Monday, February 23, 2009

Goodbye Uncle Win

Just wanna express my deepest condolences to the Win's family especially Auntie Win. Our familiar Uncle Win passed away this morning (or rather yesterday morning) @ 0230. I was shocked when I heard this from Ellie at noon. Uncle Win has been admitted to the hospital since 30th Jan due to heart attack. I'm not sure what happened after that.

"Uncle Win" has always be the term we as archi students in Taylor's use as a place to get stationery and modeling materials. Uncle Win can always identify our needs once we describe the stuff to him. He can give good advices on what to use to create the effect that we want for our model. Occasionally he will tell us stories of the past. However since last year he has been more quiet and was always away from the shop. I think the last time I saw him was in Oct 08 when I wanted to buy some stationeries. Who knows that's the last time ever.

Well, this world is not our permanent home. Everyone of us have to leave here sooner or later. Hence the important thing is how we spend our short time here on earth and how we impact other lives while persuing our dreams.

Uncle Win has just finished his journey. I believe it has been a tiring yet fulfilling journey.

I wanna express my gratitude to him for his kindness and patience during the time when I visited his shop. And thanks to him for all the discounts that he gave. :)

You will definitely be in our (students and most of the Taylor's lecturers) memories always.

Do rest in peace.

Friday, February 13, 2009

IQ test

Got this from Sylvester. Very interesting and I realise we can actually think out of the box in a simple manner in order to be smart and creative. Something which I hope that I can apply in my Studio project in Ipoh. Scroll down for answers.

Off to Ipoh later in the morning. Ciaoz!

(the ANSWER)

Gotcha? :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Pride deceives,
Pride kills,
Pride destroys,
Pride is deadly.

Pride is a chronic that nobody can heal unless you are willing to let God dig in.

Oh, how beautiful the world is without pride.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chow Kit Road

Thanks to the late Sudirman for this beautiful song which helped us a lot in the group presentation today. Though the presentation content was "ok ok lo", but that wonderful song has helped us to break the ice.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

I managed to spend 9 full days in Sibu for this CNY. It was relaxing and fun.

CNY 09 has been quite interesting and different from the past. It was fun to hang out with the old friends, since I have not visit their homes last two years, after I left Sibu in 07. I managed to go to Sze Yang, Wei Yew and Barbara's place for the first time after knowing them for so looong, more than 10 years. I also went to Alvin, Bernard, Grace, Deborah, Li Yee, Gabriel, Sing Hoe and Cikgu Francesca's house. Of cuz, got lots of angpows and junk food gulped down.

At Francesca's place.

The annual New Year Eve's firework show however got less interesting than before. Not many people join in the fun to burn some money. Lol. But it was not that bad still, at least I still see some flashes and smoke. Here's a video specially for you who visit this blog. =)

Another interesting thing is the flood, which hit most of the towns and cities in Sarawak currently. This is one of the most serious flood that I saw since I know what flood is.

No class for Tung Hua tomorrow? Hurah!

The street in front of Tung Hua School.

This is Hua Kiew Road. Can you see the trapped Saga in there?

In front of Medan Mall.

Area near Dewan Suarah...

Oh!! I gonna share this man. I went to Medan Mall on Friday, and I caught this guy in action.

I do hope that he knows how to spell 'BN'. I have to agree with him to certain extend. Please do something to show your care, SUPP! This is not a new issue. Please look into the sufferings of the people and act as soon as possible, not only when the matter arises. I read from TY's blog that Najib might come to Sarawak and give incentive to the affected families. Hm... how true is that?

Anyway, holiday is over. And week 3 of the semester starts tomorrow. Good luck to me.
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