Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There goes weeks of sleepless nights. Weeks of weary. Weeks of distress. For all of us here in the uni.
It's a special season I went through. Slightly different from the previous experiences. I suppose it's the people who make the differences.
Although I would say I had not achieved well academically for this semester, but I gained a lot in life. Things that can be carried through for life, topping up on what I had gained so far.
So shall I conclude that it's a good semester after all? Fullstop for 2011 uni work. See you in 2012, for one, last, year.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thought of de Day

Sunset. Maria Island, Tasmania. April 2011.
Staying positive is not something teachable, but it's a conscious decision to stay joyful and hopeful.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love Blooming

Tulips blooming. Tulip Farm, Wynyard, Tasmania. October 2011.
It's so joyful to be able to witness how love bloomed between a sweet couple. It's so refreshing to see such relationship exists and abide itself within the love of Christ.

Bro I and Sis A, you have my very best wishes and may God bless both of you with countless good days to come. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pahlawan Putih

The Truth About Ta Ann. Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania. September 2011.
Attended the above forum last week.
The so called 'truth' was revealed about the dark side of Sarawak. It's shocking how influential Sarawak is to the world, in terms of the crime network. Unthinkable. 
I was touched by how Clare Rewcastle would do so much for Sarawak, that she risked her own life to bring justice to the oppressed indigenous people, especially the Penan tribe.
How about me? A Sarawakian who spent almost my entire life in this beautiful state? What can I do? What have I done? Zero.
All that I can do now perhaps is to spread this message to the rest of the world, and share Sarawakian's mission in setting the state free in almost every aspect you can think or name of. And with much hope, we wish Clare all the best in fighting for us. She's truly a Pahlawan Putih.

Her blog: Sarawak Report
Her radio station which should be back on air this week: Radio Free Sarawak

And not forgetting, to pray for the natives that they can keep their land and enjoy the nature that is so close to their hearts. For your information, a huge percentage of them are our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. We should not forget them even more!

God bless Sarawak!
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