Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Year Passed

Today, or rather yesterday was the first year anniversary of the tragic death of Michael Jackson. Time really flies. But his music continues.

I think just last week, one of the most talented kids in the world (or rather teenager now), Sungha Jung released his long-awaited debut album. Of course, he included one of his most amazed performance in this album called "Perfect Blue", and that track is MJ's "Billie Jeans".

I couldn't find a proper video of his latest performance on that song. So, I'm just gonna share Sungha's earliest uploaded video of his performance on that track.

Although I'm nobody, but I must say that it's a good arrangement. And Sungha did a splendid job.

MJ's music will continue to be missed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Goodbye Jo

I have no words to describe my feelings now. Perhaps I should write more only after today.

I watch Ntv7 Mandarin 7 news almost everyday, but this edition is really something that should not have been shown, because it should not have happened in the first place.

(Somehow the audio is a bit burst and loud, so please lower down your volume when watching.)

Rest in peace Joash Wee. We would truly, truly miss you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I always wonder why people would start a blog, spending so much effort on it and end up abandoning the blog. It makes no sense doesn't it. (No offense to those who did it)
I realise I have not been updating my blog quite some time. Yeah, I know it's not about updating the blog that makes a blogger, blogger. It's not about the quantity, but how about the quality?
Being a blogger for more than 3 years now sometimes give me a certain restriction. Some of the time I tend to QC my blog posts and make sure they are written with substantial depth of insight. It's no longer those early days when I feel like it, therefore I wrote it.
Well, yeah, to certain extend I still do that, but I would tend to beautify it a little bit, just to make it more attractive. I was told that nobody gonna read a long wordy post especially those with no pictures. Yeah, I agree with that, cuz I sometimes just skip through those blogs with long long words, and with no pictures at all summarising the post content. (Again, No Offense!)
A blogger is expected to be diplomatic as well. Writing something that offense someone just isn't a right thing to do. People might blacklist your blog.  They might put nasty comments. Hence some bloggers make their blog private after some time. (NO Offense still!)

So what's blogging to me?

I might have mention it somewhere or some time before. Blogging period is a time for me to think of stuff as well. I tend to think more especially in a third point of view when I blog. Some questions found its answers when I am composing the post. It's a really cool way for me to rethink, recap and digest the happenings about me.
Whenever I stop blogging, I stop thinking or nailing a thought down. Of cuz, there are some decisions that I made without black and white. But having those decisions or conclusions written on the blog helps me to remember them better and I know you as a reader would voice out some ideas or comments regarding the stuff I post. This is what I am looking for..

More post coming up soon? Yeah, definitely. Stay tuned. :D

Friday, June 4, 2010


Mushrooms. May 2010. Riverside, Launceston, Tasmania.

I see mushrooms.
Nope. Not in the picture.
Mushrooms are on my head.
They will continue to stay on it till Tuesday.

Gambateh to me.
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