Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's in My Head

Law essay.

History essay restructuring.

Studio project spatial planning and conceptualisation.





Heavy eye lids.


Eh not yet, it's 6pm still.

But it's dark already.

No.. long day to go still.


... pressing on everyday by His grace.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


 Yellow White-petal Flower. Sarah Island. Tasmania. April 2010.

We live everyday to love Him more.
And when we love Him more, 
We love others more.

If we realise we don't love others as much as we should,
It may simply mean that 
We don't love Him as much as we ought to. 

Love Him, Love our neighbours. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Answered PrayerS

 Me and Benkingston. April 2009. Taylor's College PJ, Selangor, Malaysia. 
Photographer: ZY

No, no. I'm not showing how good looking I am, although I know I do. :D
This picture is perhaps the only picture I can find that has my 4GB pendrive on it. Yup, the one on the lanyard.
4GB pendrive is definitely something that I'm glad to own. It's just so cool to be able to store such an amount of data compare to my previous 256MB pendrive. I treasure it a lot.
One day during October 2009, I was rushing for some computer drawings in the college computer lab when my groupmate told me that we need to go to the class at once as the lecturer had reached the class. I logged off my account and rush out of the lab immediately. It was only till the second day I realise my pendrive is nowhere to be found.


At the same time I was angry with myself for being so careless by forgetting to plug out my pendrive from the CPU, which I often do. That's the only reason I could give myself for the losing of that Kingston 4GB pendrive. I prayed that I'll see my pendrive again but somehow it doesn't happen. And I have no choice but to believe that God has His reason for that.

Yesterday, a friend of mine was in total emo-ness after he found that he had lost his 2GB pendrive will all his assignments in it, most of them without any backup copies. That was the saddest day he had since the day I know him (I think). He was so quiet and almost everyone who saw him knew on the spot that he's going through something.

At that point, I really wish I could help him. But I know I couldn't do much. But somehow this verse struck me:

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.  
- Romans 12:15

Yeah, maybe that's the best I can do for him. I should feel for him. And I know I could, because I went through the same thing before. Other than praying for him personally and going back to the computer lab to search for the pendrive with him, I couldn't do anything else. Soon, he left home disappointed and stressed.

Later in the afternoon today, I got to know that he had found his pendrive! Eventually it was kept by a uni IT guy and somehow managed to contact my friend and gave him back his pendrive. He was overjoyed, I heard. I was really, really, genuinely happy for him too. It's so relieving to know that his works are safe and now he can proceed on from wherever he had last stopped. 

Again, I'm amazed how wonderful is our Father in heaven. Not only He answered my prayer for that friend, He answered my prayer from last year. If I have never lost my pendrive, I wouldn't be able to feel for my friend. I wouldn't know how would it feel to lost a pendrive, and moreover, I wouldn't know how it feels like when the lost is found at last! Suddenly Romans 12:15 just became so appealing and real! I believe God took away my pendrive (or at least, allowed it to happen) so that I can rejoice and mourn with that friend.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. 
- Isaiah 55:8

We have to learn to trust Him through the ups and downs of our life, everyday.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dead Wallaby. April 2010. Near Shefield, Tasmania.
It has been some time since I last blogged. 

Uni progressed.
Plans progressed.
Life moves on.

Called back hours ago and realised besides Robert Lau's death, a far relative of mine whom we always heard of passed away too about 2 weeks ago. And also grandparents of a friend of mine, passed away, one after the other in a few days time. 

Such is life. So unpredictable. So fragile.

You might wanna cross a road, and the next moment you might realise that's your last attempt.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Goodbye Datuk Lau

Yet again time sends a prominent figure away from the face of the earth.

And this time, it is all kampua lovers' familiar figure, Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew. *NEWS* If you don't know him, it's alright. He's not THAT famous in the news, but if you are from Sibu and you don't know him, better go knock your head on the wall. (Dong pia!)

He is such a topic everytime during election. Well, a lot of things have been said about him. And we heard stories after stories. He has been such a... man among Sibu-ians.

With his passing, I guess the old Lau siblings have ended their ruling on this land. Indeed, Sibu will be totally different without them. The siblings are just legends and will always be remembered by the locals.

The last time I saw him, I think, was in the airport. I was on the same flight with him from LCCT to Sibu. I never know he had liver cancer actually, until today. So for me, his death is quite a surprise. I think it'll be a bit weird not to see him on See Hua Daily News when I get back end of this year.

Well, with this comes the 12th by election after 308. I have to say it has been a while Sibu was in the headlines. This election is gonna be so interesting as SUPP and Pakatan had never 'battled' after 308. It is a good chance for SUPP to prove themselves, if they are ready. And vice versa, PR should show that they are starting to be influecial in the land of hornbill.

All in all...

I just wanna express my condolences to the Lau's family. The news actually make me a bit homesick. Take care everyone especially those of you who are in Sibu and are reading this.

And goodbye, to the legendary 'toilet king'.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

57 Days

I waited for the 2 of you... So long. So anxious.
I wonder where you went.
Pos Malaysia website said you will be back with me after 10 working days since you were sent the port.
But, you didn't.
I even went online searching for you.
Unfortunately, you are on business class and they don't have your record.
I wonder where you go.
I wonder how you are.
I wonder if I made the right decision to send you off.

Finally, the faithful day arrived.
I came back from a trip and I realised you dropped by my place that afternoon!
But I was away.
Still, I was overjoyed!
And so I picked you up the next day and now you are in my room.

Welcome back, my boxes.
It's so nice to see you here in Launceston.
57 days and nights of travelling.
You came through rivers, seas and oceans.
Not forgetting all the journey on land too.
Now you can have a good rest.
And so do I.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

神迹 - 天韵诗班

(open in new tab)

Title: Miracle

曲:王  玫  詞:葉薇心

(He is like totally defeated)
(The enemies were furious, the disciples were frightened)
(God's Son is nailed on the cross)
(Hung there and unable to get down)

(Death is near, breath's getting weaker)
(Don't wanna save Himself, suffered in silence)
(God's Son is nailed on the cross)
(He is like totally defeated)

(This is God's wisdom!)
(This is God's glory!)
(This is God's wisdom!)
(This is God's merciful love!)

(Enemies cannot stop it)
(Satan can't understand)

(Bear the world's sin)
(Overcome death completely)
(He's risen from the dead)
(Jesus the victorious King!!)

This is a song released back in 2000 I guess. I want to dedicate it to all of you, my faithful blog readers, on this Good Friday. This song has brought me a lot of support, telling me how amazing is Jesus' death on the cross.  His love is for you and me. His love is shown on that cross, on that faithful day. That cross changed my life, saved me from my sins, and He is really willing to do that in your life as well, if only you would let Him. 

Indeed, the cross is not a sign of defeat. In fact, we celebrate His victorious act when He died. It is the only death of a person that impacted some many people's life. Because, it is due to Good Friday, Easter Sunday exists. It is because of His death that proves death is nothing for God. And we can overcome death too if we let Him live in us. 

Satan cannot understand it. Satan just don't how this miraculous 'mechanism' works. It makes no sense to the people on the earth. Why would God died on behalf of people that don't even know Him? Well, that is His kind of love. And that love is made complete on that cross. That wonderful cross.

May each one of us reflect upon Him on this Good Friday and Easter Sunday in a whole new perspective.

Bless Good Friday.


End of the day. March 2010. Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania.

And so March had just gone. Kinda miss him.

April stepped in without being invited. Nasty guy.

Spent the night at friends' place as a celebration for the starting of Easter break and also the end of the first half of this semester. It was a great time.. until...

.. until I knew that the person that I dropped off (using my friend's car) after the potluck was robbed when he was walking back home which is just 2 minutes of distance from the dropping point. I feel so sorry for him and it was partly due to my fault as I neglected to find out where's the exact place he stays. Sigh.

I always thought Launceston is one of the safest spot in Australia, or on the earth, but I think I'm terribly wrong.

Oh God, save the city! You know who they are, and You know how to fill their hearts with Your love and compassion.

Other than that, heaps of assignments are awaiting me in April. But to think about it holistically, I have been there and done that. It's not something new for me. Taylor's gave me good hell training for the past 3 years. Yet, I shouldn't forget, it is God who brought me through one mountain after the other time and time again.

Need You here Lord. Again and again.

Commit April into Your hands.
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