Saturday, July 31, 2010

Afterthought of the Islam - Christian Debate

Went to a debate between Samuel Green and Abdullah Kunde in UTas Launceston main campus just now. The topic was 'Saviour of the World: Jesus or the Qur'an'. Well, obviously I have never been to such an event before, as I think it is pretty impossible to happen back home.

Both parties were very eloquent and provided very persuasive points, as expected. From the context of heaven, the origin of the doctrine, the way of salvation, to the nature of God or Allah were discussed. Honestly, I could only understand about 75% of the whole debate, partly due to their in born Australian slang and also some of the exclusive terminologies that I had yet to come across.

Well, if you were not there, you would probably ask me, who wins? As the mc mentioned before the event starts, this debate is not about winning. It's an occasion for everyone to know about the Islam and Christianity faith.

Ok, if you really insist to ask me, WHO WINS?... ... If based on the facts presented, I would say 50-50. But if judging from the confidence aspect, I reckon Abdullah gets the prize.

Such debates have been done a lot of times in the past, hence I believe there is no definite correct answer or proven truth that would bring forth an agreement between the two parties. Well, that's an assumption.

So, what do I personally think after spending 150 minutes in the hall?

I really feel proud to be a Christian because of this unique relationship that I'm having with Jesus. It is so illogical or far too hard to comprehend God's GRACE and LOVE if one doesn't accept and experience it. It's all about that. It's not about laws, logic, structured worship methods or practical advices. It's all about having this relationship with this loving and gracious God.

One thing that I always say when people ask about my faith, is:

"I choose Christianity because I think Jesus is most beautifully described comparing with other religion leaders or doctrines.'

If Jesus' gospel is made up afterall, He is still the perfect figure that no one can ever replace. No where I can find a God who died for me. So radical, so illogical, too too good to be true. If receiving this free gift is the only key to salvation, then I would want to do that.

Of course there are some other factors that has always been anchor of my faith.

But what I wanna conclude here is that Christianity is all about having a relationship with Christ. If you never understand this relationship, you won't even believe that Jesus is still alive even if He stands in front of you. Haha.. I may sound funny, but I think some of you might agree with me.

FGA KL. Jan 2009. Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

P/s: I am really not against anyone. No hard feelings alright?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Autumn Leaves. May 2010. Seaport, Launceston, Tasmania.

Autumn was solemn,
I needed to get into things.
I was expected to know more.
I tried to feel the home.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Summer 10 in 46. Feb 2010. Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania.

Summer was exciting.
I was new.
I knew nothing.
I moved into a new home. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Antenna Over the Rainbow. Jan 2010. My neighbour, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

It can be really disastrous when two people are communicating with the wrong frequency...

...especially when one of them receive it negatively.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

TODD 100724

Lonely Journey. April 2010. Henty Dunes, Strahan, Tasmania. 

It's all alright.
No worries.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Macam Mana

As I was trying to make neslo for tomorrow's multicultural night by TUU (Tasmania University Union), I googled to see if I can find any suggested recipe by some Malaysian bloggers. So I typed "macam mana..."

Immediately I discover what Malaysians (or perhaps Indonesian?) are most desperate to know about...
Well, some of the suggested terms are similar to the "How to..." search. Perhaps these are the things people don't get to learn from school. Hence the world wide web is the best place to ask macam mana or how to.

Hope they get the right answers. XD

Monday, July 19, 2010


I always open my eyes up to see if there's any Proton or Perodua whenever I'm on the road. So far I had seen 2 Protons around, one is Wira and the other is Savvy I think. But they happened too fast and I couldn't take any picture. Until this one. :)

Saw this Persona in front of Food Hall. Malaysia boleh!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Remembering You

The past 30 days I have been thinking about you everyday, if not, almost. This friendship that you offered is so genuine and I truly appreciate it. Sad thing is I didn't really communicate with you in the last 6 months you had on this earth. Well, you were busy always, and so am I. Ha... Suddenly it reminds me of the time when we served in the CF together. Sometimes I have to keep bugging you to update the CF blog, lol! But I'm sure you had tried your best, although you told me you didn't. 

It has been a month since you shifted to a new place. By faith, I know you are still alive, and be with the Lord right now. It is still sad to realise that you are not around anymore, but knowing that we have hope in Christ gave me the joy and peace. 

I'm gonna see you one day again. I'm gonna keep this faith and run till the end of the race. You make me radical again, knowing that my time here is indeed limited. My breath is not my own. 

I'm trying my best to grasp every single opportunity to be a testimony for Him. Although it can be quite lonely along the journey, but knowing that Jesus is always with me will carry me on. Knowing that you will wait for me at the end of the journey will keep me excited and passionate. Only God knows when would we meet again. 

Would definitely miss you and the moments with you a lot. Your life is a role model for me to follow. 

Till we meet again Jo. Have fun time up there with our Father. Don't bully the angels. :D

Evil of Sale

It seems like everyday there's sale in Australia's supermarket. Every week there is different offers that sometimes are just too irresistible that you just have to spend. Although I'm not a super Doritos nor Smiths' fan, but these chips which are selling at AUD1.80 are just too cheap!

And that ends up with our house's fireplace full with chips. Well, hopefully that will last for the winter, at least.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TODD 100713

Trying to force myself to write something here. In other words, I'm trying to make myself thinking about stuff. 
Decided to name the post TODD - 'Thought of de Day'. In the coming days when I have no specific or random stuff to post I would use this as my title, yeah with the date at the back.

After two days of class I realised my schooling days are actually more disciplined + organised + productive + motivated than my holidays. At least there are things for me to do and learn.

It is always when I'm busy that I would spontaneously think of a lot of things to do when I'm free... things like: I wanna finish this book, I wanna go to this place, I wanna meet up with this person, I wanna learn a new language.. bla bla bla. But when the break comes, I always ended up doing something else.. like facebooking, lepaking or just fooling around.

Haha. Funny isn't it.
Jail House Red Wine. June 2010. Jail House Steak, Launceston, Tasmania.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dawn of Semester 2


Believe it or not, I haven't mention anything about semester break on this blog and it's the dawn of a new semester. FOO!

Time flies. Did a loooooot of things this break. So in other words, I didn't have a break. My definition of a break is when you sit at home and feel like as if you are lost in your life. You feel as if there's no tomorrow for there is nothing to be anticipated. Well, a lot of people won't agree with me. No worries. Me too. Lol. I want that kind of break when I'm in Sibu, not in Tasmania. Haha..

So what have I done for this break?

Went to Hobart... Up to the snowy Mount Wellington. No worries, we drove up. :D

Went to Moles Creek. Witnessed speleothems for the first time in my life. 

Went to Tasmania Zoo. Saw Tasmanian Devil finally!!! Cute but fierce. Run devil run!! 

Went to Green Beach, up north of Tasmania. 
Then I came back for a 2-week intensive ArchiCAD winter school class. I used 12 IMac's to render my few seconds fly through video; just so that I can make it to the winter camp.
Yup, and the last one, I went to Winter Camp 2010 with the Praise Methodist Church people. It was really, really an awesome camp! I enjoyed myself throughout the 4 days 3 nights. Rev Kwang was passionate, Rev Lu was great, Fang Yow and the committee were awesome, the group leaders and all the campers were cute!! It was really a very successful camp. Glory to be our Father in heaven.

Hence, that's my first ever winter break. Winter is cold, but I'm not cold because I had loads of things to do! It was tiring but fulfilling. Thanks to all my friends!

And not forgetting those who stayed over in my place.  You won't believe that our house had been an inn for more 10 'backpackers' for the last 4 weeks! Enjoyed their presence and thanks for staying with us. *Sounds like we are really running a business haha!*

And, and, the last thing before the school starts...
The game! The glory! The CUP! The WORLD CUP!!!

Spain or Netherlands?
Or I should ask...

Paul or Mani? 

Hm.. I prefer orange. Muahaha.. We'll see.
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