Thursday, August 30, 2007

Korean hostages are finally released!!!

Original post: Korean hostages are finally released!!!

Finally after a long time, the Korean Hostages are released! This is an article I copied from Florence and actually it originates from Timothy Lee in Friendster. Thanks to two of you!

By Cheon Jong-woo

SEOUL (Reuters) - Relatives cheered and hugged each other after being told on Tuesday that 19 South Korean hostages held in Afghanistan by Taliban insurgents for nearly six weeks would be released.

They also apologised to the nation, in a statement broadcast across South Korea, for the trouble their church caused by sending the mostly inexperienced Christian volunteers into one of the world’s most dangerous areas.

Relatives have been holding vigil at the Saemmul Church, outside Seoul, since the hostages - most of them women - were seized in the Afghan province of Ghazni.

“The families are rejoicing at the news. They are busy calling other family members and friends at the moment to pass on the news,” Bang Yong- kyun, pastor at Saemmul Church, told Reuters.

“We knew the negotiation process was turning favourable, but we never thought it would happen so soon,” a
spokesman for the hostage families, Cha Sung-min, told reporters.

“When the announcement came out, there was a commotion in the room as everyone hugged each other.”

Asked what they will do when their loved one finally come home, he replied:

“We will do what we weren’t able to do during the incident. We found out that the everyday routines were the most precious moments. Eating breakfast together or having slices of fruit after dinner.

“Those insignificant things are what we treasure the most.”

Two male hostages were killed by their captors and two of the women have been released.

South Korea is the biggest source of missionaries after the United States, many of them flocking to the world’s hot spots.

Church leaders have been sharply criticised for allowing enthusiastic but ill-trained members to travel by bus in Afghanistan.

There have also been pointed questions about the sensitivity of South Korea’s rapidly growing number of Christian
missionaries in some of the countries they work in and where other religions dominate.

“We are very sorry to have caused any problems to the country over the kidnappings,” said family spokesman Cha.

(Additional reporting by Lee Jin-joo)

GOD is forever great and wonderful! I believe through this incident, lots of people have put their faith in Him more than ever... Praise the Lord for His wonderful and perfect plan!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Semester break is over!!!!

Original post: Semester break is over!!!!

Finally my 2nd semester's break is over... But I could say this is one of the best breaks I ever have cuz I really done a lot of stuffs for the past 2 weeks...

Besides meeting with friends, I have meet with my sister and her family, and I have been to the BBHQ again to serve and work... and one more thing, I have been to watch the 3rd KL's performance "Can't Stop the Music" was awesome!

Another thing that I manage to spend some of my time doing during the break is to clean up my house...and mop them... Though I didn't do much as Robert has always done, but I think it's good cuz I finally make a move to clean the house and keep my guilt off...hahaha...'s nearly 3, I need to go and attend my building construction class...hopefully I'll post some pictures soon!! C ya!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Someone who becomes a star but never tell me...

Original post: Someone who becomes a star but never tell me...

As I was walking to "ta pau" my lunch and dinner yesterday, I found something that I never never seen before...something shocking... Because I haven't been to that area for some time, I never know that changes. Just check it out......


This is the picture I took from my house's window... The marked spot is something that I want you guys to pay attention with... Let's ZOOM in...


Can't see what is it? ZOOM some more...

SNV33511's a sign board...what's so special??...Let's ZOOM...


Hm...Kurangkan Laju...then? ...ZOOM again...?? Nope...let's fly there...

SNV33506 may ask....Kurangkan Laju...Kawasan Sekolah Di Hadapan... so?...The main thing is just behind it...
















KAT SIONG!!! It's KAT SIONG!!! PAU!!! It's HIM!!! I can't believe my eyes!! It's writen there "Pau Kat Siong, 10A, SPM 2006, Penerima BRAND's High Achiever Award"... Cool man...I think the coolest part is his hair style...and his look without his spec...and also our school's pengawas blazer and white trousers! He really made our school proud... I believe this advertisement is all around the country... I wonder how much they pay him for it...

SNV33508 2006_03040032

Obviously something was done to his "moon" face...That proves that all the handsome guys and girls in TV commercials are fake...hahaha...

Anyway, if Pau you are reading this, just wanna tell you that I'll soon go to that advertisement and conteng la...I'll sayang it...And actually, that signboard is just about 100m away from my condo...

Hope that Pau you will do well also in your tertiary studies! Good luck! Hope to see you soon~!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Visitation to... BB House!! 4th August 07

Original post: Visitation to... BB House!! 4th August 07

It was still quite early in the morning ( 8am...for me it's early on Saturday ok?) and I wake up to get prepared and later went to LRT Taman Jaya station... When I reach there, I met with some people that I haven't seen for long long time...finally I met with Sze Yang and Aaron after 7 months...and what surprised me... I met with Cpl Alan from 1st Sarikei company! Haha...It has been one year since we last met in Pesta KL.

While waiting for the only Sgt, Sgt Jed to arrive, I called Mr. Terence to fetch us to the HQ... We are so so honoured when a MyVi and a Toyata (I forgot what model is it...) arrived at the LRT station to fetch us...and what's more, the driver of the Toyota was Cpt Eric... the national secretary of BBM...WOW...

After 5 minutes journey in the car, we arrived at the HQ... a place where I think that it looks more like a normal banglo house than an office. And I think that's why they named it as BB House. In the house, we sat down and chatted... I told you, believe it or not, Cpt Eric is really an interesting person to talk with. He is so amusing. After that, we went to the BB Shop and bought some souvenirs.

Soon we left the place to Amcorp Mall. There we have our lunch and chatted more... I really treasure the moments when I can gathered with my Sarawak friends and chat about our life, BB...girls...hahaha...

At about 4pm, we left McDonald and headed to Taman Jaya...of cuz, we snapped some pictures... Till then, friends, we shall meet again on the 25th August!!


Good afternoon Sgt, how are you...



Wow...P&C....1st Sibu file...


The group photo...


The "kaki" star...


The "jari" star...haha...


Opps...forgot to mention who went to the HQ...From the left of the pic, Alvin, Aaron, Alan, Sze Yang, me, and Jed...3 more poeple left earlier...they were Aldrin, and 2 GB girls, YL Yiung Sing and YL Tin Yee.

I really wanna thanks all the BB House officers for giving us this opportunity to visit BBHQ...I can sense that Mr Terence put so much effort to make this happen.For your information, the officers purposely opened the HQ on Saturday for us...because normally they don't work on Saturday. And I also wanna thanks for their freebies...Hope that we can help them whenever they need us...

And finally....


For more pictures please check my friendster...

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