Friday, July 31, 2009

Korean Hostages in Afghanistan...

Original post: Korean Hostages in Afghanistan...

I believe recently this is one of the hottest news of all. And I seriously think we Christian should care about this news about our brothers and sisters in Christ. Just about an hour ago, CNN released the lastest news that the second hostage, Shim Sung-min was already killed. Sad right... they have really given their life for Christ's sake. How about me? Can I do it too when time comes? Can I do it for God when He wants me to do so? Can I? Can YOU?

Let's just pray in our hearts for them, even right now when you are reading this.Pray that God will send millions and trillions of angels to help them and comfort them... and their friends and families as well. Pray that God will let the governments do wise decisions and save them from the circumstances. Pray that their suffering won't be meaningless...that whatever they do they will touch and influence somebody in the world...

Always remember that there are thousands of Christian out there fighting and suffering for God. WE ARE NOT ALONE... Even right now in our comfortable place, we must try our best to spread the Gospel... Will you join in the force? I'm in...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Temporary Fountain

There's construction work going on around my condo since 2007. I think the project is called The Paradigm. Recently they extended the work to another side of the site, which is across the road and eventually they blocked the road, making it one way. And somehow, I believe, an accident happens tonight and causes the water pipe to explode, resulting the scene you saw above. The water is still splashing at this very moment, to the height of maybe 4-5 storeys. I think the engineer in charge is so very gonna die.

Police just arrived. I believe the show is gonna end soon.


Went for site visits around KL for 2 days. Looking for pedestrian bridges.
Then I found this near Tun Sambanthan monorail station, right in front of Persatuan Buta Malaysia.

Ya, right. So smart.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June - July Break in Sibu

Just wanna wrap up some of my gatherings with my friends during the break recently.
I am really very happy as this time I get to see a lot (really a lot) of friends whom I have not seen for years, and some of them I have not talk with after SPM. That's like almost 3 years. Glad to know that everyone is doing fine while pursuing their own dreams. Here are some pics to share in no proper chronology.

Gathering with: The Boys' Brigade gang
At: Red Carrot Cafe
Date: 29 June 09

Get to meet my leaders whom I respect and also my peer brothers (especially Albert!). It was a great time as most of us only get to see each other once in half a year time, if not, a year. 80% of these guys here are not in Sibu already at the moment. Hope to see you guys again in one of the BB meetings some time soon!

Meet up with: Teachers
At: SMK Methodist
Date: 15 July 09

Get to meet with some of my teachers like Cikgu Ling, Cikgu Chua, Cikgu Francesca, Puan Jessica, Mr Wong and 谢老师. Nowadays it feels very different when I talk with my teachers. Oh yes, the stress isn't there anymore haha. We chat like friends or rather, elders that I respect. Managed to take a pic with 谢老师 who is a very special teacher for me. She first taught me Pendidikan Seni when I was in primary 4. I remember how harsh she used to comment my drawings. Lol. Then she left the primary school and went on to do some other stuff before she came back to Sibu and teaches Chinese subject in the secondary school. And so coincidence she was arranged to be with my class and so, she became my teacher for the second time. In other words, she's my primary and secondary school teacher!!! Now how many times in life would you get that!

Gathering: Form 3 classmates
At: Together tea house
Date: 6 July 09

5 of us were in the same class in 2004, which is Kelas 3G. But we knew each other for quite some time and still in contact till now. But I haven't seen Jeremy since the day he passed me his hamsters (which are no longer around... ) in KL. This is a very meaningful meeting by itself as well. Jeremy, Jed and I went off for Transformers 2 after that. Awesome day.

Gathering: With Barbara
At: .... forgot the name ady!! One of the steamboat restaurants in the new bus station area. Lol. (updated: it's called 双星, or "Double Stars")
Date: 20 July 09

Met up with Barbara after planning for so long. She has been so busy with her stuffs and it's cool that we get to hang out finally and crapped for the whole night. And we also risked our lives just to feed ourselves! Find out more here.
I really enjoyed myself throughout the dinner. And thanks for the dinner Barbara! Will belanja you too in the future. All the best with your plannings. =)

Gathering: 5s1 & 5S2 people
At: Muhibah
Date: 16 July 09

This meeting proved the power of Facebook. The 5S2 people have been thinking of having this gathering since months ago and finally we managed to meet up! And because 5S1 and 5S2 is almost like a family, some of the students from 5S1 turned up and made the gathering more meaningful. At first a few of us thought nobody would turn up but eventually most of the people retained their personality as a loyal Malaysian and arrived in the YB timing. (Just kidding guys!!) Though some didn't turned up due to respective reasons, but I'm sure we can meet up some other time. Wonder when can we meet up in such a huge gang again!

Gathering with: The lame gang
At: Yummy Cafe
Date: 14 July 09

Haven't see Lii Fong and wugui, Goh Shuen Shyen (sorry if I spelled wrongly cuz I always do!) after SPM. As if 2 of them evaporated. Lol. And whenever Keh Wei, Lii Fong and Shuen Shyen started to crap, it'll be endless. And so we have loads of laughter over that yum cha session. Look at dongyu, laugh until "be tahan". Hope to see you guys again if you guys are coming back in December every year.

Gathering with: the BB and GB gang + Daniel Chew
At: Yummy Cafe, SMK Methodist
Date: 3 July 09

Went back to school after a year. Get to see one or two teachers only during that visit. We went there after breakfast in Yummy. Cool to meet my fellow brigadiers after so long. This is classic as I really have no idea when will we get to sit down and chat again after meeting up on and off for the past few years. The next one seems to be rather far away from now.

And also, there's another gathering when we celebrated Lesley's birthday. We didn't take a group picture tho. And if I forgot to mention some other meet ups that I have with any of you please forgive me. But pictures can really keep memories. So next time bring your cams! Don't wait for mine. Lol...

And lastly, to 2 of my dearest friends: Jed and Alvin,
It's really nice to have you two in my life, always, ever since the day I knew both of you. Thank you for your time and effort these few weeks and I'm sure what we did together will always be a nice memory that we share together. Will gather again hopefully, in 3 years time, or less, if possible. May God bless both of you as the way God has blessed me through the two of you. And do keep in touch!

9 Fruits of the Spirit @ Hoover Memorial Park, Sibu,
25 July 09.

"Friendship that will never fade in Christ."

See you all again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

Although I didn't really watch her movies, but I do watch her advertisements and also, part of 'Sepet'. From what I know is that she's really a very unique Malaysian director, able to bring out her messages in the simplest Malaysian style.

This is one of the advertisements I love from Yasmin Ahmad.

"Tan Hong Ming in Love"

Malaysian should look up to her. She made us Malaysian proud. Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad.

News from Bernama: HERE
Her biography in Wikipedia: HERE

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Under Construction...

A whole new layout for "the journey" is currently under construction.

Transforming into a 3-column-layout.

Stay tuned!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One more week...

One more week, and I'm leaving home again. Gonna miss people that I might not see in years. Have been meeting with a lot of people these few weeks. Will conclude in a post soon. Will conclude the Mukah/Balingian trip too.

Introducing the 清汤面 (soup mee). RM1.20 per bowl.
Only at SMK Methodist, Sibu.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Testimony from a Heaven's Visitor

I have heard quite a few people claiming that they visited heaven like Choo Thomas (author of 'Heaven is So Real') and Ian McCormack over the years. Meanwhile Philip Mantofa claimed that he visited hell. Well, just a while ago I received this forwarded mail from my brother. Take a look.

This is an experience narrated by two individuals, Mabel and David, from two perspectives.

Mabel, Sunday 15th June 2008

My husband, David & I went for breakfast before our church service. David began feeling unwell so we decided that he should go home to rest while I went on to church. That day, I had a bad headache so I went home for a nap after church. David was not in and messaged that he was in Changi General Hospital (CGH). At 7pm , David returned from the hospital. However, he still felt very uncomfortable so we hurried back to the hospital where the doctor decided to ward David for further observation.

Mabel, Monday 16th June 2008

I went to CGH the next morning to find David shaking in a fit. He said he could not see and then suddenly he lost consciousness. The doctors attending to him decided to transfer David to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) where they had more experience in dealing with liver problems similar to that which they had diagnosed David to suffer from.

David, Monday 16th June 2008

I was at CGH when I must have passed out. One moment I was in hospital, the next, everything around me became a blur. Then I suddenly became detached from my body. A bright, big doorway was before me and I walked through. On the other side of the entrance, an angel met and led me to be judged by God. He explained about the Book of Life, saying that those who backslide and denied Him would be condemned to the Hell. Those who accepted Jesus as their Saviour, are faithful, and fear God, reading the Bible and worshiping Him will go to Heaven. Their names are found in the Book of Life and will be accepted and welcomed by God himself, into Heaven. Then I met Jesus! I could not see His face as it was dazzlingly and shining but I knew it was Him.

Mabel, Monday 16th June 2008

David was at SGH’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit). He was in a coma and in a critical condition. Many tubes were plugged into him. The breathing support machine sucked air into his body and in the background, the heart-monitoring machine beeped, ticking the time he had left on earth. Doctors explained that his liver had failed and toxin had spread to all of his body. They told us to prepare for the worse. David, according to the doctor, was brain-dead. My whole family, mother-in-law and relatives all were weeping. Many people prayed earnestly for David.

David, Nil date

Heaven is amazingly beautiful. It is bright and shining, singing and worship music filled the atmosphere. Angels are everywhere. So are many happy people who had accepted Jesus. There is no need to have any food and there is no sickness. Our spirits feed on the word of God. The words “Holy, holy, holy” seemed to resound in my head. The angel beside me told me that Hell is drastically different. It is a heavy, dark and burdened place. None can see through the blinding darkness of hell.

Mabel, Tuesday 17th June 2008

David was in a coma and did not wake up. His condition did not improve but became increasingly worse.

David, Nil date

I met four people/groups of people face to face in Heaven. I could see their faces only:

1) Bro. Lai - a deaf brother from Deaf Faith Fellowship

2) Former Senior Pastor P. Johnny from World Revival Prayer Fellowship

3) My father and sister

4) My relatives.

Brother Lai told me more about Heaven. He said Heaven is a beautiful place. In the back, I could see a cross. Those who accept Jesus would be at Heaven. Hell is terribly different from Heaven. It is a place of suffering where backsliders and those who deny Jesus who are judged, are sent. Brother Lai explained that God would clean our unclean and sinful hearts, leaving cleansed hearts in us if we confess. It is simple to confess our sins to God as He forgives us easily and readily.

Brother Lai asked for a favour from me. Could I tell Caroline Phua-Wong that he is happy in Heaven? He said that Caroline used to visit, care for and clean him for a very long time when he was sick in a nursing home.

I realized amazingly that we talked without using sign language! In Heaven, we do not need the sign language for we could all talk like normal people. Brother Lai looked younger and very different from when he was alive.

Former Senior Pastor P. Johnny looked wonderful. He was happy and very much younger in Heaven. His face was filled with glory and shone. I was again aware that I could talk to him normally.

Mabel, Wednesday 18th June 2008

David was still in a coma. Doctors approached us about possibility of removing him from the breathing support machine. There was no improvement in his condition and he was beyond the doctors’ abilities to save. It would be useless for David to have a liver transplant, as there was absolutely no hope for recovery. Doctors explained as kindly as possible the expensive cost of keeping David alive on the breathing support machine. It would be a pointless financial burden for us. About 5pm that day, doctors again suggested that the family consider removal of the life support systems from David. I stopped them. I wanted my children and relatives to have a chance to be with David while he was still alive even though he was in a coma.

David, Nil date

I met my father, sister and relatives who were Christians - they looked younger and happy too. They encouraged me to walk the straight path of Jesus, be faithful to God and not to backslide. God spoke to me. He said we look old on earth but we will look young when we are in Heaven! He even showed me how young my wife, Mabel, would look when she is in Heaven one day. I was astonished.

Mabel, Wednesday 18th June 2008

Our children, relatives, friends and pastors came to pray for David. The decision to remove the life support systems from David twisted like a strangling cord round my heart. I cried continuously, frightened to make the life and death decision for David. My daughter, Christine, Senior Pastor Kenny Chee and Pastor Barnabas Phua discussed funeral arrangements for David by both her church and WRPF in preparation for his passing on. Kenny, Barnabas and a few members of WRPF gathered inside David’s ICU room to pray for the trust to let God to take over the situation. Tubes from David’s mouth were smeared with blood - he had lost a lot of blood. It was time for me to make the final decision on the removal of all life support systems from him. My daughter, Christine, and son, Jeremy, agreed to let their father go and I consented. At around 11pm , doctors removed the oxygen mask. They expected David to pass on within 48 hours. My children and I stayed by his side praying and crying for him all night.

David, Nil date

While I was in Heaven, I could see my body in the hospital bed. My wife, son, daughter, mother, siblings and relatives, my daughter’s church pastor and her church friends, WRPF church Pastors Kenny Chee, Barnabas Phua and church friends were all praying for me. Jesus told me to go back to my family and take care of my liver. He asked me to control my hot temper and anger. He said the Bible is the truth. I must read it to keep close to Him. He gave me a last reminder about the Book of Life before sending me back. I said goodbye to Him and the angel led me to a small door. I walked to open it. The next thing I knew, I had woken up. I am still alive.

Mabel, Thursday 19th June 2008

When the morning came, three doctors checked on David and found his eyes opened! His breathing was completely normal. The doctors were extremely puzzled and asked me how David woke up alive and well. This was something they never expected. Christine and I immediately told them that our God healed him. It was unbelievable to the doctors. A complete check was made on David and they pronounced him well. He was transferred to ICA for more observation. Drips and the feeding tube were again attached to him. David could recognize all of us; his family, relatives and friends. When many came and saw him, thanksgiving and praises to God overflowed. I am very grateful to God for bringing David back to us safely.

David, Thursday 19th June 2008

I am thankful to God for those 3 days of coma and the unbelievable and enriching experience of Heaven.

Mabel, Friday 20th June to Saturday 5th July 2008

Daily, David showed physical improvement. Doctors monitored his liver and high blood pressure condition. He was finally discharged on 5th July 2008 , after 2½ weeks in hospital. When David shared his experience of heaven with us, we were amazed. Caroline Phua-Wong was shaken to hear Brother Lai’s words for her. Her visits to him had been done in utmost secrecy and no one could have known about it. We give glory and praise to our real and Almighty God. We would like to thank all their prayers for him and all of us. Hallelujah!

(Interviewed and written by Caroline Phua, edited by Aileen Wee)

Pastoral note: David and Mabel Chang are faithful deaf members of the Deaf Faith Fellowship, a ministry of World Revival Prayer Fellowship. Experiences like what David had are not equal in authority to the Bible, and like prophecies, are not to be despised, but to be discerned. Take what is good.

I think the pastoral note concludes what I have to say. Indeed it is very encouraging to read something like this. And what's interesting is that, all the testimonies I heard regarding such incidents share some common similarities like they cannot see Jesus' overly-bright face (and yet they are sure He is Jesus!), heaven is beautiful, they can see their own body on earth and heaven is full of light.

Now, if this is just another nonsense, I'm sure you can ignore it. But if it's not? Are you sure you gonna let heaven pass you by?

Think about it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malaysian Politics and Me


The weather is too hot recently, causes me to be either too restless or too reluctant to move around. Feeling sticky again only a while after a shower. Hot, it's just too hot!

Maybe Malaysia is getting warmer after all.

Yes it is.

Malaysian politics is getting hotter, ever since the recent election. Things started to turn around and revolutions (in different aspects) are about to begin, or has already begun, or at least, that's the hope of a huge group of people.

I grew up in a moderately sized town called Sibu. Ever since I knew how to differentiate the white rocket-flag and blue scale-flag, I knew that the latter is the one that forms the government, always. Other than that, I knew nothing about the politics. I didn't have direct relatives in the political field, and I didn't have parents who tell me things about them too. And I never bother to read the papers about the politics as well.

In school, we were told that Malaysia is a peaceful country. All races live together in harmony. Malaysia is a rich country, with good reputation. And in the Sejarah subject we were taught the stuff that our government did and all the policies introduced. All of them were said to be implemented well.

So, there was a time I was thinking that Malaysian politics is too boring. Whenever I watch the news in tv, the "interesting" political news are those from Taiwan, US, Indonesia and some other developing countries. The people were fighting for their rights and voicing out their thoughts in the public. And therefore I think that Malaysia is different, and everything is fine because I seldom, or never see anything like that happening, or at least, not in Sibu.

However since the state election in 2006, I began to view things differently. I began to read different stuff from the papers as well. And what happened in 2008 has awakened me even more. I started to see that changes are possible, and how important a vote means. A vote can defend, a vote can also attack. I started to read more about the politics, and care more about what's happening around.

I started to think that Malaysia can be like other countries that I saw in the news as well. People started to show more care about the country. And also interesting things happen like what we see in the entertainment world: people scolding each other, or even fight with each other with their supporting fans backing them up, fans from each party trying to pull the other party down through the web, and most surprisingly, the 'celebrities' change their 'recording' company to pursue their own goals.

And ever since then I started to watch more news, treating it a bit like MTV. Getting to know about these political issues seems like having a key into a huge community that 'gossip' about what's happening and what's coming up within the nation.



...sadly, this is in fact, NOT an entertainment world, this is what our dear country is going through. Every 'interesting' news that happens reflects injustice, hatred, selfishness, dishonesty, cruelty, inhumanity or insanity. And the worst thing is, behind these dramatic incidents or cases, we, normal and harmless citizens of Malaysia, are the biggest fools of all. We pay for the movie, we get the show. And what's happening behind the production? Sorry, none of your business.


P/s: Please notify me if you think that this post is offensive. I wrote this without any bad intention. All I wanna express is my thoughts towards what happened recently in the country. I'm just hoping that both sides with put the people first and nothing else.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mukah/Balingian Trip: Chapter 5 - Selected Pictures

So much to see, so much to experience, if only you would use your HEART.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mukah/Balingian Trip: The Past

"Olden Days"

"the Chair"



"人在江湖, 身不由己"

Pictures are taken in an old logging company's office in Balingian, the place where I stayed a night.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mukah/Balingian Trip: OLD TOWN Mukah???

Guess what? I found the first Old Town cafe in Sarawak!


Lol... didn't get to try the stuff inside. But somehow it looks quite distinct from the Old Town Cafe from Ipoh.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Mukah/Balingian Trip: Chapter 2

Throughout the trip I think I never see a primary forest. All the land has been exploited in the name of development. I guess the forest in Sarawak has scaled down since long time ago. Most of these lands are being used for agriculture purposes now after the original forest has been cleared due to the logging industry, which is eventually no longer as active as before in Sarawak.

Was told that these are the bald palm trees. Special chemicals are injected to these trees to let them die as they have reached an old age.

The massive burnings to clear the weed and unwanted trees so that the new crops can be planted. Thank God the state government controlled the amount of burnings, if not we have no reason to blame our neighbour countries when the haze comes, as we ourselves didn't set a good example.

Stopped by a beach near Mukah, which is not commercialised. Was kinda surprised to find some McD trashes like the one above and also a BigMac box.

"What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain.. .
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth the weeping shores? "

Earth Song, MJ.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mukah/Balingian Trip: Chapter 1

It has been a while since the last time I traveled in a long distance with a car. We traveled for more than 3.5 hours to reach Balingian on the first day.
In order for us to get to the destination, we have to start our journey from Sibu, to Selangau, Stapang... and some other small places. Balingian is around 160km away from Sibu. We didn't stop by at most of those areas because those are not our final destination. We have to continue our journey till we reach there.

The roads are rocky and dusty. It's not like the kind in KL where you can speed like nobody's business. You have to have a really good vehicle to survive the journey. I have back pain after a while. It feels like lying down on a baby's cradle. Still, the journey continues.
That's why there's this saying "千里之行始于足下”. "Every long journey starts from the first step". After we moved the daring first step, knowing all the challenges that we will face, we have to fight on to reach our dreams and visions.
I'm glad we make it to and fro safely. I hope that will be the same ending when we leave the world one day - overcoming the challenges with a focused goal in mind.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving Back to Nature... teaser

Guess what, I can't remember the last time when I didn't touch a pc at all for a whole day. This time it was 2 days straight. Went off to Mukah and Balingian for 3 days and 2 nights with my brother and uncle. Stayed overnight in a very old and simple house, where there's no constant power and water supply.

Gonna organise some of the pictures and upload them part by part soon. Stay tuned. :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ's Memorial Service

Watching an online live memorial service for the first time. This is from CNN/FB. And it is none other than MJ's memorial service. Great technology. Some snap shots from that 150 minutes historical memorial service...

It was truly a great service. Very touching and well done. Everybody is so positive and encouraging. And I really like the closing prayer. Watch in youtube if somebody post it up.

Indeed he's "the greatest entertainer that had ever lived".
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