned by ourselves but we can ask our heavenly Father for it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thought of de Day

Frisbee. Binalong Bay, Tasmania. Nov 2011.
Recently a good friend told me that everyday there is definitely something that we can praise God for. I agreed, not knowing how workable could that be.

So, if I believe that is true, then I should try it out at least. Well, here I go.

Today I praise God for  showing me what to get for my new Chinese new year clothing.
Lord I praise you for telling me that no matter how uncertain people's opinion and words are, all I need to focus on is you. Christ's salvation is the center of ALL.

Praise God.

P/s: I'll try to keep this updated as regular as possible. May it be a blog full of praise. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thought of de Day

My feet over the pool of the Museum of Art and Science. Singapore. Nov 2011.
Life is supposed to be simple.

All we need is love. Love is the answer to all question.

I have been traveling almost non stop for the past 2 weeks. I saw lots of people along the journey. I realise that people really need to be less self centric and just, love. Love the neighbours as ourselves. Give out love freely to everyone. Learn to love others even though when we are sad or feeling miserable.

It's either we love, or we would get desperate of love. Choose one.

And where's the source of love? Love comes from the heart of God.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Malaysian durian in Launceston.
$18.95 student price.

Thank goodness I have the gift of resistance towards durian. Halelujah! :D
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