Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally it's Merdeka day!
Praying that 1Malaysia would really be "One Malaysia",
and not just another political propaganda.
Happy birthday my dear country.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


... more day!
Praying that the transportation system in Malaysia will improve one day.
Please do something to KTM.
And also, I don't think RapidKL bus deserves a raise of fee.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


... more days.

Praying that all politicians will work together for the benefits of the people,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Under One Roof

All in one room...
Incomplete without Rebecca.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


S for Scarecrow

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ramadhan is here.
Wishing all my Muslim friends (though I don't have many) Happy Ramadhan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet.

From 15Malaysia - Chocolate

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Architecture - useless?

You might say - not this angle again!
Ya, this is the view of KL that I see everyday from my living room. It's so amazing to be able to view the city everyday, to see how KL is growing. I took the pics above after a rain just now. I get to see the towers clearly as the haze has been swept away.
Sometimes I get to spot some familiar buildings when I stare at this scene long enough. But I get to spot the 3 most obvious buildings everytime I look out the window - the KL tower, the Petronas Twin Towers and the TM Tower.
Somehow it just feel amazing to see how Malaysia has grown throughout the years from these buildings. Of cuz, they cannot be the sole evidence on our country's development over the years. Having these nice skyscrapers wouldn't mean anything if the people's needs are not met. These structures can't be eaten as well if our country faces shortage of food supply. They will just be white elephants in the tough days.
In fact, these thoughts passed through my mind on and off, which leads me to think why am I taking architecture as my future career. But well, if I'm given another chance to change my career, I guess I'll just stunt there and choose back architecture. Lol. Creating new buildings can be a very selfish thing as it consumes our mother nature's resources while giving nothing back, or a little perhaps. And through studies I realise that it is quite impossible to use architecture to deal with our social issues. So, how can architecture helps to curb the problems of the people, or in other words, the people's need wont be met by building more beautiful, or conceptual skyscrapers.
Or maybe some may argue that indirectly these buildings bring in tourists' money to feed the people. Well, I don't think people would wanna travel as much as they did during the end times, like for example, now. People travel less due to viruses like SARS and A(H1N1).
It can be quite depressing if I continue to think on. Haha... well, just hope that at least this nice city view could remind the people of what they have taken for granted when the difficult days arrived.
It's weird that since last break I have been re-thinking about a lot of things. Some of you might told me before that I am a thinker. Not that I think of a lot of good stuff or am a very smart guy full of wisdom, but I just think a lot, both necessary and unnecessary stuff. I guess occasionally I'm too sensitive and judgmental to what I see, especially on people's behaviour and action, which eventually leads me to deep thoughts of others and myself.
But somehow, I do feel that my thoughts are not deep enough, comparing to my emotions. That often leads me to a place where I feel kinda lost. It's like as if my heart is there, but my mind isn't. That's exactly how I feel lately. As if there's something coming, but I don't really know what is it, or is it going to come. But these things (I'm not sure what exactly it is too) cause me to re-think of a lot of things that I have thought before. Sometimes when I look back my past and comparing it to now, I would treasure things more; something like a simple smile. And that's probably because I start to find that a simple smile can be not as simple as it look. Things happen not just because it should be, but somebody make an effort or sacrifice, and nothing should be taken for granted.
There's this saying that "we have to lost ourselves to find ourselves". I couldn't agree with that more. Very often we don't really know what we have until we lost it. And only after then we start to treasure it, or start to regret for not using what we have had.

This is a very random post as I just simply typed out whatever that comes to my mind. So if you really read word by word from the start till this very l e t t e r, I would say you are a person who really care about me. Haha... Feel the chill down your spine? Lol.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some updates...

Hello world.

Didn't update much about myself recently in this blog so some of you might thought I have dropped into a longkang and never climbed out or something. Haha..

Well, basically I have had a shocking 2 weeks of my life. It has been the busiest first 2 weeks of the semester so far, and I didn't really have time to chillax until I have submitted my assignment on Wednesday morning. You can see some of the works of my colleagues' (that's the term my lecturer Ian always used) here.

Well, eventually the class after the submission is very interesting, because even Elevation Choi didn't pay attention to it.
Well, this was shot during the 5 minutes break.

Even Ms Salvi noticed it and decided to let us off the class. Because this is what happened when Elevation Choi did that.
So we went off and most of us, if not all, went back to sleep. I went off back a while after that too, and slept after I have my dinner. And the shocking thing is, I kinda slept until Thursday's afternoon, without realising that I have missed the prayer meeting! I felt really bad then, but was assured my Kenneth and ZY that it's ok. I'm glad for their kindness. And on the way to college at around 4pm, I actually caught this on the book that I'm reading, "We're all bastard but God still loves us". That's very true. I began to feel better and start to forgive myself. But well, that doesn't mean I took it for granted.

Went to Pyramid at night to chill with Zac and Liq. Went to this restaurant called Tokyo G, which was previously SushiGroove I think. The interior is nice so I took a few shots.
We then went to Kim Gary for drinks. That's when Liq started to act like a Chinese teacher and taught Zac some Chinese wordings. In fact, I hope, Zac still remember how to write 1-10 in Chinese. And he also learned how to write his name, of cuz, not the actual translation, a bad one in fact.
Great to chill for the whole day without doing anything which is related to my studies. I haven't been doing that for so long, which is something satisfying. Gonna be back on track tomorrow before I'm thrown off track.

Monday, August 10, 2009

You need to hear this: Modern-Day Slavery in Malaysia

Attention Taylorians!
Come and hear for yourself!
Only @ Taylor's College Christian Fellowship.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My First Model...

Presenting the very first model of mine.

His, ya, I think it's a he, name is Mr. Cow Tam.
It's quite tough to get him settled down but well, he's still quite a good poser.

The owner and her pet.

Basically these shots were done because of Mr. Cow Tam's fame. He attracts too many females' attention and I believe his fans would wanna keep some pictures of his...


Ok, enough of crap. Lol.
Hope you enjoy the shots.
Back to assignment. >.<

Friday, August 7, 2009


Have you tried before when you just couldn't remember which locker did you put your bag in? Then you search high and low for it, flipping all the lockers' door and feel as if you are taking part in the amazing race?

I did. More than once, or twice.

Well, hope we won't mess up our lives like that. Searching all around for the meaning of life, just because we forget, or don't know where we put our hearts in.

Search our hearts. Find the purpose. Save the time. Claim your destiny.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gear 3

Week one of my final semester has kicked off last week. It was the busiest first week I ever had and went for site visit for 4 times in a week. That's the reason I didn't update for about a week and I'm really touched as there are still some of you who are willing to drop by and spam my chatbox and comments. (No la, not spamming... jk)

This is the second day of week 2 and things are still going on gear 3. Yes, normal car engine will spoil if you start off using the third gear. That's how I feel. Everything just went on fast track too soon without letting me to have some "first week" honeymoon moments.

In fact, I do have some time in the weekend, but spent some of the time to visit the PC fair at KLCC to get some of the gadgets that I wanted to buy for so long like an external hard disk and a proper mouse. Glad I got what I need at a quite reasonable price.

I agree with the statement above. But, I just can't afford to apply that at the moment.

CF will be starting today. Pray that revival will start from today as well. Feeling a bit sad as this will be my last sem in the CF. But I do feel glad that this baby is crawling well now. Hope it'll start to get up on its feet and walk soon, and hopefully RUN for Him in no time. FAME & ROCK people!!

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