Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thought of de Day 2011_02_27

I had a great service this morning.

Again I'm reminded on the importance of God's presence. Our life's empty without His presence. Everything that we can imagine or grasp of are nothing before the presence of God. There's no sense of achievement or any sort of excitement that is beyond the feeling that we can enjoy in the presence of God.

The presence of God.

In the presence of God, it's where I find. Joy. Hope. Peace. Love.

It's not something someone can just comprehend without entering into it.

We need to be soaked in His presence everyday.

It touches us. It moves us into action. It keeps our heads up high, gazing into the future with hope.

And the key to enter into His presence? Desire.

If there's no desire, nothing will ever be achieved. We need to long for His presence. It is His presence that we are looking for day and night. Only His presence can fill the deepest longings of our heart.

When we are in His presence, we know and we are assured, that we are loved. We are redeemed by Him. From no one to someone. Our hearts fill with gratitude. We wanna thank Him solely for who He is. It is Him, who gave up His life, and show the world what true love means. Sacrifice.

I feel sympathy for those who had never enter into His court and enjoy His presence. How much had they missed in their lives? Do they know that there's a God who is so eager to just hug them and welcome them home? Do they know there's hope beyond the utmost treasure on this earth? Do they know that they are worth much more than they can ever think of?

Oh Lord. Let me feel your presence everyday. May You do the same to those who read this. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sibu Airport

I always like airport. And I hate it at the same time.

Airport is the only place that will stir such an emotion conflict within me. Since young, it's either that my adrenalin keeps pumping as I can't wait to see my brother and sister returning from Australia, or I'm sending them off in tears. The journey to the airport always seems to be longer than the journey back home.

Although now that I'm traveling quite often, I still view Sibu airport in the same way as I did, but in a reversed perspective. No longer am I fetching someone I missed so much home. And I'm not sending someone off to somewhere far far away and not gonna see them for the next 9-10 months. Now it's myself, sending myself off from this town that I love so much. And whenever I return, I'm like a piece of puzzle putting back to the big picture. Whenever I see Sibu airport as the plane lands, I feel like, I'm home!! And on the other hand, Sibu airport is the last thing I bid farewell to whenever I'm leaving the town.

Indeed, airport is a unique place. Full of things going on; emotion varies depending on events; people coming from everywhere; going in and out with different purposes all happening in the same volume of space and point of time, under one roof.

Well, I'm gonna leave Sibu in a few days time. It is this airport that's gonna send me off once again. When I return the next time the airport is certainly going to be different, as it's going through some expansion and renovation works currently. Unfortunately I didn't have pictures to show it here.

I wanna thank the government for keeping the airport in the same location, without building a whole new one in a different spot. This airport is where lots of my childhood memories lie. Will miss my family, my home, the town, and the airport.

P.s: Despite of thanking the government, I think probably they didn't build a whole new airport due to insufficient funding. Kuching, Bintulu and Miri, the major towns or cities in Sarawak had more modish airports since years ago. Sibu is perhaps, one of the last in Sarawak to get its airport refurbished.

An interesting fact:

Who officiated the postmodern days Sibu airport?
This can be seen from the landing of the main stairways in the airport. Snapped with my S312.

Yup, he's the man!

So I wonder if the person officiating the newly extended building gonna keep this plate? And I'm hoping that is not the reason for the much delayed extension work. Hm.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Angpow

Every Chinese New Year we get angpows as an unmarried person. Nowadays angpow design has gone wild. Some of them are really good. Among those, I really like those from the churches. With the verses they put on it, it's very meaningful comparing with those congratulating you for getting richer.

This year I got this 'treasure' from my BB captain. Indeed, it's a super special angpow!

It's from the Boys' Brigade Hong Kong. It's so simple yet cute. The cartoon brigadiers are coloured with colour pencil. And it wishes the receivers all the best in their studies on the front, and 'be blessed with God's grace' at the back.

This is probably by far one of the best angpows I had ever received. Thanks Captain! Will keep it nicely.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


The first 3 days of the new rabbit year had gone to past. Sibu people never cease to amaze me with their capability of getting their skies loaded with firework displays. This is simply awesome and something that I always look forward to every Chinese New Year.

Last night it was pretty amusing when one of the neighbours on my left started to put off some fireworks. When the shooting ended, the neighbour of my right retaliated with the same kind of firework display. When that was done, the left neighbour struck back. This went on for a few more rounds before leaving some of the alarms from the cars and houses wailing like nobody’s business.

While some people were enjoying the battle, I took this golden opportunity to snap some pictures. That adds up to my collection of firework album for this year. WooHoo~!

All these while Sibu people had been setting off fireworks or firecrackers during cny although the lawmakers prohibit us to do so. Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Supplies for the fireworks are still available. People like to say it’s from the gangsters. If they are right, then perhaps, this is one of the rare ‘contributions’ of gangsterism in Sibu.

Chinese New Year without the noise of the explosions of firecrackers is simply boring. It has become one of my measuring standards when comparing the cny mood with the previous years, besides the severity of traffic jam and crowded people in the shopping malls. Although this is illegal, but I do hope that the explosion noise during cny would continue for many, many generations to come. Albeit it’s dangerous and environmental hazardous, it is still part of our culture and the spirit of the festival. It’s in my blood.


Disclaimer: I didn’t set off a single firecracker for the last 3-5 years. I’m not a bad boy ok. Haha.
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