Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thought of de Day - Good Friday

Today, or rather yesterday, is Good Friday.

Thanks to my church, this year I did a lot of reflection on the message of the cross.

Jesus is real. He is so real. The cross is so real. If we look carefully into the Scripture, it is not hard to see that the description of the first Good Friday is so detail and logic, with the kind of emotions that only a great man, or God Himself can show.

Human shows their true nature when they are suffering. We can laugh, joke and pretend to be a good person when everything is good. It is easy to spot a person's true character when he or she faces difficulty, challenges or opposition. When things like that happen, the true self of anger, jealousy, rude, dishonesty and violence will all float to surface.

But what did Jesus do when He's accused of having a deadly sin?

Yes, Jesus showed His true character too when He was suffering.

He said nothing. He did not oppose. Still, He proclaimed that He is the King of Jews, He is the Christ, He is the Son of God. And throughout the flogging, torture, intimidation, threatening, insult and nailing, He did not oppose at all. He kept the truth pure. He died defending who He is - that He is Christ, the Messiah, the One that is to save all mankind, that whoever who believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. This is our God! The one and only living God! He showed the world a character that can never be presented by any other person on this earth.

If Jesus' a liar, He could have given up whatever He claimed when the Roman soldiers caught him. He could admit that he lied when asked by the pharisees. He can tell Pilate that he's lying. He can ask his follower to fight for him. He can do all these to escape the torture, but He didn't. He didn't give up the truth, because, He never give up on us. We are too precious for Jesus. Jesus wants us to be reunited with God once again. Hence, He decided to die for our sins, without any regrets.

I had watched the following video so many times that I can't count it anymore. Yet, it still touch my soul. And I truly love the song a lot. It's so meaningful. Hope it touches your heart as well.

This is a very meaningful song as well. Think about it. If we are just mere meteoroids, why would we want love? Why do we have deep longing to be loved? Why would a Man who is so righteous, die for all of us just to tell us that He loves us? Think about it. A lifelong question. Be blessed. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Verdict?

Finally, it has come to an end. After much anticipation and effort, the opposition mainly the DAP had reaped its harvest.

There are too much that can be said or discussed about this state election of Sarawak. I believe many political analysts would discuss about this in the next few days or months. I had a lot to digest as well. So many had been done and things that we had never seen before, happened.

One of the things that caught my attention is the large turnout for the opposition campaigns like never before. Sarawakians had been known to be quite slack in terms of political awareness. This is described by our very dear and experienced veteran YB Wong Soon Koh (who proudly and successfully retained his very much important, significant and COSTLY seat in Bawang Assan) as peaceful, and something unique about the local political culture. This, however, is very much different since the Sibu 516 by-election last year. Furthermore, a more tangible sense of awakening among the Sarawakians can be felt in this state election. People had decided to stand up and speak out apparently. Matters that concern the people are brought out at the opposition campaigns. Fights for crowd happened especially in Sibu when celebrities were used as an attraction for crowd that is hoped to reflect the voting force. Dialogues seem to happen within the banners and posters as well!

Besides the 'war' of campaigns and posters, both parties extended their battleground online. With Pakatan Rakyat's absolutely interesting speeches flooding Youtube, BN is clearly losing their stand. Facebook discussion, pictures and links are all delivering the anti government messages with sound reasoning and evidence. Just when the opposition seems to win the net battle, they were destroyed and muted. The most notable victims are Malaysiakini and Radio Free Sarawak. However, amusingly, Radio Free Sarawak is accessible right now! ...instantly after BN clutches power again.

Another change that I found encouraging is the response of the Sarawak Christian community towards local political issues. A lot of Christians, I realised, are ignorant towards the political happenings previously. They are not burdened to do anything about it. However, thanks to the boosting from the Semenanjung churches, more local Christians began to, sort of I suppose, to see the connection between the Christian faith and politics. In fact, if I would to suggest, that both of these have an inseparable relationship. I believe when we grow in Christ, we'll start to feel disgusted and hatred towards injustice and crimes. This is necessary because sin is not to be delighted. When we notice such nasty things going on within our state and community, we should do something about it, beginning with prayer. Since end of last year, I had been witnessing this kind of changes in the local churches. This is amazing. Moreover the Semenanjung church had been praying for Sarawak's election too! If they care about us, what more should we be concerned about our own state's election!

I had been reading a lot about how God had touched people who prayed for Sarawak. All these are very encouraging and I'm touched to see the church in Malaysia, praying as one big, big family, closing the South China Sea gap.

Well, although the oppositions failed to garner enough support to deny the 2/3 majority of the current ruling government, I know that the leaders as well as the Rakyats had indeed, put on a good fight. I'm very proud to be a Sibuan. I am proud because my community appreciates changes, freedom and good values. For those who are still easily swayed and cheated by selling their votes, well done, because you get what you wished for.

I hope this will prepare the way for the oppositions and the Rakyat for the coming general election. Clearly, DAP is by far the most stable opposition party in Malaysia. They have the most Pakatan's MPs in the Parliment right now. Much hope had been hooked on PKR this time but ended up with disappointments. PKR needs to reform I think, because it'll only grow and be matured when the party is not just about Anwar. Just look at DAP, how many outspoken politicians they have.

Alright, I guess I have to stop here for now. I had been naughty for the past one week by posting a lot of anti-government stuff on Facebook and now, for the first time, on my blog. Well, if one day this little bloggie is hacked or attacked, I will remember it's because of what happened this week. After this week, I'll return to be a normal, peace loving and law abiding web user. Well, just to keep myself of unnecessary trouble lol. :)

All in all, well done PR especially DAP. It will do better because of the experience they gathered through this election I suppose. And most importantly, thank God. I know Father, You have Your time for things. Everything and everyone is subjected to You and You alone. You have Your best plan for the state. We'll all continue to look up to You God, and waiting for Your mighty hands to do Your mighty work. God bless Sarawak!! Till the next time...

And just before I end this post, I would like to show some of the picture and video collections from this election. Enjoy. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Radio Free Sarawak Banned?

I can't access into RFS today. It is said that the station is not even accessible on the iTunes podcast.


On some websites such as this, it is reported that the radio station has captured the attention of the youths in the Rumah Rumah in Sarikei and Sibu. The shortwave radios are sold out in Sarikei. The youths are urging their elderly parents to listen to the station. This was reported on 8th April 2011.

And today, the radio station is wiped out.

Oh come on!! Could anything been more obvious than this?

Let's pray that we'll hear from this station in a day or two. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


After visiting Lesley's latest blog post, I realised I haven't go and check if I could really vote or not.

Surprisingly, the news I read somewhere online isn't true or accurate perhaps. I CAN ACTUALLY VOTE!

Now, I need someone to sponsor my flight. Tony Fernandes? Najib? Orrr... Taib? xD

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sibu from Pulau Lihua. Sibu, Sarawak. January 2011.
What will happen to Sibu in the next 10 days?
It's just too bad that I'm not at home. I should be there to witness the transformation of the real swan.

If you are reading this, I plead you to keep praying for Sarawak.

There is this news going on around saying our DCM hired bomoh for sacrificial ceremonies against the opposition candidates as well as the local native voters. This is devastating and something that we should all be angry about, regardless of your race or religion. It's just terrible.

So will there be hope for Sibu? Or Sarawak? Or Malaysia?

If you are back in your hometown, please think thrice before you vote. If you are not, do pray. That's the best thing we can do, to vote 'spiritually'.

Keep me updated about the election through my facebook or this blog. Ok? Thanks!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Praying for Sarawak for 11 Days

The much anticipated Sarawak State Election is just around the corner. Much had been said and done by those from the ruling government and the oppositions (both local and international oppositions). The mainstream media says that the native votes are still secured while Radio Free Sarawak kept showing reports on how the natives in the Rumah realised that they need to make a change for a better, or in fact, a safer future.

Nonetheless, amidst of the arguments and accusations, the most practical thing that you and I can do is to make up our minds on who to vote, if you have the rights. Well, sad enough to lament that I don't have one, although I did my best to register in December, and it took 3 months till I got registered. The Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) said they are gonna qualify the voters on the voter name lists till December 2010 only. Hence I can't vote even if I'm back home on the 16th April.

So, casting a vote is not what I can do this time. But, I can definitely pray! I don't have to register. I don't have to wait. I don't have to fly back. All I need to do is to cry out to the Lord and ask the Lord to move in His might to bring a change to the nation of the land of Hornbill.

Therefore, I urge you to join me and a few of my friends to pray for Sarawak, wherever you are, and regardless if you have the rights to vote. As long as you have the burden for the people of Sarawak, you can pray! I had registered myself with the Malaysian National Prayer Network (MNPN) "Praying Round the Clock for Sarawak State Elections from April 6-16, 2011" prayer campaign. All you need to do is to decide on a 30-minute time slot (or more!) from 6th - 16th April that you can pray for Sarawak, and commit yourself to pray then! Sarawak will be covered with prayers from Christians all around the globe 24 hours for 11 days! Now imagine that!! 

2 Chronicles 20:6, 9, 12 -" O Lord, God of our ancestors, You alone are God in heaven and ruler of all the kingdoms on earth. May Your kingdom which is peace, justice and righteousness be established and Your will be done in Sarawak ". - From the MNPN website.

Let us give in our best to pray for Sarawak and we will see how the Lord moves! 

Ling's Swan. Sibu, Sarawak. January 2011.
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