Monday, January 31, 2011

The Journey v3.0

So finally I found some time to update this blog's layout. In fact this is the 3rd version since I shifted 'The Journey' to Blogger. I've decided to let this be much simpler.
From 2 columns to 3 columns, and back to 2 columns. I found that 2 columns' layout allows me to show the pictures I post in bigger size. Hence I have more options while deciding on the post's layout.

The banner retains the idea of putting 'the journey' as the theme of the blog. I added a Nikkor 50mm lens in the banner NOT to indicate the blog as a photography blog, but to simply express my way of capturing the moments of my life's journey through my lens.

The background of the blog shows the skyline of Sibu. I took that picture earlier on from Pulau Li Hua. That'll set as a reminder for myself where am I from and where my heart lies whenever I access into the blog. Also perhaps it's the most direct way of showing you guys where my hometown is. :)

Well, I hope you all like this and do give your opinions or comments if you like. Perhaps v3.1 is on its way.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Surviving in Sibu

Growing up is something that we don't like if we had never imagine how would it be. With almost 2 years before graduating, I have been thinking a lot about life after student. Well, the simple question, how to survive should I choose to come back and work in Malaysia, or specifically, Sibu? This is a time when ordinary rakyat will not experience poverty and yet they won't be able to get rich. So you are stuck at the middle, becoming someone, or probably, no one.

Today I visited someone whom I haven't been chatting for quite a while. After hours of free conversation, well it seems that I had personally made some conclusions.

So, what are the best 'career' prospects in Sibu?

1. Food and beverages
Snapped with my K300i 3 years ago.
Food is important for Malaysians, and of course, for Sibu people as well. Recently there are more and more cafes and coffee shops opening around the town and also in the residential areas. While the inflation rate is hiking now, people are still enjoying the food like kings and queens. Shops like Secret Recipe and Boston (if not mistaken) start to share a piece of the local makan industry. People can feel heartache for the expensive petrol, but when it comes to food, they would rather pay RM2 for a can of softdrink when they can actually buy somewhere and drink there for much lower price.

People are just willing to spend to feed their temptation and cravings. Hence, this is a smart way to make a living. Just make sure you own a good recipe and be famous. Location is secondary. People would go extra miles just because your kampua is more 'q' than the nearer stalls.

2. Tuition business
From Wikipedia.

This is probably by far the most lucrative and easiest career you can do in Sibu. Just open up your house as the business ground. Zero capital. Maximum profit. What could be better? Chinese mothers are infamous for their kiasu spirit. Their children must do better than your children. If your children can score 100%, they have to score 100% in all subjects if not 101%. All you need to do as a tuition teacher is to know a little bit more than little in the subject that you are going to teach, and be generous with your time and patience. Make sure the kids' results are improved exponentially. That's it. You can easily earn 4 digits if you have around 5 different students each day over the weekdays. Sounds promising?

3. Agriculture
From Wikipedia too.
This is probably not something one can do without having a decent amount of capital, if you are talking about a big one. But again, everyone needs to eat. When the hard days come (the Bible says it will!), people will be saving on the luxuries and entertainment, but they still need to eat. And basic food source would be crops like fruits and vegetables. Hence, if you own an agriculture business, you probably won't die of hunger as long as you keep your crops alive. Haha! Demands will always be there... until God drops manna. :p

The economy landscape is ever changing. We just have to be smart to survive no matter where we are, be it Sibu, Kuching, KL or even Singapore and Melbourne.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jalan Aman

Jalan Aman is a road famous among local Sibu people. Why? 

Not only it links the Wong King Ho area with the Lanang area, it has this majestic display of nature, as though it's a saber arch, preparing to give honours to the newly weds as they walk underneath it.

The trees from both sides of the road stretched out their branches and meet with each other on top of the ever flowing traffic. I believe many enjoy the view while treasuring the cooling sheddings they bring.  

I have this privilege of going through it whenever I need to fetch my brother to work. Imagine if Sibu has 4 seasons, this place can definitely be an ideal place to shoot the local version's of Winter Sonata. 

Let's hope the municipal council will keep this local heritage as long as the tree lives. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unchanging Truth

这几晚花了蛮多时间在Youtube看唐宗荣牧师的讲道及难题回答的录像。之前就很常听到他的名字,但没有真正去听他的讲道。之前也不懂他长住在印尼,因为我从来不懂有会讲中文讲得这么好的印尼牧师。(Oh yeah, there's another one, Philip Mantofa!) 哦,原来他的家乡是厦门,难怪。 :)
借此我就与大家分享几个我认为interesting的clips. 希望你与我一样受益良多。

不过,这个部落格认为,唐牧师的讲道有时会出现一些不准确的facts or quoting是.不过我认为他绝对不是为了迷惑听者而这么做。Probably只是记错而已。毕竟他讲几小时的道都没有用实际的讲稿。单单这个就已经下死人了。但这也证明了,多聪明多有经验的人也是会犯错的,因为只有神是完美的。

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Speak Mandarin First!

It has been my principle since some time ago to speak Mandarin first to those who look like both Chinese and local natives. After 9 months in Tasmania, I lost grip of the principle. Sigh.

Last Sunday I went to a coffee shop with my family.

I told the brewing lady,

"Teh C special satu lagi yeah."

She didn't give me any response. So I thought she might not have catch what I said. Then I said this while pointing to the coffee and teh c special in front of me,

"Ini meja tu punya kan?" (Pointing to my table at the same time.)


That's all she said in that one minute. A slap on my face indeed. Sigh. Forgotten my principle.

Today, I went for my xray scanning for my visa application.

"Hi. Nak buat xray untuk visa."


Another slap. I apologised. So embarrassing. Didn't realise I'm back in Sibu still. This happened last month when I bought something as well. I hope by writing this post I'll remember the principle better.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introducing... 2011!

No matter how much I love 2010, 2011 had successfully made its way through. :(

Somehow I don't think I'll make any new year resolution this time. I don't know, somehow there's no urge for anything at the moment, since I think I have been telling myself to change or to achieve things all the while. Hence it makes no difference to create a list of missions for the year. Ha! Sounds like I'm very geng or something. xD

The year 2011 poses heaps of challenges. The first on the list would be the masters programme that I'll be having. I know and I have seen how my seniors struggled to get their work done. It's almost insane. Most of my seniors are those brainy type, and still, they suffered like they never had (probably). How am I gonna survive?

Then it's church ministry. Honestly, when I think about it, I have not been involved directly in church ministry all these while. Either I'm having fun in the Boys' Brigade, or I'm serving in the Christian Fellowship. I have not been a part of a church ministry team. Hence things could be quite new for me. I'm a newbie! So much to learn.

But then recently I really feel heartbroken for something. I found myself feeling really sad for those who haven't accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Why are my fellow friends still in search for truth? For the ultimate way? For the only One? And they are looking for ways to save themselves from sins. Some might not even feel the need to have a God or believe in something. Seriously my friends, there are more than these in our lives. Wouldn't you give Jesus a chance to proof His love for you? You have nothing to lose if Jesus Christ is a myth, but you will definitely lose everything if He is the only way as He claimed.

If I have to answer somebody's request for a new year resolution of mine, I would say: to do my best to spread the gospel to those around me. This will not only be my goal in 2011, but till the very last breath I have.

Alright, here we go 2011!! Bring it ON!
Soaring High. Blowhole, East Coast of Tasmania, Australia. November 2010.
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