Friday, November 19, 2010

Pulang November 2010. Berjaya, KL.

I felt an almost automatic reconnection to the culture once I reached LCCT. 
But the weather is very much different from the spring of Tassie.
People's mentality is obviously quite different too. 
There are these contrasts between the 2 countries. 
More to elaborate when I get back to my real HOME. I mean, cbu. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm not trying to break my own record on the longest duration of not updating the blog. But indeed, this post definitely comes late.

Hello everyone!

Hello friends!

Hello 'the Journey' once again!

Now I'm officially done with my 3rd year. It didn't come easy, but God is there with me.

God is there with me in my lowest moments.
He is there with me even though I don't feel like thinking about Him.
He is still there with me when I try to carry my burden with my own strength.
He is forever faithful.
Oh yes He is.

He also gave me friends who supported and helped me.
It is especially through this semester I learned more about myself, not just in the sense of self understanding, but also the understanding on my studies. This sem is indeed, probably, the most fruitful semester so far in my studies. God has showed me things, and He never cease to teach me new things. Although some are painful, but nonetheless, my hope and future is in Him and He will lead me there.

As I have decided to stay in Praise Methodist Church, a new journey commenced. Challenges unfold themselves in front of me. I don't know how to handle them to be honest. I guess I'm just gonna take a little step at a time and see where does the journey lead me to.

When I come back in 2011 I'll be a post-grad student. Again, this is something which is quite exciting yet scary. 2011 is definitely gonna be a challenging year, and they're all gonna take place in this humble, lowly and quiet town of Launceston.

Anyway, before all that comes, I'm gonna enjoy my almost-4-month-break first. Malaysia, I'm coming back to your arms soon. I hope you won't make me sweat like a dog.

Virgin Blue aircraft. November 2010. Launceston Airport, Tasmania.

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