Friday, May 29, 2009

10 'U's

Yes, you see them right.
10 'u' s right?
Read them aloud 10 times...
10 u 10 u 10 u 10 u.......
... ...

Ya man, you are smart.
Special thanks to all of you who make my birthday so special last week. It was indeed one of the best that I have had ever! I have been thinking of writing this post for soo long but didn't have time to do so.

There are so many people I have to thank to: (in no particular order of any form)

Thanks to:

Joshua Chan
Elvin Wong
Andrea Yun Ru
Barbara Tan
Nicholas Yew
Jacky and Soon Yen
Yun Bok
Aldrin Lim
Samantha Chow
Florence Toh

... for your sms-es. It means a lot though it's just a short message.

Khang Siang
Sharon Lim
Terence Wong
Amanda Ooi
Eric Wong
Sylvester Wong
Tiong Wei Yew
Mandy Ngu
Vivan Lau
Lau Yeo Kiong
Rachel Ng
YShuian Sang
Andrew Tong
Princess Eva
Lawrence Hii
Samson Toh
Lake Keen
Amelia Tang
Marcus Tay
Aaron Chew
Esther Ooi
Ong Li Hui
Andy Ko Tze Yang
Dave Ting
Jason Lee
Bryan Chew
Wong Woei
Ju Enn
Jonathan Kang
Jacob Chieng
Ivy Ling
Lydia Jay
Ryan Ling
Mr Nat

... for your wishes on my Facebook wall. =)

Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who wrote the card that Robert passed to you. Thanks for your beautiful and encouraging words.

Thanks to Joash, Eva and Jed for your calls! (Guess what, 3 of them called from different places... Joash from Malaysia, Eva from her castle in Adelaide and Jed from Bristol!) I was so surprised... until I didn't really know what to say... Though I might sound weird over the phone, but it was the touch in my heart that I don't know how to express, in such a short time!

And thanks to Vince for the belated birthday call. :)

Thanks to Sien Chii and Zhuo Yi for leading the people to sing the birthday song in digilab. I was so surprised because the atmosphere was so stress then... then suddenly a birthday song broke out. Haha... Thanks to you guys who were willing to take a minute of your precious time to sing. Haha... And I know Khang Siang wrote the Facebook message right from the lecturer's table. lol.

Thanks to ALL the CF-ers (Kenneth, Julia, Cindy, Max, Samantha, ZY, Kee Tat, Peter, Joanne, Mun Suet, Wei Chin... and some others who were there) for the surprise after Sivin Kit's message. Somebody asked me if I was expecting of it. Well, honestly I would say before the meeting started I did think of it. But it was just merely a thought which fade away very soon, and didn't expect that you guys really did it. Thanks to you guys! And thanks for the Planetshakers cd and the sweet card! ... and the balloons as well!!! Oh my, and ya, the cake!!!! I have to be honest to tell you guys that that was the first cake cutting 'ceremony' that I have with people other than my family. When I was asked to make a wish, I was stunted and went blank. But well, I did say something and yup, hopefully it'll come true... lol. And yup, the prayer and blessings as well. =)

Thanks to Jed for the book all the way from UK! And the bookmark and card. Appreciate it a lot! You still hold your record ya. You know what I mean. LOL! All the best in your exam! Will pray for you bro.

And finally, thanks to Eric, Robert and Carmen for the cheese cake! Haha... thanks for the surprise! And special thanks to Robert for getting a card to be written by the church people... It was indeed a surprise cuz I never thought you would do something like that. Haha.. just so not you. lol.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Please tell me if I do! Blame it on my bad memory.

THANKS again to all of you for the wonderful celebrations that makes 19 May 2009 so special to me. 九十度鞠躬致谢!! (bow 90 degree to thank all of you)


Sorry Debbie!!!! Yes, you called me on the 17th night... Thank you so much for the 10+ minutes conversation! It is those efforts of catching up with old friends that means a looot. Thank you so much yeah! =)

And Sorry Mei Ing!!!!!!!!! Thanks for calling before the 19th May ended. Tho I can't really hear what you said then but was really glad that u called. Haha.. and thanks for reminding me, this mcc friend. lol.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gone, Now and Forever.

It has been left empty.
Nothing is in the cage,
except the body.
The ears no longer respond to my call.
"Junior, junior", and there was no reply.
Not a single movement.

The short arms and legs no longer kicking.
The short little nose no longer sniffing.
The rolling little eyes no longer looking.
No more dancing
at the sound of the food packet being un-clipped.

You have been such a unique chapter of my life.
A special friendship,
short but sweet.
Never I imagined to own one of you,
and perhaps this is the only time.

Going through with my ups and downs.
Listening to my sorrows and complains.
You have been the best listener ever,
never too excited to reply me a word.

I thought I could take it easier,
since I have always think,
you might leave anytime.
Surprising, it's not that easy.
I'm just too used to look down the table,
and see what you are up to,
see if you are sleeping,
or trying your best to get on the wheel.

And now I don't have to,
it is left empty,
now and forever.

Thank you for being a special little mate.
Thank you for not complaining,
though I could have treat you better.
Thank you for giving me a taste of childhood again.
And, thanks for all your effort in putting a smile on my face.

Miss you a lot.
Rest in peace, Junior.

Haha... too emo eh? Ya I am. Special thanks to Jeremy for this hamster who has given me a lot of interesting experience and memories. Wouldn't have chance to engage with one if you didn't give me back in Oct 2007. And thanks to my brothers, Eric and Robert for taking care of it when I was unable to. And thanks to Samantha G. for taking care of it during CNY 08 & 09. Hope that Junior has blessed you guys in some ways.

Haiz... I really don't know when will I have a pet again. And what will it be. Haa...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Game Over

Oh, that's studio 3. It's over.

Hello NWKA

Will be stepping in NWKA (Ng Wai Keong Architects) 8 hours from now. This is the 2nd firm that I (will) work in. Was looking through their portfolio. Not bad. So, I have stress la! Check out their site.

Well, I'm telling myself that, well, I'm learning and shouldn't have stress. I hope they won't expect anything big from me, cuz if they are, I'll 'gg' la.

Anyway, I believe it will be an exciting one and hopefully I can learn a lot more. And thanks to them for willing to accept me though I'm working for 5 weeks only.

Will update some of the happenings there if there's any interest ones. Hopefully I won't be updating on the process of getting bombed. Lol.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Finally I'm back here. Oh ya, finally.

I have sooo much to blog about. Especially to thank each one of you who made my birthday so so special like never before. Thank you so much.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kepentingan Sejarah

... semasa pemerintahan Sultan Ismail, berlaku perselisihan pula antara kerabat-kerabat diraja Perak, terutamanya di antara Sultan Ismail (yang bersemayam di Belanja), Raja Muda Raja Abdullah (di Batak Rabit), Raja Yusuf (di Senggang) dan Tengku Menteri Ngah Ibrahim (di Larut). Ketiga-tiga orang Raja Bergelar itu masing-masing mengaku diri sendiri lebih berhak mewarisi takhta kerajaan Negeri Perak, dan Tengku Menteri Ngah Ibrahim pula menganggap daerah Larut itu adalah kepunyaannya sendiri....

Disebabkan perselisehan sesama sendiri antara kerbat-kerabat diraja Perak itu, maka pemerintahan di Negeri Perak telah menjadi semakin kucar-kacir lagi. Tambahan pula, huru-hara yang dibangkitkan oleh kaum Cina di Larut sejak tahun 1872, yang disebutkan Perang Larut, tidak dapat diselesaikan oleh raja-raja dan Tengku Menteri Ngah Ibrahim itu. Dalam keadaan kekacauan itu, Raja MUda Raja Abdullah, Raja Yusuf ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah, Raja Idris ibni Almarhum Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar (ibni Raja Kecil Tengah Raja Ahmad) dan Tengku Menteri Ngah Ibrahim masing-masing telah meminta bantuan daripada Gabenor Negeri-Negeri Selat, Sir Hary Ord, di Singapura untuk menegakkan kedudukan mereka masing-masing...

... Tidak beberapa lamanya, Sir Clarke pun datang ke Pulau Pangkor berjumpa dengan orang besar-besar Perak serta ketua-ketua Cina yang bergaduh di Larut. Akhirnya, pada 20 Januari 1874, suatu perjanjian yang dinamakan Perjanjian Pangkor telah pun dimeteraikan oleh kerabat-kerabat diraja dan orang besar-besar Perak dengan pihak Gabenor Negeri-Negeri Selat. Antara syarat-syarat perjanjian tersebut ialah Raja Muda Raja Abdullah diangkat menjadi Sultan Perak, pewujudan jawatan Residen British di Perak untuk menasihatkan Sultan dalam segala perkara selain daripada yang tersentuh dengan agama Islam dan adat istiadat Melayu. Dengan wujudnya perjanjian itu, Sultan Ismail Mu'abidin Riayat Shah, yang tidak hadir dalam perjumpaan dengan Sir Clarke di Pulau Pangkor, telah diturunkan daripada takhta kerajaan Negeri Perak serta dibenarkan memakai gelaran 'Sultan Muda' dan diberikan gaji oleh Kerajaan Negeri Perak. Kuasa dan kedudukan Tengku Menteri sebagai pemerintah Larut juga disingkirkan, dan diserah-balik kepada Sultan Perak yang baru diiktirafkan.

Mengikutan daripada pewujudan Perjanjian Pangkor, pegawai Inggeris J.W.W. Birch telah dilantik menjadi Residen British yang pertama. Maka pula timbullah perselisehan antara Sultan baru dan Residen British yang kemudiannya menyebabkan pembunuhan Birch di Pasir Salak. Peristiwa gelap ini menyebabkan terbitnya Perang Perak. Pemerintahan British telah menangkap orang-orang yang terlibat dengan pembunuhan Birch, dan mereka dijatuhkan hukuman. Kepada bekas Sultan, Sultan Muda Ismail, baginda telah dibuang negeri ke Johor pada tahun 1877. Sultan Muda Ismail berhinggap di Sekudai sehingga baginda mangkat pada 4 September 1889 dengan bergelar 'Marhum mangkat di Sekudai'. Almarhum dipermakamkan di Bukit Mahmudiah di Johor Bahru.

- Portal Raja Kita

Does this part of the history sound familiar to most of us? We sure don't hope that it will be repeated.

If all the parties are selfish, none will be benefited including the community.

It's time to wake up! Come on, learn from our history.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Nearly burst out when the my sketchup model lag in front of me. Sometimes technology is just too clumsy to be used before they became perfect. It took me almost half an hour to move something from one point to another.

Or perhaps I'm too clumsy?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Everyday Supplements Blog Award

For once my blog got an award from another blogger! So honoured~~! She's Flo. Thanks Flo for the award and glad to see that you enjoy yourself here. =)

And thanks to those who are trying to flood my chatbox.

Now I shall do the so called "meme" (first time hearing it, lol). I shall pass this award on to these 2 blogs. They are ......drum rolling~~...........:

1. Jeremy Law's 三拍音符


2. Sherman Tan's SherStyleStudio

Congrats to Jeremy and Sherman!!!

Though I didn't read these 2 blogs everyday (as they didn't update every single day), but I'll always try my best to fork out some time to go through the blog whenever there's an update.

三拍音符 talks about a God-fearing man who's currently studying in Australia. I always love his writings as they are so sincere and most importantly, inspiring. I get to pick up quite a lot of writing skills, in Mandarin from the author as well. I can sense his intimacy with his blog and his willingness to share his life and views boldly to all the readers.

SherStyleStudio is a blog that I'll follow, with the expectation of great pictures being served. The author is a very natural photographer who snaps (or learning to snap, haha) creative pictures. His pictures speak even more clearly with the few words that (most of the time) came at the end of the post. I salute his passion towards photography and his humility despite of his talent (or in the Christian context, "gift", haha).

Thanks for enriching my life. Keep up the good work guys!

Now you guys should complete the following meme as well:

1) Pass this award on to the blogs that are in your daily "must read" list.

2) Name the blog / owners and tell us why the blog(s) is /are like your "everyday supplements".

3) The blogs that are awarded are automatically tagged to do the meme. So this keeps the circle going and hopefully, we will be able to introduce one another with some life-enriching reads.

4) Optional: You can also include public blogs that are updated weekly / monthly but one(s) that you religiously follow during every update.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

One item down...

Shot this weeks ago. This is the Petronas Twin Towers after 12 midnite. It is one of my items in the "must do" list in KL - to shoot KLCC at night. Thanks to Sam, or rather SamS for the ride. =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009






生命如此短暂,为何不看开点呢?每天应该过得开心,把每天过得最好。我不该让这种不起眼的芝麻小事夺走我应有的快乐。 竟然不能做什么了就应该把双手摊开,让神把问题拿走,让祂为我抓狂。

所以下次如果有同样的事情发生时,请轻轻的在我耳边提醒我, 我会感激不尽!:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Came across this today.

So true.

Sometimes I really think that we (or just me) just get too used to say "I'm busy" which make us busy. But the truth is, we do have quite a lot of time for tv shows, Facebook, blogging, photography, endless yum-cha sessions...

Are we really that busy? Often ya, but more often no.

And how about God? Do we have time for Him?
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