Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today, the last day of 2009.
It's a significant year for me.

Got my diploma.
Finished my years in KL.
Got a lot surprises along the year.
A few 'first times'.
Went to quite a few new places.
Oh, and I got my first dslr.

This is the last year when I can call my self an innocent boy. Next year I would be 21.

21?! Gosh.

And after this year I'll be going to a foreign country for the first time. So this year marks an end to a few things as well.
So, 2009.


What a year. IT IS significant.

So what does 2010 has to offer? Whatever it is, bring it on! =)

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back on Flickr

I have been silent on Flickr for more than a year now. Yesterday I uploaded some of my favourite shots over the last 4 months. All of those newly uploaded are done using my D70. Here are a few shots:

Ever Busy LDP

The Cross

LKH Hospital




View others at my flickr page.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

BBQ Nite with 'Lou Yao'

After a successful bbq nite last year, the organising committee decided to have a second bbq which eventually happened last night. It was a lot of people's effort and indeed, it was a night to be remembered. Around 30 turned up with Wei Yew aka Yuyu being the most famous person of the night.
Not only he managed to get girls' number,

and eat, and eat, and eat,
get lots of hugs,

get to dance with len lui,

and also he proposed to a guy.

No wonder he was so tired.

Pity Yuyu.
We played games that deals with food, led by Yeo Kiong and Aaron Teng. Creative games they had, managed to make everyone laughed and just got crazy around.

A lot of pictures I dare not to upload it here, but it's on Facebook and you can view it through my account, IF you are my friend. =)
Another few shots from the night:


See ya all again in Dec 2010! Take care!
And thanks to the host(s) and the organising committee. Splendid job!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas is a day when Christians celebrate Jesus' birth in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago.
As I was thinking about the word 'Christmas' few days ago, something struck me.
I was thinking, how did the word "Christmas' came about? What does it actually mean?
Well, I didn't do a research even till now, but I thought of this out of randomness:
Christmas for us, it simply means: Christ's Reign in Malaysia


Malaysia Airline is called "MAS" airline;
Malaysia's athletics are labeled as "MAS" when you watch the games in tv.

Christ in Malaysia,
Christ's Reign in Malaysia

Indeed He reigns! The year 2009 has been such a blessed year for Malaysia when I see how KLPJ LYPG grows followed by MYPG and also some other awesome conferences that I attended or heard. And not forgetting RunNat 2009. So much prayers and effort had been poured into in 09 and I believe God is gonna move according to His will. We will see Malaysia changed as He reigns!
Let us continue to keep the momentum going in years to come as we celebrate Christ-Mas, in it's whole new definition.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grieving Sibu

Source of picture: The Star Online
It's not hard to tell what this post is about if you have seen the papers or news these few days. It is truly a sad moment for all Sibu-ian. The Wong siblings were drowned all in a day, that awful Sunday afternoon. Look at the pictures, aren't they adorable and cute? Their parents must have been putting a lot of hope in them, thinking of their future and planning on how to raise them up to be useful citizens. In fact, the parents have bought their new textbooks, clothing and stationery for the new year. Imagine looking at those new stuff with no owners now, I think the pain is just too great for a human to bear. 
You may ask why. Yes, that's my question as well. Only God knows. Don't they deserve a chance to live longer, or at least having a taste of what teenage is about? Or at least, saying a goodbye to all their friends and family? Why not just one of them leaving, but 4 of them in one shot?
Some questions are meant to be left with no answer. That's for the future to answer. For now, I hope that the parents will continue to be strong and see the hope that tomorrow has installed for them. May God bless the family and friends. 
I hope nothing worse than this will happen in Sibu ever again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My New Blog

I started a new blog days ago. This is not really a personal blog. It's a blog with all the interesting forwarded emails that I received. You can see the icon at the left column of this blog that links to that blog.
Please give some feedback on how to improve that blog if you want to. Thanks! =)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Collecting stamps...

... I guess it's a favourite hobby to mention when asked by our primary school teachers. Well, I started when I was 7 and am still doing so. Recently my friend Sharon gave me her whole collection as according to her, it's better that way than letting the stamps to end as trashes. Very cool indeed. Thanks a lot to her! If you are thinking as how Sharon thinks, please let me know and I'll email/sms you my address. =)

It has been a while since I last added new stamps into my albums. My collection has stop growing pretty much since secondary school time when my major suppliers (dad, sis and bro) stop giving me stamps and also due to the lack of 'kaki setem' around. Stamps has been an important part of my life as it killed much of my time and also taught me a lot about countries around the globe.

Yeah, just beat it!

A very creative design. I guess there's a part 2 for this stamp.

Never know what Nagaland is until I saw this. Eventually it's a country somewhere in the north of India.

This is certainly one of my proudest collection: a stamp featuring the Boys' Brigade from UK. Coolness!

As I spend some time rearraging the stamps these few days, I realise there are a few stamps that I never know where their origins are, since I was 7 until now, as these stamps don't speak English, haha. Hence I decided to take the advantage of the World Wide Web and google them up. The results were pretty interesting. Some are expected, but some surprised me. I shall let you guys try and name the origins of these stamps. Do let me know your results alright! Answers are in the comment session.

Note: NO GOOGLING! lol.

Tips: Look at the map!








Good luck. =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the Best Christmas Gift

This is taken during the annual Christmas procession in Sibu just now. It's a 1:5 scale (I think) model of the Masland Church. I must say it's pretty cool.

It started to rain quite heavily when the parade started moving for a while. However it stopped after about 15-20 minutes. What I heard later on is that the 1st Sibu Company BB members gathered to pray for the rain to stop and it really stopped just before the band members performed. I think that's the best gift for the Boys this Christmas - an answered prayer, almost instantly. =)

And it's really good to see that the Boys being so united together in faith. That's the right spirit when facing a huge mountain.

Praise God!

The 1st Sibu Company Boys' Brigade band in action.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Last Tuesday I spent my last sleepless night in my living room back in Kelana Jaya. Not for assignment, but to clear and pack my belongings which have been accumulating since 2007. Some of the interesting stuff I found:

I realise I didn't know how to spell 'Samantha' back then.

A get-to-know-each-other game during orientation week.

Price list for stationery supplied by the late Wins' Art.

This is the prospectus that 'con' me to take up architecture. But not exactly this one... The one I referred to back then was the 2005-2006 version. Still, they have the same cover design. They chose the right building as the cover as I'm always proud of the Petronas Twin Towers.

The 'continuous' scripture on the book of Jonah during the inductive Bible study with Chun Chung in CF almost 2 years ago.

And this is the living room that I'm talking about. Even worse than the time when I did my models.

That's why... I hate moving houses.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sibu Fun Fair

'the Rocket' - Sibu Fun Fair, Jalan Teku, Sibu. December 2009.

I think it was a long long time ago when I actually played in one of those machines/big toys in Sibu fun fair. Somehow they didn't attract me until this one. It looks boring at first but after I saw how my brother's hair got messy from the ride I got excited.
Yes, it was awesome. It actually brought me turning in 360 degrees. And the most thrilling part is, it doesn't have good safety belt feature which results in the knocking of my left wrist. I wasn't told to grab the railing tight so I got slammed on the cage when the cage turned.
Well, a little pain is ok when the whole experience is cool.
Overall... hmm.. maybe I should keep the rest offline. Lol.

THANK YOU, again

Alright, this is another big THANK YOU to those have specially put in efforts in producing the video that was directed/edited/shot/uploaded by Sean Yee. I was too busy to write this post last month when it was shown to me so I shall do it right here, from my bedroom. =)

I wanna thank the following people:

Stacie Ng, Sherman Tan, Joash Wee, Cindy Chow, Jade Tan, Julia, Ben Soo, Jonathan Tan, Ian, Peter Davidson, Mun Suet, Joanne Mah, Mr Winston, Zhen Yang, Samantha Chow, Pao, Max Koh, Kenneth Chaw, Dean Chua, Lyon, Sean Yee, Lianne, JQ, Calvin, Li Shuang, Rachel Lee, Princess Eva Deb and Sam G

... for your wishes and words of encouragement that has touch and bring much joy to me. I truly appreciate each and every word you said no matter how long or short the message is or how awkward or farneee you are. It is glad knowing each and everyone of you and thanks for being part of my life and part of the CF family. For those who are still in the CF I hope you guys will continue to extend the family to every faculty and every corner of the new campus. And for those who are no longer in Taylor's I hope you guys will shine in wherever you are.
Continue to ROCK & FAME alright!!! All honour and glory to the One above. =)

And here's the bloopers... I just couldn't resist to laugh after watching it... This is simply an unforgettable gift. Thanks again everyone!
(The original video is a bit too long to be uploaded on Youtube but it's on Facebook, right here.)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank You

I posted this note on Facebook hours ago but I didn't manage to tag everyone as there's a limit of 30 person for each note. So I'm updating it up here and if you know you are the person that I'm talking about then this little note is specially for you. I have included some pictures that I have taken last week while I was still back in KL in this post.

It has been a great week meeting up with some of you guys before I leave KL for some unknown years. I just wanna take this opportunity to thank each one of you for making the effort to build this friendship or relationship with me throughout or within these 3 years. I appreciate what we have gone through and I believe these experiences have impacted me in some ways so much so that I hope they have impacted you as well.

It was a life changing experience the last 3 years as I venture into a different living environment and culture. Although I’m not totally away from home (as my siblings are here with me and I’m still in Malaysia), but living with a whole new circle of friends is quite a new thing for me. Nonetheless, you guys make that process much more easier for me with your friendliness and warmness. I have to thank all of you for your genuine sacrifices and reaching out efforts that makes me feel more comfortable and also helping me to have a more fulfilling stay away from home for the past 3 years.

The future is still unknown and I really don’t know when will I be back in KL. However I believe we can still stay in touch through Facebook and msn. Just in case some of you might not know, I have a personal blog at Do visit and stay in touch.

Finally, I just wish to ask for forgiveness from each one of you if I have hurt you in some way that I may not aware. Please tell me honestly too if you want a personal apology. =)

Take care my fellow brothers and sisters. Wherever you go, whatever you do I wish you all the best and I ask God to bless each one of you. May God be our centre of focus always and may Him unite us all through His words and His will. Emmanuel.

a.k.a. Bentuckee. =)

December 2009, McD Pyramid, bandar Sunway. With CF-ers

December 2009, Pyramid, Bandar Sunway. With the future architects.

December 2009, Look Out Point, Ampang. With The SAMS - SamS,SamG & Sam C.

December 2009, One Utama, Bandar Utama. With FGA Varsity Group

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