Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Monk

September 09, Plaza Lowyat KL.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kseniya Simonova

Just now a friend of mine asked me to watch this. I was a bit lazy at first though, but then once I watched, I was totally amazed!! You got to feel the same as me!
She is Kseniya Simonova, the winner of Ukraine's Got Talent for 2009. Her fast sand drawing skill is superbly amazing. And not forget to mention, her look and the way she performs is beautiful! She really deserves the win. And I think if she were to compete with the American / Britain Got Talent's champs, she would have beat them 'kao kao', literally 落花流水. Hope you enjoy the video. I think this is her performance in the final. According to Wikipedia, she was "constructing an animation that portrayed life during USSR's Great Patriitic War against the Third Reich in World War II", which I have no idea of what is it as well. Anyway, that's not so important. Just watch. You would understand.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time with Buddies

Time is always worthless when we meet.
But good moments are often too short.
We have to face the cruelty of separation.
Because of this, everytime we meet it means more than just a meeting.
It means more than just a 'hi' and 'bye'.
It leaves memory.
A lasting memory.
It touches hearts.
Deep in the hearts.
Nice to meet you guys today.
God know the next time we meet again.
Take care buddies.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrea's Birthday Dinner (late post)

I should have posted these up long ago. This was taken place end of last month. I'm glad that I still have these pictures in my laptop because if I have had transferred them in my hard disc, these files would have been put to sleep forever. I think it costs a bomb to backup those files from my dying external hard disc! But anywayz, enjoy these 'specially' selected pics. I LOVE the last one!
Don't you think Choong Wai is so... cute?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selamat Tinggal Jalan Kawan-kawan Ku!

This month is truly the month of airport, after last June when I think I went to airport for like 3 times. Featuring in this post are some of my friends who left to UK after I posted the one on David, in chronological order.

Xe Wei:
Thanks for being a friend who always offer your smile genuinely.
All the best in Strathclyde. Aim for 10,000 pound this time. Haha.

Alvin Hung:
Hey I'm sure you'll be reading this... All the best in Manchester. You are a friend whom I can't find anywhere else. Creative and confident, most importantly, a person whom I can look up to spiritually. Looking forward for your designs, and pictures!! Haha...

You are always so Joo and do continue to be so. Like I said, your 'burb' will be missed by all the people who has dined with you before. Take care bro.

Zhuo Yi:
You are such a 开心果! My days are darker without you in college... Your laughter will be missed and also, yeah, your victory sign. Continue to spread your laughter and joy in Aberystwyth (I have just googled the name lol)! And stop writing those emo things in your blog, though those articles really, really make sense. Good luck ZY!!!! Ops, I mean, she-ZY! Haha.

...and finally...

Deborah Wong:
Yeah I know you are still in KL at the moment. Sorry for I can't be in the airport tomorrow morning. All the best to you my old friend. Yeah I have (just) added you in my Skype. Sorry for the mistake I mentioned earlier on haha. Do continue to hop around. Don't stop till you get enough. God bless you Debbie!

And to all,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some thoughts...

Just a quick update before I sleep...

Most of you might know by now, that my brother's friend, Jian Yi had passed away on Friday morning 10am +. It was very disappointing for a lot of people, especially those who intended to pray for him at 12pm that day. It was a difficult time for his friends and family. Everything happened way too fast. It seems that there's no gap for them to breathe before the next thing took place. His body was burried on Sunday. Here I wish to express my condolences to the late Jian Yi's friends and family. And do rest in peace, Choo.

Well, after the incident, I wonder why we as Christians get hopeless way too soon. We can be with full of faith when the person or the situation we prayed for is in great danger. But once that person passed away or the worse case senario happens, we just lost all our hope in a blink of an eye. Is it because when the very thing we prayed against happened, it means that God is no longer there and victory has been won by the enermy? No I don't think so. I think we should still put our hope on God, the same kind of hope we put in before the nightmare happened. Because, like what we always heard, "when we are up to nothing, God is up to something!". So my fellow brothers and sisters, and to me likewise, do not give up or be hopeless when our boat overturns! But have faith that God is still in control and He is always up to something beautiful and more than we can even fathom. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prayer Request...

This is a person that I knew through my brother Robert. He's Robert's good friend and I met him like, perhaps twice. Unfortunately he met with a car accident Wednesday night. The cause of the accident is not important.
His name is Choo Jian Yi. You can click his name to view his Facebook profile. He's currently in CCU (Critical Care Unit) in one of the hospitals around his university. He is depending on life supporting machines to survive right at this very moment.
So can I just encourage you guys to pray for him, if you feel compassionate for him. Pray that the Lord will do something before the removal of the life supporting equipments on this Saturday. Pray for miracle to happen on him and his family members as well. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sharing Master Room @ Kelana Puteri Condo

One of my housemates from the masterbed room is moving by the end of this month. Hence we are now looking new housemate. Here are the details:

RM250 per month
One month deposit
Not-Inclusive water and electricity
Friendly housemates
High Floor
Water heater
Ceiling Fan

Kitchen with cabinet, allowed to cook
(Chinese guy only)

The masterbed room is currently stayed by 2 guys. So we are looking for one person to replace the one that's going to move.
Kelana Puteri condo is situated in Kelana Jaya, and it's very near with the Kelana Jaya LRT station, which is just a bus station away. Of course, by moving in, you get to stay will the len zhai who owns this blog. ^^
Be quick! Grab your chance! Do leave your email or hp number in the comment of this post if you are interested. Thanks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goodbye David!

It is one of the most emo times when it's time to say goodbye. This month there are so many good friends around me who are leaving to UK. It starts off with the 0701 legend, David Ooi.
The first gathering - 11 Jan 2007

The so-far-last gathering - 7 Sep 2009

Just wanna tell you that David, I'm really blessed to have you as a friend in Taylor's College. All those unforgettable moments in mamak, classes, ice skating rink, studios, your car and your house... would be remembered always. Thank you so much for willing to sacrifice your time and effort on so many things for me. Do take good care of yourself and revive your blog again if possible haha. Miss your blog so much!! See you after 2 years and I shall see a more equipped and wiser David! and with a more creative hairstyle.. lol.
Some other images taken while I was in KLIA.

Yan Ee was holding her tears.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Phew-ing: Group Work

Wow... I know I have been in silence for more than a week. Em, about 2 weeks I think, since the last 3 posts were actually 'scheduled' posts. In fact, I was on camp for that 4 days. Since I came back assignment has been my priority and it ruled over me once again. Well, not much of stress as some of you might think, but much patience and strength needed throughout the completion of the assignment, since it's a group work.
Group work, a task that is often even more difficult than the assignment itself. There are too many things involved while working together as a group. Knowing another person's character and overcoming them is not an easy task. By saying overcoming, I mean handling a person without losing all your virtues. This demands a person's deepest wisdom and most of all, patience and humility.
As a person who tends to like to judge over another person, it has been difficult for me to work in a group. Lacking of patience is another 'mountain' for me and being prideful contributes to the mess as well. These 7 weeks have taught me quite a lot and pointed out my weaknesses and 'the plank in my eyes'. Struggling a lot on when to say and when to shut, and also to be submissive to the leader.
Well, above all else, I struggled a lot on how to treat or react to a person like how I normally do even after I knew that person's weaknesses. Well, some people are famous (or notorious, lol) for their certain annoying characters. And after hearing all those gossips and experiencing them myself, it's really hard to forgive/ignore them and treat them like how I treat everybody else. Sometimes I just don't think they deserve my kindness. Wow. Pride again.
Forgive me God. I need lots of molding and refining.
Group assignment dues tomorrow. Gonna flap my wings once again. Well, at least for a few days, I hope.
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