Sunday, December 28, 2008

2nd Christmas

Teahouse Sibu has recently organised a Christmas event entitled "2nd Christmas". My buddy Alvin and his Aiyen were the main singers. Lots of songs and messages were presented. Ultimately, the message of Jesus' birth and His purposes were conveyed. Here is the clip for you who missed the event (and specially for you Jed!!)

Well done Alvin and your team!

Thought of the Day...

What do others know of Christ because of knowing me?

Hope that keeps you pondering too.

...thought of the day from 1st December's Upper Room Devotion passage...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all. Though it's a bit last minute but still, I hope that each one of you who read this a happy Christmas. May the true spirit of Christmas stays with you always!!

...was sick for the past few days... more updates soon!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's a great ending for Malaysia badminton team after gaining 3 champions from the Super Series Masters Finals 2008 in KK.

Congratz to Datuk Lee Chong Wei, triple K Koo Ken Keat and Tan Boon Heong and Wong PT and Chin Eei Hui for winning the titles. I think the most interesting scene among the matches will be the one when Kien Keat sat on the ground and defended 3 smashes from the Korean. Awesome!

While I was updating this post I found that the official site has uploaded some pics. So I copy and post it here. =) Thanks to

Congrats to them again. I believe these scenes will be more meaningful if the Chinese happens to be in the competition. Good luck to them in the coming Malaysian Open 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping Up... Part 1/3

12 days more and there goes the year 2008. I believe everyone has been anticipating for 2008 due to the Beijing Olympics. Well, it has finally ended successfully. 2008 records a significant year in the history of Malaysian politics. Earthquake in China shook the whole earth. Economy downturn causes so many uncertainties. Barack Obama keeps the world in hope again.

That's the world.

How about me? Well, well, well... It has been quite a fruitful year, as in experience and spiritual wise. Academically, nah. Perhaps there will be a difference in 2009.

Here's my alphabetical diary for 2008. These are some of the things I did or related to me in this year.

Part 1.

Alvar Aalto Exhibition

Purposely went for this exhibition at One Utama on 9th March 2008. A lot of things to see, experience and learn. They showed the model of his building designs, and plenty of furniture which I believe are the actual work.

The glass vases are very interesting too. Since it's free, and photograph is allowed, I utilized that freedom to the max. lol.

1st Anniversary of Taylor's College Christian Fellowship

TCCF celebrated its 1st Anniversary on the 12th August 2008. Around 40 turned up for the event. Initially there're more but left after the fire which happened an hour before the event started. Indeed that was God's miracle that the event could be carried on smoothly. The celebration was a celebration of the establish
ment of the Lord's kingdom in Taylor's College PJ for a year. All glory to Him.

I made a video about what have happened throughout that year. Click here.



Finally on the 18th October 2008 I have been baptised in FGA KL together with my brother. All my siblings were there witnessing the ceremony. It was a moment to cheer as we have been waiting for that minute for years.

Camp. Committee.
Point Of Difference (POD) camp.

The POD camp has been very meaningful for me partly because I was a part of the camp committee. As a first timer I didn't do much but I learn quite a lot about the details of having a camp running successfully. As usual, the camp was held in Peacehaven but this year the camp was done together with the Youth Church. Results? Got to know some YC people there!
Everything was great. Great speaker, great people, great food.

Drill Camp
...with 10th Sibu Company
Was invited
to be one of the helpers for the 10th Sibu drill camp. Basically we taught the juniors those very basic drill. They were quite naughty at first, but was able to 'friend friend' with us on the later part of the camp.

Drumhead Service
That evening after the first day of the drill camp, which was on 21st of June 2008, 1st Sibu Company held its 40th Anniversary drumhead service. It was so cool. The whole atmosphere and set up were great. The organiser switched off the lights and candles were lit. It's just not something we can see everyday. Heard that it's the captains idea. Well done. 1st Sibu was started on 22nd of June 1968.


One of the most interesting assignments of the year would be the eggdrop apparatus in Studio 1. Spent quite a lot of time doing the experiment and find out how to improve the apparatus with minimal material in order to keep the egg surviving after being threw from around 2-3 storeys of height. Well, my apparatus survived in the first test in Kuala Selangor, but broke during the second try (higher) due to some damages after the first try.


Have been listening to their songs for quite some time and really love their style, which is unique in the mandarin music industry. They came in September for concert promo and I managed to see them at Sunway Pyramid. Didn't buy the concert ticket so didn't get signature from them. :(


Geo Challenge

I have not been playing computer games for some time, as in really spend time for the game. Recently I was playing this Geo Challenge in Facebook. This is perhaps my most-spent-time of game in 2008.

Heavenly Melody
Sarawak tour - Sibu, 12th July 2008.

After around 7 or 8 years they were back to Sibu again, bringing their songs from the latest album 祂的手永远比我大. Dewan Suarah was packed that night, really packed, that I have nowhere to sit but to stand for the whole nearly 2 hour performance. I guess more than 2000 attended the meeting that night. They sang beautifully as usual, 真的是宝刀未老!

Part 2 coming up next!

Monday, December 15, 2008


(click for a bigger image)




This Christmas I sincerely invite you to attend an event held by the teahouse (in Sibu, the one near SMK Methodist) entitled "2nd Christmas".

That night we'll be seeing our dear brother Alvin Hung and sister aiyen presenting a few contemporary circular songs with a mixture of some gospel songs. There'll also be some musical performances and sharing.

Well, as far as I know, they will be presenting songs from David Tao, Fish Leong, Nicholas Teo, Stephanie Sun and others. I really hope you can make it for the event. Bring your friends along too!

The teahouse will be providing FREE refreshments as well. Be there!

Blessed Christmas to all...

Sunday, December 14, 2008


谢谢XW forward了这些非常好的quotes,我想在这与主内的弟兄姐妹分享。

1. 下次如果觉得自己了不起时,试试行在水上。
2. 当魔鬼提起你的过去时,请提醒牠的未来。
3. 你不是幸运,是蒙福。
4. 若想要真正活着,得先彻底死去。
5. 机会也许只敲一次门,但试探却总是在按门铃。
6. 我们常在强壮时,忘了 神。
7. 那些只在星期天呼唤"天父"的人,在一星期余下的日子里活得像孤儿。
8. 不要以自我为中心,要以基督为中心。
9. 没有基督,没有平安;认识基督,得到平安。(No Christ, no peace; know Christ, know peace)
10. 为什么我们不常向朋友提起 神?因为我们不常向 神提起我们的朋友。
11. 当把你的一切献给基督,因为祂把祂的一切都给了你。
12. 你现在所追求的,值得基督为它死吗? (好问题…)
13. 使你向 神靠近的人,是你真正的朋友。
14. 神爱我们,不是因为我们是怎样一个人,而是因为祂是怎样一位 神。
15. 神的应许像夜空里的星星。夜越深,星星的光芒越亮。
16. 没有基督的生命,是无望的尽头。有基督的生命,是无尽的盼望。
17. 我虽不知道未来掌管着什么,但我知道谁掌管着未来。
18. 把你的重担交给主,让它留在主那里。
19. 不要畏惧明天,因为上帝已在那里。
20. 当你除了 神,一无所有时,你将知道 神就是你全部的需要。
21. 放手交给上帝,别再向 神讲述你的风暴有多大,当向风暴讲述你的 神有多大。
22. 能够满足人心的,是造人心的那一位。
23. 请常常保持着你心里的光,因为你不知道,谁会借着这光走出黑暗。
24. 当我们只顾工作的时候,我们独自工作;当我们祈祷的时候, 神工作。
25. 神无所不在,所以我们可以随处祷告。
26. 一个没有需要的人永远见不到神迹。
27. 敬拜提醒我们生命的价值,但世界却使我们忘记它。
28. 步履艰难的时候,别一味的祷告,却不迈向 神要你走的路。
29. 祷告会为我们作很多事,忧虑同样可以


Monday, December 8, 2008


*This announcement is meant for those,... who knew that it is meant for them. So if you have no idea of what I'm talking about, then it's not for you. LOL.



Friday, December 5, 2008

Trip to South

Last October I managed to go to JB for the first time. Thanks to zy for the plannings and comfy hospitality.

Sam was with me during the trip. We went on the 5th and came back on the 7th. It took us around 6 hours to reach JB station. I shall let the pictures tell the story. (the pics are in time sequence.)

View of one of the KTM stations.

The JB clocktower.
This place is kinda like the city square of JB where occasions can be held. I found an aeroplane toy there by the way.

The ZON Mart, where the things are supposingly free of tax. I bought some stuff there and realise it's not really that cheap that you might think.

Ya, duty free = wine, liquor.

A popular local pub.

A view to Singapore, from the Lido Beach JB.

zy's 大便鱼(crap fish). Well fed and kept by the family.

Was quite excited to see the Johor flags. Very different "feel". I think Johor's state flag gives a more "stern" feel than Sarawak's.

The Museum Istana Johor, the place where the Johor Sultans stayed before, including the famous Sultan Ibrahim and Abdullah (i think).

New show featuring the Sams.

This is the inward view of the one on the top. Got the palace feel eh?

Shoes are not allowed in the museum, so they provide us with this special plastic bag.

This is the dewan where the Sultan used to meet his people.
By the way, this shot is suppose to be illegal.


Visitors. That kid is cute.

Mahkamah Tinggi JB.

My favourite restaurant in the JB City Square.

Danga Bay.

Bak Kut Teh for breakfast cum lunch.

Holy Light Church.

There's this mother cat who kept meowing while looking for its kitten, which eventually dropped on the ground...

... and I think it doesn't know how to get up there.

This is in Skudai. Just in front of the Boys' Brigade 1st JB coy resource center.

The long-time-no-see Ong Tit Hoe challenge trophy. I can't believe I saw it there. It was a while since I last touched it. 1st Sibu boys, please do what you can to bring it back home again. =)

This is the resource center, on the first floor. It took us quite a while to track it down and to ask the auntie there to open the place for us.

On our way back to KL, where everyone slept in the train.

I wanna thank zy again for everything, without him none of this is possible. And thanks to she-sam too, for willing to go there with me. Hope there'll be more trip as this in the future. Sibu next?


回来后往往有所得着,领悟了新的东西。生活平静,与神有较近距离的感觉。我并不认为这是教会不同的影响,而是周遭的缘故。自己住了17年的家,给的温暖较贴心, 心情自然放松下来。由于是假期,自然会多出很多时间。我又可以自由的安排每天怎么花我的时间。





Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going home...

It's the time when I have to say a temporary goodbye to Klang Valley again. Well this time I think I really wanna go home so so badly. I really want to have a break, and I know, Sibu is definitely a heaven for a relaxing holiday.

Well, meeting friends is another interesting thing and it's really something I look forward to. Going back to the Boys' Brigade meeting is always so exciting. It feels so warm, so cosy, so familiar.

Going back to my dear Wesley Church is something I look forward too. Well, I didn't actually have much direct involvement in the church activities when I was still in Sibu, but it is a place with full of memories, mostly with the Boys' Brigade still, and ya, those days in the Sunday school and Youth Worship Service.

Well, home is still the best place. The bed, the pillow, the cup, my very own plate and bowl, and ya, my (dad's) car! Haha..driving driving!!!

And ya, not to be missed, the kampua, and kompia...

Well, guess what? Sibu here I come!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life as Archi Student...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Live in this stressful life from day to day
To the last day of the semester,
And all our yesterdays have insufficient sleep,
The way to the final presentation. Out, out, freakish crits!!!
Life's but a assignment robot, a poor machine,
That sketch and tear, cut and paste, red and bull his hour in the studio,
And then is bombed by the crits; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing...

-Ben Shakespeare

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stress... for another 40 hours...

Another 40 hours and my last submission will be over. Then at least I can relax before the presentation.

The image is a snapshot of my msn contact list. Just read those personal messages.

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