Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So tempted to update my blog...though I don't have much time for this...

So what's with the pendrive pic? Yup, that's my Kingston pendrive which I have owned since November 2005. I bought it for RM65 and the capacity is 256MB. Em, yup, this model has obsolete currently.

It has been with me through the ups and downs of my life...and carrying my assignments and datas...and viruses as well. Haha... though the capacity is small, but so far I manage to survive with it.

I still enjoy carrying it around. But recently,...

No la, it still works well and I didn't fully lost it... ya, not fully, cuz I lost the cap! I lost it in lab 1 during the printing of the hardcopy for my AutoCAD submission... I have searched high and low, up and down, left and right, in and out but I just couldn't find it. Where's my pendrive cap?!

Hm... anyway, it's just a cap. Hehe...

Till we meet again, my Kingston 256MB pendrive cap...

(Please surrender if you have stolen my cap!!! Em...who would? Stupid... =p)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Final Submission

So the submission of the final model is over. Now, what's ahead:
- Portfolio and A2 panels
- Building Construction 2 exam
- Building Services 2 exam
- Moral Studies exam

Then i'll be as free as a bird. ^^

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Studio? Living room?

This is the current condition of my living room... I feel like i'm at studio 8 Level 3. =)

Mess! Mess!

Monday, April 21, 2008

PC CG outing

It has been a while the Private College-ers haven't been sitting down and have a proper chat and sharing. Well, yesterday we have a chance to do so. We stayed in House 2 (FGA's house) and we have a great worship and sharing session. It was Great.

Everything under heaven can be bought with silver and gold, but not the precious brothers and sisters in Christ.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Just submitted 3 assignments today. Now I'm a bit free before rushing for the Studio submission next Friday. But it's very tiring, sacrifice so much time to do work, no sleep. Haha...surprisingly I kinda enjoy it. But don't get me wrong, I'm not hoping for more sleepless night.

It's through such experience that I learn to appreciate the time to sleep. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lauching of Youth Alpha with Planetshakers and Jamie Haith

Event: Lauching of Youth Alpha with Planetshakers and Jamie Haith
Venue: FGA KL
Time: 8pm-11pm

Finally the day came. I was waiting for Aaron to fetch me to the church at Mentari condo. It was drizzling but that didn’t cool me down. After about 20 minutes ride in Aaron’s car, we reached FGA KL. When we reached, we noticed that the church was starting to be packed. We then went to eat with the TSF-ers when Robert arrived.

After the makan, we were “released” to the main sanctuary. Wow…I wasn’t shock to see the huge crowd (expected ma...) but I’m definitely excited to see so many people in my church.

People are ready to go into the main sanctuary.

We were asked to queue and we have to wait outside as the queue is too long.

We were then given wristbands as the entry pass. It was so cool cuz it’s in blue with the Youth Alpha and Planetshakers logo on it.

But the queue continues... We have to wait for about more than 30 minutes in order to get into the hall.

Just look at the people!!

Finally we manage to get into the hall! And people are coming in endlessly.

Pastor Daniel was the man giving orders to the ushers so that the event can run properly...
(em...that is a self-created conversation :P)

Finally, finally, after a long wait... the Planershakers finally came on the stage.They actually appeared for a while on the stage to manage the instruments and stuffs before the concert actually started and people stood up to cheer for them even for that short appearance. See how popular they are...

The songs that they chose to sing that nite were really great. Some of them were "Rain Down On Me", "Beautiful Saviour" and "Pick It Up". They sang their latest "Free" for the first time in Malaysia as well! "I Need You" from the latest album was one of the songs that they sang as well.

The concert paused a while to allow the organiser, Youth Alpha to come in and introduce themselves. Youth Alpha is a course or programme to reach out to the unreached. People are not forced to pray, they are not forced to believe. It's just a programme to inform the people on what's Christianity is all about in a young and attractive way. Alpha course has actually changed countless of lives. The speaker of the day, Jamie Haith from UK gave a hilarious sharing and he stressed the main point of a Christian life, that is to follow Christ, to be like him, and to be sent to reach out to the world. Amen to that!

And after Jamie Haith, the Planetshakers were back! The came and played the song "Jump Around" and wrapped up the concert with "Majesty". Wow...the atmosphere just exploded when Majesty was sang. Everyone was on top of the world!

When the song ended, people were shouting "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!" And Ps Daniel invited them up again on stage and played the song "Free" once again.

After the concert finally ended, I rushed to the basement to get the autograph. I did't want to wait for the long queue. In fact, that was my first time to get an album to be signed by the artist...and I realised how crazy I could be. Maybe some of you sense that. :P

Henry Seeley actually posed twice for me without me asking him to do so. He was really generous. Haha...I think he's used to that as well.

He asked me, "Is that a camera or video cam?''

Finally he got my CD signed.

Then it's Rudy Nikkerud's turn to sign.

The cool bassist!!! I don't know his name but he really rockz!

My very first Planershakers CD!

The nite finally was over. I believe everyone was happy. But somehow I think the concert was too short.'s free anyway. Can't expect much. The concert actually attracted about 2000-3000 people, including the people on the overflow at L5. Throughout the concert, I was checking my heart. I don't wanna sing and jump for Planetshakers, I don't wanna do it for the people beside me, I don't want to do it for myself either. I want to do it for God, alone. It's good that Rudy mentioned that they were doing the worship for God. And I think that it is what every worship leader should bear in mind, and heart as well.

PLANETSHAKERS ROCKZ! till the next time...

(For more information on Youth Alpha, you can search the net. But if you need more info about it, feel free to ask my brother as he has been to the training course.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's coming!!

Yes, tonite, tonite... Planetshakers!!! Still thinking if they allow us to take pictures. Even if we are allowed to do so, I don't think the pictures will be nice. I'll try to get a closer seat... Haha... Hopefully I'll have time to post some of the pictures tomorrow if I get to snap some nice ones...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Question on Christianity??

Yes, my friend. A lot of us has questions or doubts on what Christianity is all about...and sometimes we'll have a lot of questions that can't be answered. So, if you have any question on Christianity please write to me or to the CF's email at The speakers, Ps Daniel and Ms Sally will be in the college to answer your questions on 29th April 2008, 5:15pm-6:45pm, at LT1. An open Q&A session will be opened to all after that. So, make a point to write to us and attend the forum! I'm sure it'll be very interesting!

By the way, Planetshakers is coming to Malaysia!!! Ya, it's every year stuff but this year, it's different! Cuz i'll be there!! Haha...lame...I'll be seeing them for the first time in my life! And I heard it's the main band that will be coming...haha... and it's in my church some more... wow... Hope to see you there!

Venue: FGA KL
Time: 12th April, 8pm.

As far as I know, Charlene, Sherman and Aaron Chew will be there... how about you??
Just submitted my drawings. I'm not satisfied with it. And when I told Ms Shereen that, she said " That's good! " Ya, I believe that it's good so that I can motivate myself to get into a higher level. I'm really not satisfied with it, and if I am given 2 more days, I will definitely add in another elevation, a roof plan and a better section. But, anyway, it's over. And I think my studio 1's result won't be as good as I think I should have done. Hm...

2 days ago we have our biggest group of CF meeting ever. We have 21 members attending and it was awesome as we moved to a new venue, LT1. I'm really glad that we can get the place so easily without any obstruction. And, I know, it's God's work. No doubt. He has made a way! And today, the prayer meeting was the biggest group ever as well. We all stuffed into a small discussion room. I think we have to get another bigger place to pray soon. Isn't God awesome? Yes He is. :)

Life is nothing without God, and God is nothing without life, a life with Him focused in our hearts.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Yes, friendship??? That's what in my mind now. My blood is boiling now, and it was even terrible just now. Personally I think friendship (in fact i think any relationship) is about give and take, if one party just receive every time and never give or sacrifice, then this type of friendship is a selfish one. I have not encounter with such a selfish friendship for so so so long (or perhaps never!). And today I just burst. I'm burst. I burst, totally burst. I just can't imagine why am I making friend with this type of person. Why???
Yes, my goal is to know him more and see if I can help him since he's so quiet and hardly talk to people. And today, today, I have fully known why this happen to this guy. He decides his own fate and situation. He is the one causing all this.
I have tried my best to help him.
He seems like enjoying himself the same like he used to be. I'm really disappointed with him. All I can do is to pray for him, and that's it. From now onwards I'll not do anything extra or unnessary on him. I'll not put any effort on him anymore since I have did what I could do. That's it. That's enough. I leave God for the rest.
And step closer to him is another step closer to hurt myself.
That's it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome, my friends! is now officially launched! I have been thinking of using blogger for long time and finally I manage to realise my plan in the midst of my assignments and works.

As a start, I wanna dedicate this blog to...

...God. I hope that He'll help me to grow spiritually through this blog. I hope He will speak to my heart when I write. I hope that I can glorify Him through this little blog.

...Sibu friends and my family members. You guys are the one that inspires me to blog in the first place. I wanna thank you guys for being a faithful reader since my first blog. Do continue to visit my blog and keep in touch!

...KL friends. You guys inspire me to write things a lot of times, whether it's good or bad moments. Hope that you guys could know more about me through this blog.

I'll try to update this blog more often than before. For now, I have to finish my piles of assignments so I will not be so active until everything is over.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stress? ya lo...

Original post:

It has been a stressful week as a lot of works are in queue. I wanted to work things out but sometimes it's really hard to be motivated. This is the 12th week of my semester already and 3 more weeks to my final exam. For studio, I have a model to built, drawings to draw; Building Construction, I have drawings to sketch and formwork model to built (thanks to Qian Pei for his planning and work); CAD, I have plans and elevations to finish up; Building Services, I have a research paper to write and it dues next week and everything is still apart; and finally, Moral Studies..........I have an exam, a 3000 words essay and a presentation to do in 3 weeks! That's literally siao! I dunno how am I going to survive for that.

On the other hand, I have a lot of planning to do for CF. And I'm really fortunate to have my good committee members to work things out. May God bless each one of you!

Recently I'm dealing with quite a lot of issues with the people around me, either directly or indirectly. Sometimes I just think of having a life like I used to have in Sibu. Relax, comfortable, happy. But life in KL isn't as sweet as that. And I believe that's the real Christian life, where we deal with people and learn from their mistakes and also our own mistakes. What's the point of being a Christian when all the things around me happens like how it should be? I'll learn nothing.

I just hope that God will bring me through this final 40++ days before I fly back to Sibu once again. Ooo...I just wish that day will come sooner!

By God's strength, I shall continue to walk with a cheerful heart.
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