Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back for CNY

Finally it's CNY. I'm back again after nearly 3 weeks in PJ. The family reunions again.

Cars are unusually many during this season. This proves that Sibu's actual population is still many, just that a lot of them are out station. However, I notice that the firecrackers are not heard as frequently as before this year. Recession? Or everyone is saving the best for Sunday. Haha... Well, I'll try to capture a video this CNY and show to you guys out there how interesting it is in Sibu when the clock strikes 12 on the New Year midnight. I did have a video of last year's, perhaps I shall do a comparison. Well, depends if I have time. =)

Some random shots from these two days...

LCCT. I think that was my first fully packed flight. There was not even one seat left in the plane. A lot of kids though. Noisy... but cute la...haha...

New year shopping in Sing Kwong. Quite a lot of people. But I think a lot more will be squeezing tomorrow night.

One of the views of the modern Sibu city.

怀安堂. Decorated with 对联. Snapped this while having kampua in Chopstick. Specially dedicate this to Jeremy. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Trapped with work.

Trapped with meetings.

Trapped with no internet at home.

That's why the blog is 'trapped'.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here It Comes...

Starting of the final year. Not final semester yet though.
Excited? Ya quite.
Could roughly expect what will come along the way.
Well, this is my last year in Taylor's. Last year in PJ and KL.
I hope I'll start and sail along the year well.
And hope I will be immune with stress and the effects of sleepless nights.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If you have noticed, my msn personal message for these few days is "Arise!". Well, to be honest, I am refering this to some of the Christians from Sarawak, the place I grew up.

The number of Christian in Sarawak stands more than 40% out of the whole population in the state. Well, I'm not too sure of the exact condition in the churches in Sarawak. But let's not talk about those who are still in their own hometowns. Let's talk about those who are out of their comfort zone.

I noticed a lot of Sarawakians who are in West Malaysia are no longer active and no longer serving the Lord that they claimed to believe in passionately. When I first arrive in PJ/KL, I am so surprised to found that there are so little Christians around. But after 2 years of staying in this land where Christian is the minority, I found the strong will of the Christians here to be inspiring and amazing. Yes, there are a lot of sleeping Christians in PJ/KL too, but for those active ones, I found that they are much stronger and much passionate than those I met in my hometown. They are willing to do the tough work, completing the impossible, sacrifising their time and STUDIES (ya, studies for Sibu people is just so important) and staying out of their comfort zone just for the purpose of being obedient. For example, one of the recent platforms that showed this is the MYPG. Christians accross denominations come and stay united and pray. They stand together as one and I believe will soon to be strong enough to stand in the gap between the injustice of the society and the Christian stands.

Well, my fellow Christians from the land of hornbill, are we doing something like them? Well, I'm not comparing ourselves with them, but just to check our hearts, that if we are giving our best for Him. I believe they have, and how about us. They are standing up at this most important and exciting age of all human history and they have caught the vision that God has gave them, but have we seek the Lord for our purposes and give our best for Him? Or we always give the excuse that this is not my place and I choose not to serve?

Arise! My friends. For the time is near.

P/s: I'm not saying this because I think I have done enough. No. It's just something that I see and feel, and I believe you as a Sarawakian who is currently at West Malaysia, or had been studying here, would agree, if not all, most of my points. Please comment. I'm open for discussions.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Resolution of 2009

It has been a short while since I last update anything here. I couldn't get a stable internet connection for the last few days while I was at home in Sibu.

Went for MYPG yesterday, or rather hours ago. Well, I'm sure of what and where should I be heading in 2009.

They are actually procrastinated changes that I wanna make all this while. I think I won't gonna let it hold on any longer. If I wanna start acting on my goals and resolutions of 2009, this is the very moment that I should act.

1. To be deeply rooted in God's words. All the while I have been thinking that knowing and memorising the word of God will help us to have a better understanding of His will and His heart, and also to help us to resist the temptations in lives. But after the some time of prayer meetings in CF, church and MYPG, I realised that God's words are equally important when it comes to prayer. Too often I just stuck while praying, couldn'T find the right word, couldn't hear from God. Well, I believe with His words at the tip of the tongue and fingers will certainly help me to pray better and to enjoy His presence more powerful than before.

2. To pray more earnestly and more often in my daily life. I found it difficult to pray too often, as I couldn't find the presence of God. I think the main reason is that I didn't prepare myself good enough before coming before the Lord. I didn't set myself a time focusing fully on Him. I found it very hard to just pray with those beside me. In a way, I feel awkward, for no reason. Well, I think it's time for me to break that and make a change. Praying is so important and if I miss that point, my walk with God is not complete and my works for Him will be in vain.

3. To shift my devotion time to the morning. This is the hardest thing to do. I have been thinking of doing that few years back but I just realise I'm too comfortable to have my devotion time at night. Too often I gave God only the time that I left, and if I have none left, I won't be having my quiet time with Him. It's time for me to put a stop to that too. I need to start to put all the things aside first, and give God the first moment of my day.

I don't know if i'm gonna make it. But I'll try my very best. I hope these plans will not be a "3 minutes hotness" (三分钟热度)but it'll be on going for the rest of my life.

If you are thinking, why didn't I make any resolution for my studies and other areas of my life. well, I think, if I fail to achieve that 3 resolutions, then I shall forget about other stuff.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." - Proverbs 16:3

Whatever I do in life, as long as His presence is with me, nothing could go wrong because it is pleasing in God's eyes.
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