Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post for 2010

This is the end of 2010.

Applause everyone, applause!

You have made it! Yeah, each one of you!

Let's hope for the best for what 2011 had installed for us.

May 2011 be a season of change. Change for the better, not the other way.

New year resolution? I'll leave it to next year. Haha.

Captured minutes ago from my balcony. 
Happy New Year 2011 people! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Procession 2010

This post comes a little bit later than it supposed to be.
This year I managed to take more pictures than usual. I think it's a good parade with lots of important messages written on banners, decorated vehicles and items, and most importantly, the faces of the participants.

Let the true meaning of Christmas lives forever!

For the rest of the picture from the album, visit here Christmas Procession 2010 Dec 18.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Radio Free Sarawak

Found this via Malaysian Insider.
Never heard about this new radio station that talks about happenings in Sarawak unrevealed by the media.  It's really a crucial tool used by Sarawakians to unveil things happening behind the ruling government's curtain.

RPK had even joined in as a contributor to the show. I guess people really need to hear the truths aired by the station for themselves. Hence I'm promoting the station on my blog, instead of just sharing the link on Facebook only.

Due to the pathetic streaming speed of Deconnexion, I had so far heard half of an episode. So interesting and insightful. I hope this station will spread among all the Rumah-rumah and make a change to their mindsets, that they can do something about their situations and uphold their rights through the right medium.

Sarawak deserves a better future.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good o Days

Taylor's College Christian Fellowship committee meeting, 
28 October 2008 @ Library, TCPJ.

2 years ago, together as one, we gave in our best for what we believe in.
2 years after that, we are all ex-Taylorians.

All the best my fellow comrades, wherever you are right now. May God continue to bless you, and flourish your ministries. Don't ever give up the faith, for nothing is more valuable than that. Let's keep our eyes focused and finish the race. Nothing is gonna separate us when we have the love of Christ with us always.

Missing the good days we had, Sam, Eva, Julia, Max, ZY and Pete. And also, missing your presence Jo.

Let the pictures refresh our memories together. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back on Business

Hey friends. Finally I’m blogging in Sibu. Am “enjoying” this free internet coverage by Deconnexion as usual. While I’m utilising this free internet at home, it is for this very reason I’m not updating my blog. Somehow I can’t access into blogger. Not just mine, but any blogger sites. Thank God Facebook is still accessible as well as Yahoo mail. But somehow since yesterday I manage to get back here again. Hence, I’m presenting this desperate update.

Home is great. Thank God the feeling of my home remains.

Sibu changed, a little however. More shops are opened, ie Secret Recipe and some other themed restaurants. McD moved after staying in its initial place for probably more than 20 years. Some places are refurbished. Some buildings are repainted.

Yet there are things remained in the old way:

The never-ending bumpy roads.

The jam.

The ‘daring’ pedestrians, who always think their paha lebih kuat dari besi kereta, although our national car can be quit vulnerable.

And finally, the flood problem. It rains these 2 days, and all the kolam kolam milo start appearing.


I should take pictures of all these but I haven’t start any picture hunting around the city. I do have a few personal projects but I need kaki. I desperately need photo kaki in Sibu! Contact me if you think you are one. :)

But I did manage to capture a few about a week ago or so.

More updates to come, if the connection allows. Or, if God say yes haha. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pulang November 2010. Berjaya, KL.

I felt an almost automatic reconnection to the culture once I reached LCCT. 
But the weather is very much different from the spring of Tassie.
People's mentality is obviously quite different too. 
There are these contrasts between the 2 countries. 
More to elaborate when I get back to my real HOME. I mean, cbu. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm not trying to break my own record on the longest duration of not updating the blog. But indeed, this post definitely comes late.

Hello everyone!

Hello friends!

Hello 'the Journey' once again!

Now I'm officially done with my 3rd year. It didn't come easy, but God is there with me.

God is there with me in my lowest moments.
He is there with me even though I don't feel like thinking about Him.
He is still there with me when I try to carry my burden with my own strength.
He is forever faithful.
Oh yes He is.

He also gave me friends who supported and helped me.
It is especially through this semester I learned more about myself, not just in the sense of self understanding, but also the understanding on my studies. This sem is indeed, probably, the most fruitful semester so far in my studies. God has showed me things, and He never cease to teach me new things. Although some are painful, but nonetheless, my hope and future is in Him and He will lead me there.

As I have decided to stay in Praise Methodist Church, a new journey commenced. Challenges unfold themselves in front of me. I don't know how to handle them to be honest. I guess I'm just gonna take a little step at a time and see where does the journey lead me to.

When I come back in 2011 I'll be a post-grad student. Again, this is something which is quite exciting yet scary. 2011 is definitely gonna be a challenging year, and they're all gonna take place in this humble, lowly and quiet town of Launceston.

Anyway, before all that comes, I'm gonna enjoy my almost-4-month-break first. Malaysia, I'm coming back to your arms soon. I hope you won't make me sweat like a dog.

Virgin Blue aircraft. November 2010. Launceston Airport, Tasmania.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today In History

Ah, too bored with the CAD drawings. Need to breathe a little. 
Today it's 10.10.10.

What did I do?
Went church, came back and it's assignment till now.
And a little of msn and facebook.

Suddenly I was thinking what did I do last year on this day?
Ah... hence I searched through my achieve.

Ah ha! 
I went for a run early in the morning in Shah Alam! 
Huei Liq and Bell were together with me as a team. 
We prayed for changes in the city. We even stopped in front of the Menteri Besar's residence and pray out loud. It was a day to remember.
And now I'm waiting for the prayers to be fulfilled and answered. 

As I was searching for pictures, I browsed through other pictures I took when I was in KL. So much memories. Yeah, a lot.

Missing Taylor's (TCPJ!), FGA, TCCF (now TCF ha!), Mentari Court (ha.. quite), Kelana Puteri, and most importantly, all the people I met there. 

Hey I'm coming back soon!! Hm... exactly this time now next month. Should be in Melbourne now. :)

Ok. Back to section of steel structure and roof garden.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Railway Crossing. October 2010. Between Hobart-Launceston.

There are so many times when we are pushed to make reluctant decisions in life. 
Ask your heart, if that's really what you want? 
Ask God, would He open an alternative way?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Morning. October 2010. Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

1-0-0 Days

100 days ago I was traveling up north Tasmania. My first time up north.

Dropped by a zoo. My first time in a zoo.

Saw Tasmanian devil. My first time seeing one alive.

Saw Koala. My first time seeing one too. But hiding and sleeping.

Saw Platypus. My first time.

Saw Echidna. My first time again.

Went to Green Beach. My first time there.

Saw sunset. My first time in an Australian beach.

After a day full of "first times", I went home.

And I got the news.

For the very first time, I lost a friend I know personally.
My tears dropped for the first time in Australia.

100 days has gone bro. Still missing you. Just by looking at your facebook page I can truly say that you had live a good life; impacting so many people. I'm going back in 2 months time. How I wish you will be there. If going through the tunnel behind Kelana Jaya can link to Tasmania, as you joked, how good will that be.

I miss the night the picture above was taken. It was a crazy night but never know it was the last time hanging out with you bro.

I hope through all the sharing I did on this blog will show others how awesome you are, and you lived all up for Jesus. You are indeed a good brother and I know, I know, you rested in peace with our heavenly Father. Thanks, once again, for sharing a little part of your life with me. I'm honoured and blessed to be able to serve alongside with you for the last 2 years. See ya some day bro! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mid Spring Festivals

Red Lantern. September 2010. Invermay, Launceston, Tasmania.

No we didn't celebrate mid-autumn festival. It's Spring now.
Great to play with lantern although I'm old enough. A memorable night!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TODD 100920

 Little Girl Hanging On Air. May 2010. Launceston, Tasmania.

 Define: A true friend 

'Someone who is a partner or leader that is vulnerable; who is transparent and has no weakness that is too shameful or prideful to be exposed.'

Saturday, September 18, 2010

TODD 100917

I thank God for all the close brothers and sisters in Christ I know around me.
Having good Christian friends whom I can talk and share my heart openly to is really priceless.
The love and warmth is invisible, but my heart is like a radio, receiving the frequency and beats in joy.
I treasure you guys a lot, my dear brothers and sisters.
Just by feeling your genuine and humble friendship I can shout out and give my praise to God.
May God bless you with His choicest gifts from above.
God has always been good to me. You guys proved it.
Me @ playground. Spetember 2010. Hobart, Tasmania.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hari Malaysia

Malaysian Macro Map. September 2010. Hobart, Tasmania.

Today is officially a public holiday of Hari Malaysia (or Malaysia Day) for the first time in the history. Ah, too bad I'm not home. This is the 47th year of independence for Sabah and Sarawak. 
As a Sarawakian, this day is the actual day we got our freedom from the penjajah. Therefore it is very significant. It should not be ignored or forgotten. Thanks to Najib for setting it as a public holiday. Wonder what the previous prime ministers were thinking. Perhaps they took their 'fixed deposits' for granted. Ha!
The map above is taken from a map shop in Hobart. I'm glad to see that the Sarawak map has Sibu on it, and the other is Kuching. I guess this is a pretty old map aka outdated as I think the more recent maps would show Miri instead of Sibu. 

Anyway, I should look at the yellow part, cause that is the Malaysia today. 

I wonder how would the colour code be in the next few years or decades. There is this movement currently trying to get Sabah and Sarawak out of the Malaysia coalition. Or perhaps it's not currently, but it is an idea or a goal for a group of people all these while. Could that be a reality some day?

There are so many factors to be considered for that to happen. With the oil reserve depleting pretty soon, what could be the main economic backbone of the states if they were to be independent? Could they actually be successful in competing with Putrajaya and Singapore? Ha, I'm not gonna go into further details but there are some discussions going on about this topic in the forums online. Google on and read some.

The most I can imagine is this.
New Malaysia Map. 16 September 2xxx.

Selamat Hari Malaysia. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Embrace the Space. August 2010. Inveresk, Launceston, Tasmania.

When space is not merely a space;
but a relationship of different virtual elements,
with different kinds of theories and philosophies.

Just gonna embrace it, and pass my history and theories in design assignment. Argh! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Away Winter

Gloomy Plum Flower. August 2010. Launceston, Tasmania.

The winter is over. Why is it still that cold?
Even the plum flower picture above can't have a bright blue sky as backdrop.  How pathetic.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MSA Night... More pics

Didn't have enough time to go through the pictures until now. Here are some of the pictures taken during the Malaysian Student Association night happened on last Merdeka Day. It was cool to hang out with Malaysians (and some Singaporeans) from Utas. I had fun although we lost the table game. But I did managed to stay cool and not laughing in a game which got me a meal voucher. Ha!

I was actually trying to test out my new gotten flash that night. Unfortunately the battery went flat after about 30-40 pictures. Well, because they were new batteries hence I didn't wanna recharge them before hand although I knew they might have low power since I have been using them for the whole month. Well, that hints that I have not been using or playing with it much. True. The assignments are to be blamed.

Well, enjoy the pics!

This is my country! Negaraku!
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