Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speed Test

I have tried my best...

1 words
And that was the last ranking of ALL.

After a couple of times, I manage to improve myself...

61 words

Why don't you try it?

Life goes on...

Just went through a busy week. My sister and her family went back today, or rather more accurately, yesterday morning. It'll be another while till her next visit back home. It'll be another while for my parents to meet with them. But life goes on, and on, and on. Though we might be longing for a longer stay together, we have no choice but to surrender to the cruelty of time.

SO, after the busy week, I shall continue with my holiday plans. I have a few books to read, a few skills to master and also a job to work with. I foreseen that this break will be a meaningful one, a fruitful one, a blessed one. After a lifeless semester, I learn to enjoy my life more. Realising the fact that I will not have time to carry out my hobbies during my semester time, I will try my best to enjoy myself more this break.

I just knew my last semester's exam results hours ago. I have nothing to be too happy or too sad about. Since I have put a lot of effort, I know I deserved the result. And I think I have discover some ways that will not give me an "A" in Studio. So, Semester 3 is over, and Semester 4 is on its way. More challenges, more ups and downs.

May has almost ended and June is coming. Half of 2008 has gone. I feel sad for the time that has gone. I need to review my plans and resolutions. I need to check and see if I have achieved them.
I need to grow more.
I need to learn more.
I need to think more.
I need to change more.
I need to dream more.
I need to see more.

That's why I said, life goes on.

On and on.

Till the day He comes, or I go.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yup, I'll be quite busy for the next week. My sister and her small family are coming back and I'll assist them fully. Will post about it soon, hopefully. =)

A reminder for my coming post...
- Replying SaiHong's tag

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After so many days of "drought", finally I see raindrops!

Hope that it can cool down the town... freaking hot here everyday...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not again...?

Ya, so sien... they won again.

Come on Malaysia... I can see that you are improving. But please get rid of those unfruitful players, those spoilt players. Please get ready before 2010 is right in front of you!

Happy Birthday to................ME!

Thanks to all of you who wishes me with birthday wishes... I appreciate each one of them. I really can't name each one of you here cuz I'm scared that I'll missed one or two. Thanks for your sms, your msn messages, your ''word-prints'', your mail (ah..the one from Lt. Hu, thanks ya!), your friendster comments and also your calls. My handphone really 暴机 (Cantonese "bao gei"-- overloaded) cuz too many messages. I really wanna thank everyone of you who send in your blessings and wishes. May God bless you all with smiles on your face and joy deep in your hearts everyday.

Oh ya! Thanks to Jed for your birthday card and gift. Thanks to Joanna and Jonathan Kang for your small but very sincere card. And thanks to Samantha G and Zhuo Yi for the formal shirt. Thank you all of you for your blessings!

Haha... and ya, thanks to Jed, Aldrin and Tin Yee for the dinner we have had weeks ago.

So, how did I celebrate my birthday today? For most of you, you might not believe this, but it's normal for me. I spend my whole day without stepping a step outside my house. Haha... yup, it's true. I spend my day online, watching movie, receiving, reading and replying messages. It's relaxing. =)

And, of cuz, the most interesting thing every year is, I can enjoy the authentic, original, one and only, 独一无二, 超级好吃的寿面! (translation: I can eat the tasty mee-suah!) This type of mee, you can't get it anywhere. With the specially made red-wine (only available in Sibu and Setiawan for Malaysia), and the nice, tender and juicy chicken, added with ginger and mushrooms, and maybe a little bit of Ajinamoto, comes the 天下无敌 (unbeatable by the sky and earth), 百喝不厌 (won't get sien even after drinking for hundred times)的 chicken soup! This mee suah is then eaten together with the chicken soup. And of cuz, not to be missed, the egg! With these perfect combination, I always long for my birthday (or the other family member's) cuz I can enjoy this special mee where I can't get in other places. Thanks to my mom who prepare this for me every year without failing. =)

Mee suah and chicken and egg... uh... unbeatable!

Are you hungry?

So, my birthday is over. How old am I? Haha... announcing soon...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yup, I'm back home. Home, home, home.

Everything is still the same. My house is the same and so are my parents. Hm, I guess I can consider that as something good.

I always feel warm while queuing at the counter in LCCT. That's because I get to hear somebody speak Foochow. That gives me the feeling of going home. Yup.

This break is so meaningful to me as I can relax for a long time after a really dreadful semester. But after this break I need to prepare for more challenges. Is it a bad thing? Don't know yet.

There are so many things that I wanna do in this break. And I have kinda list them down. Hope to carry those plans out successfully.

Oh yeah, the wireless connection at home here is a lot lot better than the one in Kelana Puteri. So I can have unlimited online 24/7...yup, for FREE!

But as I was having my dinner just now I was reminded of one thing. There are a lot of mosquitoes in my house... Thanks to the public drain behind my house. If you could remember one of my posts last year in the Xanga blog, you will know how severe the situation is. Haa... but fortunately the situation now doesn't seem to be that bad. I guess that time was one of the worst conditions of all time.

So, life is really relaxing here in Sibu. I shall treasure my moments here. =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marie Digby

Yup, today, or yesterday I went to 1 Utama to shop. However, later I realised that it happened to be the day when Marie Digby is coming.

Em, ya, who's Marie Digby?

Marie Digby plays guitar and keyboard. She became famous after uploading her own-made video of some songs that she played and sang. So now she has released an album and I think kinda famous gua...if not I don't think there won't be so many people coming to see her performance.

Generally, I think her performance was good. She reminds me of Penny 戴佩妮 cuz both of them always play guitar while singing. I think I spend my time well there with my bro-in-law. I guess he's satisfied with the performance as well. In fact, he was lucky to grab one of those posters which are being thrown to the crowd.

Some pics to share...

She just started her career as an artist not too long ago. Wish her all the best! I think she's a very potential musician. =p

Sunday, May 11, 2008


心情有一些乱. 我在想, 到底我为我学院的学生团契做了什么. 我想我已给了我的100%, 但目前的情况并不是我满意的. 我真的觉得目前的CF没有真正bless了我身边的人. 我觉得它(CF)没有bless了学院的学生. 也许它有的, 只是真的不够. CF有这么多的潜能, 但我只发掘了它的一小部份. 是我的错吗? 是我不好吗? 到底那里出了问题? 老实说, 我真的没有答案. 我不晓得. 我不清楚. 我只看见了一小部分的问题, 但我还没有看见整个问题的picture.

是的, 我是被discouraged了. 我也不能随随便便把矛头指向别人. 我自己是有一些的责任的.

我真的想带CF到另外一个阶层. 我想要透过CF帮助每个会员的灵命猛长. 我想要CF成为每个会员的家, 每个会员来团聚时都有归属感. 真个,是的, 是真个学院的学生都会因为CF而生命有所改变. 是的... 这就是CF真正存在的目的.

你是不是你学院的CF会员呢? 如果你是的话, 我慎重呼吁你, 珍惜你的CF, 爱它, serve它. 为什么? 因为它是你完成你的使命的好帮手! 如果你真的想要你的朋友得到救恩, 那你就没有理由不加入CF. 除非... 你学校的CF是异端啦... 哈哈... 如果你认为你学校的CF不好, 那你更应该加入啊! 帮他们, 使它变的更好.

是的, 我很肯定我所做的都是神的旨意. 我需要继续依靠神来带领我. 真的.

愿神祝福我的事功. 愿神喜悦我的事奉. 我会继续给我的最好, 因为有一天, 我将会完成我的赛程, 到父那里去, 领父神的reward.

一切荣耀都归于万王之王, 万主之主. =)

"愿他的旨意行在地上, 如同行在天上!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exam's over!

Yes it is! It's over finally. Just finished Moral Studies exam this morning. But, em, I'm really not sure if I did well this semester. Anyway, it's over and I should 乖乖 leave the rest to God. What's coming ahead will be design studio 1's presentation and the preparation of the A2 presentation board and A3 portfolio.

I was sick few days ago and I really can't wake up from my bed to head for the exam. So I really commit everything to God and so, I wanna give God all the glory for I manage to finish the exam. I just can't imagine that I'll finish the exams way back then. The results will be the other matter. Thank you Father!

Hm... just some updates for the stuff that I did for the past few days or weeks.

My final model for Design Studio 1... It's not nice if I didn't photoshop it... Haha... might update more about it soon.

Farewell dinner for Timothy together with Florence... Goodbye Tim, will meet you again soon back home. =)

Birthday dinner (for 3, sekali gus) with my buddies last week. Thanks guys!

Haha...this is just so cute! Will send more to you Jeremy!

And finally, wanna talk about the poll that I set at the top right corner of this blog weeks ago. It seems that 12 people have voted so far... Haha... and I kinda like the result. Funny. So how old do you think I'm?

Tips: this is my latest look...

Please continue to vote. Haha... stay tuned!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Use Google?

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