Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Back home at last after 5 months. First thing I did consciously when I stepped out of the Sibu airport was to look up to the sky. Truly amazed by the numbers of stars, as if they were welcoming me back home.

Was chilled by the cool weather these 2 days. Feel so good. Feel just like home; and it is truly home. Was told by dad that it didn't rain that often until Sunday, the day after I came back. So I guess I'm considered lucky?

Went out with friends twice so far. Met some old friends and managed to crack some lame jokes as usual. Nothing is as good as those moments. It was really good to get to be updated with their current situation and their future plannings. Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine.

So many things passed through my mind these 3 days. Home is always the place where I somehow have more time to think about life, to think about Him. Well, ya, being free and relax is the main factor, but the quietness of the town after midnight is simply awesome. There's almost no human made sound outside my window other then the crickets' chirping sound. Occasionally, I can hear some dogs barking from far. Cars and bikes can be heard too, but those are just minor noise. And ya, I just heard the lizard. It is this kind of ambience which make me miss my home so much. Not a single moment in PJ/KL I can enjoy this kind of quietness. It is kinda peaceful, relax, and a bit solemn. Indescribable.

It is 230am now and the newspaper delivery man just reached my gate. Salute them for sacrificing their sleep at night. I guess they have to either sleep before distributing the papers or after that. They did so just to make sure those who wake up as early as 5am can get their fresh papers right in front of their house. How many actually thought of thanking them for their effort?

Lots of plan scheduled for this break. Gonna use my time wisely.

Some pics to be shared...

In LCCT last Sat. Lots of people and quite a number of them with their protective masks on...

... and so did I.

Poor thing.

Health declaration form. Everyone needs to fill this thing in the plane.

Sibu airport.

This guy was giving us a red card indicating that we have been exposed to the risk of having A (H1N1) virus. This is only when he thinks that we are not a virus carrier after looking at our health declaration form. He actually looked at mine for more than 10 seconds, which I believe is mainly because I wrote that I have a mild flu in the past 7 days. Well, luckily I'm still here in my room updating this post, without being quarantine in the hospital.

Home sweet home.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ, The Legend

A montage done a while ago, dedicated to MJ.
Indeed, he's a legend that couldn't be replaced.
Just like John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee and 黄家驹.
It's so sudden. Took me a while to digest.

Well, if you don't listen to his music, or watch his MV, or dance his dance, I believe he's still influencing your life somehow.

(thanks to alkiram.net)

He is such a legend!

Now I wonder, if his songs can top iTunes in such a short time, how about the drink?
Go and order one.
Bang! Michael Jackson satu!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MMS Speak Up Malaysia

Digi is organising this competition where everyone gets to voice out their opinion on how to make Malaysia a better place, and win fabulous prizes! I have always wanted to voice out some constructive opinions, and I realise this is a fantastic chance to do so. And so I did.

This message goes out to all the taxi drivers, who never turn on their meters, and just literally "killed" the patrons with their VIP service charge. For example, a short journey between Mentari Court, PJ and Sunway Pyramid can costs up to RM7, and to SS15, RM10. I can simply take a cab with the meter on from Mentari Court to Kelana Jaya and it costs me less than RM5.

Sorry-lah bro, I know you have to make a living, but we need to save as well. Please spare us, and most importantly, the tourists, to let Malaysia be a better place, with better public service reputation.

Click for more information about MMS Speak Up Malaysia by Digi.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye Sam...

Knowing you for 2 and a half years.
And you flew off last night,
leaving me and other buddies.
Though we can still contact with each other,
but it'll be 2 different world,
separated by the slim monitor screen.

Launceston is not too, too far away.
Can be considered as near as Melbourne.
But well, money is the problem.
I can't fly there and visit you.
Of cuz, passport. lol.

Will definitely be missing you.
I'm sure the rest will do the same.
Missing your laughter, your nagging (lol) and your help,
and ultimately your presence.

Will see you soon again.
Only God has the answer to "when".
Will keep you in mind sister,

Goodbye Sam.

With love,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Taylor's Lakeside Campus - So Close to Nature

What a sight!
More pics coming up soon.

Click here!

Pssss! Now busy because of somebody's birthday...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor's on Friendster

Haven't been to Friendster for quite some time until I notice this.
Very nice layout. A good promotion strategy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Click to Save

Weeks ago Digi started this thingy called "For Those Who Love to Save". This is such a wonderful thing as Digi will donate RM5 once you click. All you need to do is to fill up your email and choose a charity body to donate to. Then Digi will do the rest. As the first 10,000 person who clicked, Digi sent me a link to the 3 posters up there.

Do try to click and save lifes! Never know by clicking I can make somebody feels better. Thanks to Digi.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time and Space

Adapted from "The Upper Room" - 1st May 2009

"Leaving time unscheduled frees me from worry about where I need to be next. Leaving time free allows me to be interrupted if a friend needs someone to listen or if a neighbor needs a meal. Leaving space in my schedule gives me time to slow down and think of others, to think of God's grace given for me and of the ways I can offer that grace to another."

"When we are rushed, we miss sacred moments and opportunities for service."

- Amy Fryar Kennedy (Michigan, USA)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Heard this from my brother...

Q: Which shampoo do Christians use?


Q: Which shampoo do Catholics use?


Q: And Jesus?


Remember, choose your shampoo wisely. Hope you got your neck exercise for the day after reading this post. Lol.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Change is POSSIBLE!

(This is not about my personal point of view on the issue of homosexuality. Any arguments regarding the right or wrong of homosexuality will not be entertained.)

I went to the 1st Exodus East Asia Conference on 22th & 23th May. It was held by PLUC (which is a part of the international Exodus ministry). Most of you wouldn't know that Exodus ministry is a international ministry that helps those who are struggling with homosexual and other sexual bondage. 7 wonderful speakers from different Exodus regions spoke on the 2 full-day conference. In fact, the conference was held in FGA KL. I didn't get to jot down every little details, but just some of those which I think are important for me to know and I believe it's something we all ought to know as well. (If you really wish to know the full conference content, I think I know somebody to ask from.) It is vital for us to understand homosexuality as it is a common issue today and it can be helpful if we meet somebody who seek for help. Even if you are not a Christian and you are struggling with this issue, it's helpful to know these points and knowing that change is indeed possible through Christ.

Here are some of the points I summarised from the 8 plenary sessions and another 2 extra sessions at night. They might not be the exact wordings used by the speakers, but well, it's around there. It's worth it to stop and ponder on each of the points.

1. Homosexuality is a holiness issue. It's NOT about salvation.
2. Homosexuality is not the worse sin of all. In fact, it is just one of those sins.
3. Homosexuality is not all about sex. It's about unmeetable needs.
4. Even if homosexuality is a genetic problem, remember that GOD is BIGGER than genetic.
5. The opposite of homosexual is NOT heterosexual, it's holiness. Substituting lust for another isn't the answer.
6. Some of the causes of homosexuality: gender identity confusion, unhappy sexual experience, household influences, temporary environment factors, media influences - pornography culture, value system influences, physiological factors and family influences.
7. Some of the homosexual behaviours: emotional - psychological attempts, attachment disorder, over sensitivity, self-consciousness, narcissism, social introversion and social phobia.
8. Do not hope on counselling/Exodus/church to solve homosexual issue, but hope in the Lord, the Scripture and biblical promises.
9. Life is a life of honesty. Expose things to the light. Then there will be no darkness, and no sin.
10. Forgive those who have hurt you, you never know what will happen.
11. We have to look at people like how God look at them.
12. Pornography is not only about sex, it's about false intimacy and the craving for authentic intimacy, the search of real love and acceptance.
13. LOVE - Let Our Voice Exists
14. " I no longer look at man for my pleasure, but for God's pleasure". - Leslie Lung
15. The goal is not to be the first to arrive (as in changed), but TO NOT GIVE UP!
16. "Because of the higher level of love of God, I'm willing to give up human's love." - Jenny Li

One of the things that the speakers emphasised is that we as a church needs show grace to the homosexual community. The church needs to be a place that shows grace to this group of people. Preaching all truth equals to preaching all grace.
I like what Alan Chambers said - Success is when Exodus ministry is done (meaning no more), because the church has done its part.

As a conclusion, the conference was a great one as I managed to hear a lot of testimonies and real life story of those with ex-homosexual lifestyle. That is why the organiser used "Change Is Possible" as the theme of the conference. The things I heard in the conference applies in many other areas of my life as well. Well, after all I would say this is not just a conference about homosexual, but it's a wake up call to the church to be more loving to all the people regardless of what kind of background they have. Isn't that what Jesus' ministry is all about?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Internship Week 2: Rethinking

Week 2. It's all about detailing drawings of toilets. Really, why do I have so many opportunities to work with toilet... since primary school. (for those who knows what I mean, lol)

But well, I'm glad I finished it within my targeted duration. Will see how's the feedback on Monday.

Recently I have talked to a number of people about furthering my studies and also about architecture as a lifetime career. The same statement keep on repeating, "If you don't have the passion for architecture, you better quit", some even say "quit now". Wow, I began to ponder a short while if I'm that passionate. Because the fact is, working as an architect won't earn me the same amount of money with the kind of effort and energy I'll put in in some other careers. So this is really a choice between money and the passion for architecture.

Honestly, I really want both. Well, just pray hard I'm lucky enough to get both. :)

The happenings last week reminds me of the importance of the role of an architect. This is what happens when the construction development families didn't work together properly, resulting in the losing of people's life.


Jaya Supermarket in Petaling Jaya collapsed on the 30th May, sacrifising 7 innocent lives. 6 construction-development-related firms were blacklisted within a week after the inccident.



The roof of Stadium Sultan Mizan in Kuala Terrenganu collapsed on 2nd June. This case is more fortunate than the previous one as nobody was found dead. But still, tax payers' money is wasted due to some irresponsible parties. You can follow the news on the Star online. The pictures above is the nice stadium before its self destruction below.



"Architects can either build magnificently, or destroy thoroughly."

Friday, June 5, 2009


Working needs more discipline than studying.
Working requires full commitment.
Working doesn't offer you a second chance (if you are unlucky).
Working demands total obedience.

But well, people pay you for it, what do you have to say?

"Do your work ah!"
-quote from Digilab whiteboard.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Internship@NWKA Architects - Week 1

5 days passed. Some of the things I did for the week:

- Endless filing...
- CAD drawing amendments
- Photocopying and stamping (or 'chopping' haha) drawings
- Signage location and design (for Taylor's Lakeside Campus hostel)
- Presentation slides (for some of the features in Taylor's new campus... but sadly, didn't get to be used)
- Calculation of GFA (gross floor area)
- Visit to Chen Moh Primary School for bomba inspection (Thursday)
- Study trip to Giant Putra Heights (Friday)

I like the 2 trips the most actually haha.. Cuz I get to be off from the office and exercise a bit. So I'm gonna briefly describe what happened with the few images I have.

Chen Moh Primary School, located in somewhere near PJ old town. The new block (the one of the left) is the firm's project.

Everyone waited for the bomba officers to come for about 15-30 minutes. And finally they arrived. After a short meeting for about 5-10 minutes, they started to test all the fire equipments like the fire hose, pumps, generators, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Next, the study trip to Giant Hypermarket at Putra Heights. The picture above shows a row of yellow light posts and blue lightings on top. This is the requirement from the Giant. Em, it seems that it is for the pedestrians. Maybe with that it makes the patrons feel important. lol.

A new requirements from the bomba is that smoke curtains need to be fixed within a certain amount of area in the mall. This is to control the spreading of the smoke and ensure that the smoke can be so called 'channeled' to the top where there will be openings during the fire.

4 more weeks to go. Fingers crossed.
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