Monday, December 31, 2007


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I'm so sad to say that this is the last post for the year 2007. It's really a great year having this blog to keep contact with the people around me. This blog has been with me through my moments of happiness and sadness for the year 2007... Thanks for reading this blog all this while, if you are.
The year 2007 has been so special to me since it's the first year of my life, living abroad form my hometown. Going to a new school, or college is a great thing as well... I'm glad to be able to go to a different church as well. Having new friends mean a lot to me too, especially those in the CF! Great to know you guys!!
Hm...finally, the year 2007 has over and I'm proud to say that this is one of the best years of my life. So sad I have to say goodbye to 2007 and move on.


TOMORROW will be the new chapter of life for everybody!
TOMORROW we are going to step into 2008!!!
Isn't that great?
...ya, quite...haha...
Do I have any new year resolution? Hm...not too sure...haven't figure that out.


I do hope to see...
1. My relationship with God will move into another closer level than ever before.
2. My college's CF will get better, in the sense the activities are more interesting and are able to help the members to grow spiritualy, as well as the growing of number of members.
3. My studies will get better than my first year! MORE As please...
Basically those are my goals for the new, I think those can be counted as new year resolutions also...haha...

Finally I wanna wish all of u who are reading this a happy new year 2008! May the good and faithful God continue to bless you guys! If you have not come to know Him, hope that this year you will as He can really transform your life into better!
Keep contact.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sibu mee vs KL mee

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Just about a week before I came back to Sibu, I went to a "dai chao" mee shop at Jalan 222 in PJ with Samantha and Andrea. Because Samantha is familiar with the place, so we let her did the orders. Soon, the mee came and it tastes quite nice. However... the price is shocking, ...... if you compare to Sibu's price.

KL Mai Fan

This is KL mai fan...

Sibu Mai Fan

This is Sibu mai fan...

And both of them cost RM6. Both of them taste quite nice...

There are a lot of different kinds of mee in KL... As far as I know, they have Hokien mee, Wantan mee, "Zha Jiang" mee, "Gan Lao" mee, Mai Fan, Ho Fan... BUT!! My favourite mee is still......














...the unbeatable kampua mee!!! And guess what, it costs only "lun kao"...haha...RM2!

But, in KL, it costs RM3.50 (s) and RM4 (b). And the taste is like those lousy kampua you get in Sibu...

my 1st Kampua in KL

This is my first kampua in KL... got it from Min Tien near Pyramid. This pic was taken when I nearly finished it...but actually the serving size is very small...again, if you compare to Sibu, with the same price. Haha...

No doubt that Sibu's mee is cheaper, as Sibu is only a small town (not yet a city). The living cost here is much lower. Everywhere is reachable in minutes. Life is simpler. The air is fresher. BUT!!!... the people here know how to spend, apparently well.

They have big houses and nice cars. In KL, you can see Proton and Perodua cars everywhere. In Sibu, you'll see Toyota and Honda instead. (Not much Ferrari la, where got nice highway to test the power of the car...) This is a special place where people prefer to drive to reach a place which is only about hundred metres away. Almost every hosehold owns a car. Therefore, the taxi and bus' business are not that, if I can say, lucrative as KL's.

Recently, a lot of houses are under renovation. Big and special houses are being built. Forests are being cleared to built new buildings. I think that's a sign that architects can actually survive pretty well in Sibu.

Though they know how to spend nicely, but most of the people here are thrifty. And I think that's why they are rich.

How I spend my money? No comment. ^^

One more week left and I'll leave this place... How to spend for the week left? Haha...definitely have to eat more kampua!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It has been 17 days since I came back to Sibu. That means I have about 2 weeks left in Sibu... NO! I have the feeling like wanting to continue to stay in Sibu for some reasons... For the relaxing life, big living space, cool weather and parents. Hm, but I guess I have to surrender to the time.

Compared to my last holiday, I think I did lesser stuff. Being less active in BB, having less meeting or gathering with friends. It's a good thing though, as I spend more time at home with my parents.

This week my BB coy is having the 4th Music Camp which ends today. This year's songs are harder and tougher than the last. However, I am quite amazed by some of the members in the saxophone class, which did quite a good job. It reminds me of last year's music camp, when I practiced the songs with Jed, Alvin and Cheong Lee. Yeah, 4 of us were in the alto-sax class. I was weak in fingering. And I don't really know how to read the notes, as I was from the percussion class where we are taught to read the beats only. It was tough for me, but I did enjoy it. At least I did learn to play a new instrument, instead of staying as a side-drummer throughout my BB life. It was the camp that I won't forget...haha...maybe because it was my one and only music camp.

Some pics from the Music Camp 07 to share...

Sgt Jed teaching

Sgt Jed is teaching the saxophone class.

waiting for food

Campers q-ing for food.

Hong Zhou Rou

This is the foochow's Hong Zhou Rou...yum yum... Lt Teo really geng!

rice cat waiting for food

I found that there're lots of cats in the school nowadays...this is one of them...waiting for food.

formation practice

Campers are practicing the formation.

badpipe team

The bagpipe class members...

Full Band

Full band... Conducted by Lt. Hu, of cuz. Very interesting...


Saliva from the trombone...or perhaps it's the water from the vapour.

sax class

Saxophone class members and helpers...


Zzzz...during practice time!!! Haha.. I guess he's too tired...

Tomorrow during the BB meeting, officers will announce the winner for the drill competition 2 weeks ago. After that there'll be a company drill down competition. I think it'll be very interesting and not to be missed.

(Some of the pics from the drill competition)

Drill competition Drill comp2 judges

Judges...Lt Tony and W/O Benedict...

Lt Hu

...and, of cuz Lt. Hu...(and also Captain)

Weeks ago as I was reading the latest Berita Anchor, I was glad to see my face in Berita Anchor...haha...But I felt sad for the what "Youth Act". I think it's unnecessary to only allow those who aged 15-40 to join the BB. BB needs manpower. Most of the officers in my coy aged 40 and above. If all of them retired, what will happen to the company? What will happen to this well-known and the biggest coy in Malaysia?? I don't know, but God knows. As Lt. Hu shared last few days in the camp, BB is also a youth ministry, which a lot of churches don't realise. BB has indeed trained a lot of soidiers to fight in the battle for Christ. Lots of leaders were born under BB ministry. I think BB is an important source of strength for the churches as a whole. Imagine if BB is being wiped out of the earth, what will happen to the world? If it is not getting better, then I'm sure it's going for the worse. Pray for BB, as Lt. Hu urged, for the Lord loves prayers from the righteous ones.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Procession for Christ...

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It's the annual Christmas rowntown procession again. For me, this time it's rather special as I am an audience for the first time in 6 years time, rather than a band member or a BB member, helping out. It's kinda fun too... looking at the beautiful decorated cars, fancy costumes, nice and loud bands. BUT, the most important thing is the message that being spoken out of the procession. I can see that most of the people involved in the procession has the heart to spread out the good news of the birth of Jesus. Some sing and some just voice out the truths loudly in public.


The Xin Fu Yuan Church's lorry...


This is the 4th Sibu Company band if not mistaken...


Lorry from "En Dao" Church...


Christmas with LOVE... (ya, that's what it's all about...)


Really good to see these young and energetic youths singing, dancing and shouting about the truth...I salute their spirit.


One of the decorated lorries...


"God is Love"... "Bless Sibu"... "Love is Light"...


This year's Christmas rowntown procession is organised by the Methodist Accociation. If compared to last year's, the number of audience and participants have declined, mainly because of the flood going on in the town and some residential area. BUT, I wanna shout out here..."THANK YOU LORD!!!" because He has listened to our prayers and bless us with super dupper wonderful weather just now... NO RAIN, NO FLOOD on the route, NO ACCIDENT... He is indeed a faithful and good God. You know what, the news actually mention that the flood would get worse in coming days as rain will be coming soon again... In fact, there was a heavy downpour on the morning before the procession. But, as there's no flood and rain in the evening, the procession continues.

THANK YOU GOD for being faithful and GREAT! All credits goes to YOU alone!

Of cuz, for me, the main character among the participants of the nite is the Boys' Brigade 1st Sibu Company band...

sgt chek ing

Sgt Wong Chek Ing is the drum major...Indeed, he has the style and look... Well done!


The smart band in the smartest uniforms in the universe... designed by the Lord...


I'm really glad to see that the boys are putting effort in the performance. Though I can't give them 100 marks, but I believe what they did was good and pleasing in God's eyes.

The processions ends at about 8:45pm, after it commenced for more than an hour. I think this is something that the Sibu churches should continue to do till the end of the days, when Christ himself comes again. We as a Sibu-an must treasure such occasion and NEVER EVER take it for granted. It is not easy to have a supportive government who allows us to have such occasion. It is not easy for each and every participants to prepare themselves and the tools for the occasion. Where else can we see such a huge authentic Christmas procession in Malaysia? No, only Sibu has it... Treasure it people! And give thanks to the Lord for it... (If only KL would have such an occasion, I wonder how would it be...)

Till next year's Christmas procession... may the Lord continue to be with each and every church in Sibu...Strengthen them, mold them and use them for Your GLORY! Amen!


This little girl is just so cute!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flood in Sibu...

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I assume all of you guys know that Johor, Pahang and Kelantan are having flood now because TV and radio's news are mentioning about them these few days. I think maybe because Sibu's flood is not that severe, and so we can't hear it from the news. But as from what I saw yesterday and today, the condition are quite bad, compared to the past years.

DAY 1 of flood, 12 December 2007.

I went out to buy some stuff at Wisma Sanyan with my brother. We have heard that there's flood going on in the town...but never thought that it was that bad... It was said that the water has subsided in the afternoon, the time when the pictures were snapped.

We were travelling along the road from Pintu Gerbang Sibu to Ngui Kee and this is what we saw...








In the night, I was asked to go for a Christmas party and I notice that the water has not yet subsided...


DAY 2 of flood, 13 December 2007.

This morning, my brother and I went out to the town again. This time, the water level is much higher than what we saw yesterday. I guess this is due to the rain yesterday night.





When we reach at the road in front of Sibu Medical Centre, we decided to make a U-turn as the water level is too high.



We then travelled to Jalan Pedada and this is what's happening...








When we are on our way back, we found that there's water in front of the road. This time we can't make a U-turn and that's the only way back home. So, we decided to venture into the water...

SNV36572 SNV36571

Finally, we managed to get back home...


Jalan Apong, the place I lived and grew up...


I hope that the water will subside after this... or else tonight I can't yum cha with my old and current BB friends! And I hope that the flood won't affect the roundtown Christmas procession... The Brigade Band has been practicing so hard for so long...if it's canceled, then I think a lot of boys will be dissapointed. The church members will lost a great chance to spread the gospel as well.


...will update about the flood condition in the coming days...stay tuned...

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