Sunday, February 28, 2010


 Kucing Jalan Kering.  
February 2010. Launceston, Tasmania.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Settling Down

I have been here for about a week now. I'm almost done with my settling down works, just that I don't have internet access at my home. Well, that's the biggest killer. I have to online at uni, but it's quite cool as I get to use Mac, which I haven't really been using before. And the speed is fast. There goes the time of the extremely slow and lagging log in and processing at Taylor's, especially during my last semester. The library pc's are almost like trashes. Hopefully things are improving when they move to the Lakeside Campus. Well, it's has nothing to do with me now... hiak hiak hiak.

Life in Launceston is cool. It's dry nevertheless. I have to get some lotion and put on my skin as I hardly feel like I get smile naturally. The skin feels so tight. The town is cool too, with little number of people and small shops and moderately-sized supermarket on the street. Now I think Sibu is way too busy. Haha... The people are okay, especially the elder ones. However, like almost anywhere else in Australia, the youngsters and teenagers can be a little rude and like to make fun of us. Well, perhaps that's their only entertainment in this small little town. Launceston is definitely a good place to study, but not a good place to broaden one's life experience in terms of the latest technology and trends, I have to admit. 

UTAS is cool. The lecturers are helpful (so far) and they really teach quite differently compare with what we have back home. But I can't comment much as this is only the 3rd day of my class here. But, so far so good. =)

I wanna apologise to all of you for not contacting you guys as I should. I promise when I get my internet connection at home, I'll appear online more often k? 

Gonna go now to check out what FOCUS is. Got a bus to catch. Bye. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Journey - To the South

I'm tired. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

So here I am... Reached safe and sound. 
For about 30 hours by now. 
But currently I'm on auto-pilot mode. 
Very tired. 
Good night people!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey everyone. I'm in another part of the world now. No la. I'm still alive.

Will update some stuff here soon. Just too busy these few days and super tired now...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Buatan Sibu #4

You might wonder what "Fresh Rebena" is. Or you might have guessed it correctly already, it's actually "Fresh Ribena". The locals here prefer to pronounce it as "Re-bena" instead of "Rai-bena" and so the birth of the new word.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buatan Sibu #3

The whole steamer is filled with "Pau Babi sahaja". Straight enough. Love it.

P/s: Btw, this is in Sing Kwong. Fyi, Sing Kwong is one of the favourite local supermarkets.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

PC Terms - Politically Correct Terms

That guy owns an unsavory character. He is chemically challenged and skeletally prominent. Although he is differently-brained, he has an unpaid sex slave who serves as a domestic engineer. Though she is quite aesthetically challenged, she is abundantly verbal.
In the recent  geological correction, that guy was vehicularly compressed due to the chaos. He is then metabolically challenged. Now,  his unpaid sex slave is monetarily challenged and worse still, she is parasitically oppressed! She has to move out of her current place and is now an outdoor urban dwellers. Just recently, she became a client of the correctional system as she was arrested for being a cost-of-living adjustment specialist.

If you can understand 70% of the passage above, then you are qualified to be in the politics.
Recently, I found that there's this thing called "politically correct terms" - PC Terms. It's emphasized in the more advanced country like the US and the political leaders are expected to use these terms in order not to offend anybody. Sigh, being in the politics is getting tougher nowadays huh? Not only they have to catch up with the technology trends like Facebook and Twitter, they have to selectively choose their words and speak these kind of... special terms. And it is said that words like "retarded" will soon be abolished. Haha.. Perhaps using more PC Terms will make one even more retarded. Lol...

So, what is the passage about? I know it's quite lame, I just simply wrote it. Hope you get the point. =)
In the not-so-retarded terms, it says:

That guy is a criminal. He is a drug addict and is skinny. Although he is stupid, he has a wife who serves as a housewife. Though she is quite ugly, she is talkative.
In the recent  earthquake, that guy met with an accident (road kill) due to the chaos. He is then dead. Now,  his wife is poor and worse still, she is pregnant! She has to move out of her current place and is now homeless. Just recently, she became a prisoner as she was arrested for being a shoplifter.


For the list of PC Terms, you can visit here. There are other sites too if you google it up. Have a good laugh. =)

Friday, February 5, 2010

the cup.. the WORLD Cup!

Last Friday the one and only FIFA World Cup was displayed in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur for a day. So coincidentally I was in KL and so I pre-planned to go and check it out. Since I didn't hear any payment needed, I thought it'll be completely free. Yes, I thought. So I went to Mid Valley with Robert at about 1pm.

Our mission: Go to Mid Valley Convention Center and see the cup for ourselves!

Road Block: Need to get ticket... How? Go and buy a prosperity burger set or buy two 1.5 liter coke and try our luck to win the ticket by spinning a wheel.


Our mission: Go to McD and buy prosperity burger sets to get secured tickets.
Road Block: Sorry, no more ticket...


Our mission: Option 2. Go to the coke booth at east wing and buy two bottles of 1.5 liter of coke and try to win the ticket.
Road Block: No more coke in the booth.


Our mission: Go to Jusco and buy some bottles of coke and come back to the coke booth to spin the wheel.
Road Block: One receipt per spin, meaning I have to get a receipt for every 2 bottles of coke I bought, which I didn't. I only have one receipt.

Our mission: Just get the bloody ticket... ... ... ...

And finally, the booth guy granted me a ticket without spinning.. And Robert managed to buy another 2 bottles and won the ticket for himself.

And off we go!!

There're lots of things to see and do in the exhibition hall like trying the PS3 FIFA games and some other digital games, watching 3D short film (my first time watching a 3D film, quite cool), getting your face drawn with the participating nation's flag, reading the history of the World Cup games and of course, admiring the World Cup! Coke was freely distributed as well.. You can drink as much as you want. Haha.. wei, I'm not that giam ok, I took one can only haha..
And the last one... 
Me and the cup!!! The organiser took free shot of everyone with the cup, and they even printed the picture instantly as I walked out the hall. Canggih! But well, the picture quality is not too nice... I hope there was nothing to do with the camera they used (Sony Alpha haha...).
Sad thing is I didn't get to see the cup closely for long. We were allowed to stand close and take a picture with it for that little while only. I don't think it was more than 5 seconds. But it's simply cool to see the shiny golden cup even from far.

Now I just hope that it was the real authentic cup that we were seeing... oops, haha. =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've graduated!!

Finally, IT IS DONE!

Now I'm officially an alumni of Taylor's College. Haha...

Last Sunday was the graduation ceremony for me and my batch of friends at KL Convention Centre. Great to see most of the coursemates and some lecturers there. After this we might have to wait for years to meet again as some would be furthering their studies to UK, which have different semester break period with the Australian unis.

Glad that the ceremony went well, and no sad songs were played if not it might turn out to be an emotional ceremony. Haa... Many pictures were taken thanks to the advancement of digital photography. 2 girls from the hospitality school who sat in front of me in the plenary hall kept on cam whoring. The pictures turned out nice, and they look nice too. Tsk, tsk, I bet they have been practicing this for quite some time.

For more pictures, please visit here. But, but, you have to be my fb friends to view it. Haa...

Congratulations to all my friends (and myself haha)! It is truly great to know all of you! Each one of you have made some impact in my life, and you are part of my learning process. All the best to you guys wherever u go. Oh, and for those who are going to Tasmania as well, see ya in 2 weeks time. =)

Goodbye Taylor's, Goodbye Kuala Lumpur!
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