Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Friends in the Final Week...

Tree on Painted Cliff. Maria Island, Tasmania. April 2011.
...we are all stressed up because of assignment.

Like a tree, standing on the cliff. Prone to fall any moment.
But the tree stays there.
Not moving.
Solid on the ground.
Probably for a long long time. 

Because of its position, it has to hold on to the rock firmly.
The roots grow strong.
The trunk grows to a certain posture that keeps it stable.

Amazing isn't it.

We all will be like the tree.
We will grow stronger and more mature in our daily challenges.
Assignments are nothing but to train us to be what we could never imagine. 
Rest assured, we will be overcomers of tomorrow!

Gambate my fellow classmates and friends! We can do it together!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Words could not express how much I wanna thank everyone who celebrated my birthday with me today.
Thanks to all who called me, who mailed and gave me gifts, who sms-ed me, who Facebooked me, who dined out with me, and also, who surprised me in uni today.

So much fun and laughter I had for the last 14 hours. And thanks to all of you who made my day.

I know it's impossible for me to name each and everyone of you, but I just wish to highlight a few person that I would really love to thank for.

Thanks Choi and Sam for the wonderful awkward birthday announcement and wishing board above my desk. Crazy. But I like the radical idea behind it. Thanks to all for your words of blessings.

Thanks Adrian for the gift and 'photo tower'. You have an amazing heart for people.

Thanks Ing for sending me the gift. Yes, 10th gift. Appreciate it every single year. :)

Thanks Jed, Cindy, Wei Yew and Zhen Yang for calling me. You could have just sms-ed or Facebooked me, but you guys did more. Thanks.

Thanks Ming and Fang Yow for booking the restaurant for me, and the nice mug. Yes, as I said, I had always wanted a mug like that, with nice verses and cute printings. Thanks. 

And thanks to Sze, Judy and Yeoh who prayed for me before the day ended. Indeed, I need His blessings and grace to move on everyday. A prayer of blessing is indeed precious. :)

Thanks to all once again. It was indeed a great day. Wouldn't be like this at all without each and everyone of you. Your little or big act of care and love does make a difference to my life. You guys had taught me how to be a blessing to others.

May God bless each and everyone of you. Should I have done anything wrong when I was 21 still, please let me know. I should be able to apologise because I'm 22 now. xD
Dinner at Fortune Wok. Newstead, Tasmania. 19 May 2011.

P/s: And not to forget, Jillian for the surprise in Focus!!! Oh, how can I forget that! Haha.. thanks for the apple crumble!! You never fail to make people happy with fooooood! Thanks!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thought of de Day

Had been hearing a lot about people passing away lately, old people especially.

Life is never too long to live for. Before we realise it we might foresee our journey coming to an end. Well, that's if you lived old enough to foresee death.

Since we all have dreams (if you don't, sleep more to get inspired!) we should pursue them as soon as possible. Don't procrastinate, never say later.

Plan your future, but live out your very best today. And of course, forget about the past, because that was so yesterday. 

Don't wait till Autumn. Invermay, Tasmania. April 2011.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thought of de Day

In good times, or bad times.

God is to be praised.

When we are on top, when we are down below,

God is to be praised.

Learn to be humble. Learn to understand others.
Listen more to the elders, listen lesser to your own.
Don't be too proud when you are in better position, don't be too sad when you are in bad position.

For everything happens for a purpose. So be joyful always. God's grace is always sufficient for us.

Summit of Mount Maria, overlooking south. Maria Island, Tasmania. April 2011 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Autumn Is Here

Autumn leaves in front of my house. April 2011. Launceston, Australia.
Moody autumn.
Turning cold.
Final expression of the beauty of nature before getting somber.

Bye bye leaves.
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